Garden Croquet Set for Summer Days  

Posted on July 16th, 2018

If someone says Croquet to me, I think of elegant garden parties, stately homes, long summer days with Pimms and cream tea. Well Coombe Mill may have the acreage of a stately home but certainly not the manicured lawn. It is however perfectly adequate for a family afternoon of outdoor fun enjoying this quintessentially English game. We are thrilled to have one of the quality Garden Croquet Sets from Big Game Hunters for our guests to enjoy these summer days here on the farm. Read on to discover more about the game, the lovely set on sale from big Game Hunters and how you could win one for your garden or even a community game in your local park.


Garden Croquet Set for Summer Days  

History of the Game

An early version of Croquet is believed to date back to the 14th Century in Northern France. It was played in Ireland before finally coming to England in 1852 where it was an after dinner recreation of the wealthy. The modern version of croquet has only been around for about 100 years and while it still has that aristocratic feel to me, it is very much a game that can be enjoyed by everyone.

The Garden Croquet Set from Big Game Hunters

Bringing you right up to the 21st Century, this beautiful Garden set comes in a lovely carry bag with shoulder strap and carry handles, handy as they mallets to play with are weighty and substantial. We were very impressed with the quality of the set, like all the big Game Hunter Garden Range; it is built to last for years of fun. It is easy to assemble, though we did use our own mallet to bang the hoops and winning peg into the ground as we didn’t want to damage the ones for play.


Setting up Garden Croquet Set for Summer Days  


Having set the game up (which takes just minutes) I soon had a family out enjoying the late afternoon sun on the farm take up the offer of a game. The rules take a bit of getting used to but once you grasp the idea it is great fun and quite competitive. There is skill and coordination involved and I can see how practice would really help.  It is ideal for families, though very young children are more of a game hindrance if funny!


Playing Garden Croquet at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays


I left the game out for a couple of days and was delighted to see it repeatedly being used. For our set I laminated the double sided rules as I can already see them being referred to time and time again by new visitors.



If we host another summer garden party this year this will definitely be a new feature.  You can make the pitch as challenging or small as you want depending on the size of your garden and competency of the players.  It packs away so perfectly for travelling it would be ideal to take on a day out or family visit.

Need to Know

Retail Price  £73.50
Stockist  Big Game Hunters
  • 4 hardwood croquet mallets
  • 4 light weight wooden balls
  • steel hoops
  • Winning Post and rules
Suitable for Beginners age 5 to Adult
Technical specifications
  • CE Approved
  • 320g/11.5oz (min) 12oz avg Croquet Balls
  • Mallet Dimensions (cm): 78.5cm Long
  • Handle Dimensions (cm): 72cm long, 2.5cm diameter
  • Mallet Head Dimensions (cm): 20.5cm long x 6.5cm diameter
  • Mallet Weight: 875g (avg)
  • Stock code:204


Win your Garden Croquet Set with Coombe Mill and Big Game Hunters

For your change to win this delightful garden croquet set just follow the instructions below. Good luck to all taking part.


Garden Croquet Set


We were sent our set for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Our set is available for Coombe Mill guests to enjoy, just collect from the Boot Room and play.