Sheep Shearing for Cool Sheep

Posted on June 23rd, 2018

We have been enjoying some unusually hot weather in the south west this summer and plenty of lovely sunshine too. Our poor sheep have been feeling  weighed down with their heavy winter coats and we were willing the days by till our trusted Cornish sheep shearing expert was due to come and relieve them of their extra layer. In the end it was just as the hot and dry spell was turning to hot and wet that Farmer Nick and I were up at the crack of dawn to round the sheep up and bring them indoors, ahead of the drizzle which was sitting heavy in the sky.  


Sheep waiting to be sheared

sheep indoors waiting to be sheared


We managed to bring them in just in time. As we set the shearer up, and began the feed run for the other animals with the guests, the drizzle began. We hit a stumbling block right at the start, the shearing head broke and while our shearer drove home for a new one the sheep had to endure an extra hour cooped up inside not knowing what was going on while the lambs were bleating outside for their Mums.

Lambs missing their mothers

lambs waiting for their Mothers to return


It did however give us the chance to finish the feed run with the guests, for them to return to their properties for a little rest and refreshment before we collected them again on the tractor to come and see the sheep shearing.

Little faces peering in on the sheep shearing

Families watching shearing through door

This time it was full steam ahead. Our shearer can do up to 100 sheep in a day, it is such heavy hard work I can’t even begin to imagine the calories he must burn or how strong he is but he had our little flock done in an hour.

Expert at work

sheep shearing 2018 at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays


All reunited back in the field the sheep are now fully appreciating summer and like me quite happy for the hot weather to continue.  It is a real bonus time of year for our guests to be able to watch the sheep shearing so close like this. Next up will be our alpaca, if we can track down the elusive shearer!

Happy cool sheep

sheep sheared back in field

What about the sheared fleeces?

Our sheared fleeces have already gone to a local crafter who makes beautiful rugs, bags and woollen toys to sell at the local Cornish craft fairs. It’s lovely to see these little cottage industries thrive and we are delighted to donate the fleece.


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