Goat Carrying Championships Prove Challenging

Posted on September 1st, 2018

Here at Coombe Mill we have the gentlest little pigmy goats. They really are a delight with many of them having been hand raised. Even our youngest guests can safely go into their field without being afraid. They are so full of character and keen to eat from your hand. This makes them one of our most popular stops on the morning tractor feed run. This week we have had a wonderful group of regular guests who meet up at the farm here each year. As they children grow up they are always on the lookout for a new challenge. This time they took it up on themselves to try goat carrying. I think it’s fair to say the goats turned out to be heavier than they expected. However they did really well learning how to hold them safely and even hanging onto them long enough for me to grab my phone and capture the moment. 

Prince Charles our smallest and youngest goat. 

Carrying Prince Charles the goat


Attempting to lift Queenie, Prince Charles’s Mother. 

Trying to carry Queenie the goat


Sprout is a favourite with regular guests who’ve known her since she was a hand raised kid.

Carrying Sprout in the goat carrying championships at Coombe Mill Holidays

Making carrying Sprout look easy. 

Sprout the goat


Goat carrying championship winner with carrying and feeding.

Prince Charles Goat eating and being carried



Having so many hand raised goats was never our intention, but goats can be such poor mothers it often ends up this way. On the plus side it makes them very loving and tolerant with the children who love to feed them, mother them and carry them if they can.  

I wonder what this group will make as their challenge for next year.