Father’s Day Craft Gifts Kids can Make

Posted on June 22nd, 2018

We have been enjoying the most beautiful weather in Cornwall and it has brought out so much pond life and bugs I had planned to study these in our activity hour. then I realised it was Father’s Day at the weekend and swapped my plans for some Father’s Day craft gifts the children could make.  

Father's Day Craft Gifts Kids Can Make

Dad Medals

I have learned over the years that preparation is key, especially with younger children who like to see crafty results come together quickly. With this in mind I pre-prepared our Medals with masking tape to make the word ‘DAD’ on pizza trays. All the kids had to do was choose how to paint, with which colours and get going. 

Painting Father's Day Medals

The tape on the polystyrene worked a treat. Originally I was going to use paper but when I tried it in advance the tape ripped when peeled. The polystyrene peeled perfectly as well as giving structure.

Peeling tape to reveal Father's Day Message


We finished the medals by poking a hole through the top with the end of a paint brush and treading string through for hanging the medal round Dad’s neck. The children finished at different times and used their waiting time for running and rolling up and down the hill in the sunshine.


hill rolling

Clay prints

Our next Father’s Day craft involved flattening chunks of air dry clay and making hand or finger prints in them then painting them as gifts. We had some lovely prints for the Dad’s to keep as well as a finger print flower beautifully painted.

Making Clay hand print gifts

Nature Ties

Even with little ones who can race through crafts I find three is all we manage in an hour. For our third craft we returned to a successful one from a couple of years ago: Nature Ties. With pre-cut tie shapes ready stuck with double sided tape the children just had the fun part of adding the nature.  I gave the children a choice of places we could visit to look for pretty colours of nature for their tie and they all chose the fairy gardens racing ahead to show me the way.


Nature hunt in the fairy gardens

When little hands were loaded we came back and spread out across the table and rugs on the grass. It was lovely to sit back at this point and watch the creativity unfold. There was some serious concentration of tie design and which petals and leaves should go where.

Making nature ties for Father's Day

I thought I was pushing my luck to bring them all back down from playing on the grassy bank for a photo with their crafts, but they obliged. It might not be perfect but it is true to life and I was thrilled with how well they all did, especially as the oldest was just 5 and the youngest just 2. I hope the Dad’s were as happy with their gifts as we were making them!    

Father’s Day Craft Gifts Kids can Make

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