Jacob Wool Shoulder Bag

Posted on July 28th, 2018

Remember a few weeks ago we had our sheep sheared? It was just before the heat wave took hold and perfect timing for our lovely Jacobs. I mentioned then that the fleece all went off to a local crafter who washed and spun the wool to make all manner of wonderful items to sell at local craft fairs. Last week I received a stylish Jacob wool shoulder bag as a gift for donating our fleece.

Jacob Wool Shoulder Bag from Coombe Mill sheep fleece.

Jacobs Wool shoulder bag



I’m absolutely thrilled with my wool shoulder bag. It is just perfect for taking this out in any season and the natural neutral colours of the Jacob wool will go with any outfit.

My lovely bag with photo credit to my daughter Clio.

Modeling a Jacobs Wool Shoulder Bag from Coombe Mill Sheep Fleece


The bag is all handmade on a tiny peg loom from our own sheep’s wool and then hand stitched together. The strap is made on an inkle loom. The Lady behind this genius creation is local Cornish crafter Kay Walker. If you fancy one too I’ve asked Kay and she can make one and post it to you. They cost £20 plus P&P and will take about 2 weeks to make. Just email me or message me on Facebook. I have already put a notice up on my Facebook page and taken a couple of orders from there. I’m so pleased to see our very own Coombe Mill sheep fleece put to such good use.

Meanwhile our Jacob sheep are equally delighted to be enjoying their light weight summer coat as the heat wave shows no sign of ending. You can really see the difference in their once lush field when they were just sheared compared to now. Much as I don’t want the rain these fields now need it. 

Jacob Sheep with their new fleece just beginning to show.  

Jacob sheep


You can see some of the other lovely crafts Kay makes over on her Facebook page. Next up will be our Alpaca wool. I can’t wait to see what Kay makes from the soft fleece of our lovely boy Caramel.