Winter Weekend Farm Fun

Posted on January 25th, 2019

If the January blues have got the better of you why not follow the lead of those in the know booking a winter weekend break with us on the farm. There are some weekends where it is just our family here, then others like this one where we have a few families staying and making the most of our cheapest rates with all the same farm fun.


A Guide to Winter Weekend Farm Fun

Never mind the rain

There is the south west we are prone to wet weather. This weekend was no exception, however is dressed for the occasion it really doesn’t affect the enjoyment that our farm rides bring. While it may be showery it is rarely cold and while the rest of the country struggled with temperatures around freezing, we were feeling smug in double figures, always important with little ones. Thankfully our tractor and trailer ride is all undercover, unless you volunteer to ride up front with Farmer Nick.


Farm Tractor ride in January

Who’s in Jurassic Park?

During the summer months our chickens are free ranging in Jurassic park; however over the darkest winter months it is just the ducks, Geese, Christmas the turkey and Floppsy the rabbit. Being careful not to slip on the wet ground the families venture in with Farmer Nick to hand out the grain and stop for a stroke of Floppsy.

Jurassic Park in January

The Chicken House

One little girl thought that was it, but no there is plenty more in store. Just across from Jurassic Park is the winter chicken house. This was built a couple of years ago during the bird flu scare when the government insisted all chickens were kept indoors. Thanks to the floodlight it has become the chickens winter home ever since. They are protected from the harsh weather and the light ensures we have eggs all year round. There was a giant haul waiting for the children to collect.


Collecting eggs at Coombe Mill in winter

After the Lake

With a new driver upfront the tractor then takes everyone round the lake. Even on a damp winter weekend the scenery is beautiful with the snowdrops and winter gorse in flower.


Tractor ride around the lake in January


One of the benefits of winter on the farm is how enthusiastic the animals are to come and say hello at breakfast time. Food in nature is scarce and so the morning grain and hay we bring is much needed.


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By the time the tractor leaves to take the families back over the river to their cottages and lodges everyone is ready to cook with eggs for breakfast.  

Tractor ride home


However for those in the know there is one more stop; our adorable guinea pigs. They have a giant shed to roam and a safe home for our guests to visit and revisit throughout the day. 


Tractor ride home

Beat the January blues with a weekend away

Whether you fancy a few days in February half term or a weekend before Easter at our lowest prices, a winter break could be the boost you need to see you through to summer.   

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