The calm before the storm

Posted on October 20th, 2018

The past week has felt very much like the calm before the storm. This week is half term here in Cornwall and for much of the country too. We are all ready for Halloween activities and have made sure everything on the farm is looking its very best. Believe me this included so much leaf clearing I already feel like my shoulders are falling out of their sockets. However it is worth the work that comes with showing off our beautiful wooded valley to its autumn best.

Storm Callum

Cornwall was hit by the winds and rain of Storm Callum last weekend. I was worried we might suffer with fallen trees and loose all the beauty of autumn in one swoop. However I’m pleased to say our sheltered valley survived the worst and the farm is still looking stunning in the golden autumn sunlight that has returned. We are all crossing our fingers the dry sunshine continues for this coming week. 

Up close on the farm

I have been out enjoying the sunshine and capturing a few random scenes from the farm. The peace and quiet of the past week will be such a contrast with the noise and excitement of this week. I love both in equal measure and am grateful for the changes that come both with the seasons and our changing guests at different times of the year.  

Early morning farm checks allow me the luxury of taking my time and seeing the detail of the forest floor.

The calm before the storm. fungi growing along the woodland paths

I can see fairies dancing in here. 

Fungi on the forest floor at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays


The calm before the storm: or actually after storm Callum as the fallen leaves are washed downstream.

The calm before the storm. A tricking stream at Coombe Mill pre half term fun.


Someone is on the look out for the tractor and trailer signalling breakfast time. 

Pigmy goat at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays

And here it comes!

I wonder if they will spot nature’s finer details  hiding along the woodland pathways? 

tractor and trailer


I have just 1 lodge to sleep 4 free this week and 3 next week if you fancy a few days away in the school holidays? We will be enjoying a few Halloween activities and plenty of farm fun on both weeks. Following this we return to a slower pace full of peace and tranquility as depicted above. We’d love to welcome you then too.