Kindness bunting trust games and friendship bracelets   

Posted on July 6th, 2018

Back over the Easter Holidays we started our Kindness trail. The children had a lovely time spotting all my giant painted stones and plaques and helping to start a wishing tree. As summer arrived the stones became buried in lush new growth and Farmer Nick had to rescue them and hammer them onto batons in the ground for me. I also added a wishing well next to the wishing tree and the trail took on a new lease of life. I was keen to use the newly refurbished trail to build on our Easter activities around trust and friendship. This time instead of stones we created kindness bunting, played some games centred on trust and finished off with rainbow friendship bracelets.

Kindness bunting, trust games and friendship bracelets

As it was half term I had a huge variation in age from 2 – 11.  I wasn’t sure quite how it would work and at first I only had the younger children as the older girls were busy playing with the ponies up in the field.

Petting and walking ponies

Kindness bunting

However as I set to work in the afternoon sun with the younger children a couple of the older girls came down to join us. Cutting the material was always going to be a challenge for the younger children but the older girls were able to work independently. We choose colourful material from my scrap collection and stapled while sheet over the top to create a mounted piece of bunting. The children all chose their own kindness message to add in pen.

Making kindness bunting

Kindness hunt

While the older girls finished their bunting pieces I took the younger ones off across the fairy gardens to hunt for kindness rocks to tick off on their sheets.

fairy gardens spotting kindness rocks

We attached all the bunting shapes along string to create our kindness bunting adding the older girl’s pieces at the end as they finished carefully writing. Then we set off up the kindness trail in search of the plaques with messages. I was very impressed with how well the 5 year old’s read and identified each plaque to mark off on their sheets and their enthusiasm running from one to another as they saw them approaching .


Finding kindness plaques

Make a wish

The little well was an instant distraction. The children added grass and flowers to the bucket and wound it up and down.

It turns out we were missing one plaque, it must be buried deep in the summer growth on the slopes and I’m now determined to take a long stick and have a good look for it. We hung our bunting between two trees on the trail and watched it flutter in the breeze.

kindness bunting

Trust games.

Back down on the grass we began our trust games; I had a set of games I thought everyone could manage. Many involved a blindfold and instructions demonstrating the need to trust the instructions given.

Playing friendship games outdoors

Friendship bracelets

Finally we settled back down and made kindness bracelets with little animal trinkets. I taught the children how to finger knit the wool which gave it both stretch and width. They were delighted with the results.

Making friendship bracelets

As always it was an action packed afternoon with a little gentle learning and a lot of friendship fun.


Kindness bunting trust games and friendship bracelets   

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