Creating a stress free Christmas

Posted on December 21st, 2018

How is it every year I think I have so much time and then suddenly it is Christmas? All those good intentions in October and November to be fully organised are never quite enough and I’m flying by the seat of my pants again. Then I look back and wonder, if I really was so organised, would it be the Christmas I know and love? Somehow being rushed off my feet, planning activities for the guests and a magical time for my own family, is all I know. This is my stress free Christmas. Stress is a state of mind: take a breather, relish the positive, plan your time and squash the stress.

Learning to love the buzz and not be stressed

I am lucky to have the space to put up all the family over the festive period. Family debates over who to visit is never a factor for us as we need to be here at Coombe Mill. This is a big bonus; everyone has to come to us to see us at Christmas. No decision equals no stress.  Cooking on a large scale doesn’t faze me at all and watching all our holiday guests relax and enjoy the beauty of the farm and the activities we put on is so satisfying. Our Christmas Eve party is planned, the little train tunnel is now a magical Santa’s grotto waiting for the man himself to drop in and the children will make some wonderful crafts with me. I am relishing the Christmas buzz rather than wasting energy stressing this year.

A Few fun Photos from a Stress Free Festive Coombe Mill

Festive Train ride each day with Santa on Christmas Eve.

Train at Christmas

Our resident robin in Christmas spirit

Log Store at Christmas at Coombe Mill Holidays

Christmas cheer with our log store decorations

Log Store at Christmas at Coombe Mill Holidays

Our very own Rudolph on standby for Santa 

Rudolph the red nose deer at Coombe Mill

Crafts prepared and tested for a stress free Christmas 

Christmas Crafts 2018 at Coombe Mill

Wrap yourself in a little Magic

I hope the Christmas build up has been more fun and less stress for you and your family. If not I can totally recommend coming to us next year and leaving the stress at home.

Wishing you and your family  

A Very Merry Christmas

Happy New Year   


Thank you for following my farm and family ramblings through the year and I hope you’ll follow me into 2019

Fiona x  


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