Birthday Beach Day Through the Mist

Posted on June 1st, 2018

It was our eldest son Alistair’s 20th birthday and the bank holiday weekend. His favourite past time is surfing and the heat wave, the bank holiday and his birthday all fell on a day of great surf. It was pretty much a done deal that we would be a birthday beach day. There was only two flaws in the plan, one was that the temperature fell from a gorgeous 24 degrees at Coombe Mill to just 14 at the beach under the mist from the sea, the other was that we were far from the only ones heading to the beach.  In the end neither turned out to spoil our enjoyment.


Birthday beach day through the mist


In the end it was Ally, Clio Jed and I that headed out after the feed run in search of the surf. Theo and Felix have GCSE’s and A levels fast approaching requiring reluctant revision and Guy was exhausted from a sleepover. We have a well oiled routine at busy times of year where by the kids carry the stuff onto the beach while I go off and park the car.  I get the raw deal on this as they are always changed and heading to the waves as I arrive.


Surf boards and kids go into the sea


The sea mist was visibly rolling across the beach and the cliffs came and disappeared from view. It was very atmospheric and before going into the water I stopped to capture a few photos.


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Down at the water’s edge I tried to find the kids but there were so many in the sea all in wetsuits it was almost impossible. I came back with so many photos of kids surfing I felt sure I’d have one of them all but in the end it was only Jed I had correctly identified!  I suspect Ally was too far out for me to see but he assured me he caught some great waves and stayed in the longest.


Jed surfing at Polzeath


I couldn’t resist a little stylised shot of my drained coffee mug before heading in to the water myself.


Coombe Mill Holidays mug at beach


Usually I like to hang around on the beach and warm up but it was too cold for that when we knew Coombe Mill was most likely still in full sun and anyway Jed had left the football he brought in the car. Using my coffee mug for a game of catch was not going to end well so I soon called Clio and Jed over as I saw Ally finally emerge from the water.


Teens on the beach


Driving back inland we soon left the sea mist behind and watched the temperature creep back up again. Sure enough it was still 20 degrees and beautiful back on the farm. Clio and Ally flaked out on the trampoline making up for the sunbathing time they missed at the beach.


Sunbathing on the trampoline


 I caught up with Guy and the guests over at the train and they all confirmed it had indeed been beautiful all day on the farm and they had enjoyed paddling in the river here.  It is hard to believe it was just gone 6pm at the start of May and everyone was in short sleeves.


Coombe Mill Train in the sun


A family meal with everyone back home and of course a homemade birthday cake for Ally made the day just perfect.


Happy 20th birthday Cake  


I do hope the gorgeous bank holiday weekend was just a taste of what’s to come this summer. I never tire of beach days.  

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