Snow Deluge Hits Cornwall Winter 2019  

Posted on February 8th, 2019

So last weekend turned into an amazing long weekend when more snow than we’ve seen in 10 years hit us in under 2 hours. Timing is everything. Had the snow fallen overnight it would have simply been a snow day like last year of the best kind. However nature wasn’t so kind and it all fell just as the school run was beginning. Havoc and adventure ensued.   

Snow Deluge Hits Cornwall Winter 2019  

Famous last words

As I left for the school run at 2.40 rain was just turning to snow. Farmer Nick told me not to take the 4 by 4 car as it needed diesel and he needed later for another school pick up. I didn’t think any more about it and set off. It is only an 8 mile journey to school, but 5 miles in, it became clear there wouldn’t be a second school run.  Clio’s ballet wasn’t happening and I needed to get everyone home quickly. Except by the time I had rounded my triplets and Clio’s friend up it was already too late.

Let the adventure begin

It took 40 minutes to go 50 yards from the school gate as the town became gridlocked. The kids thought I’d gone mad when I parked up in a side street and told them we were walking home. I knew we needed to get up onto the dual carriageway and hitch if we could to the turn off to our village. At this stage it was all an adventure.

Leaving Wadebridge school in the snow 2019


I was shocked at the 3 or 4 cars that passed us at 10 miles an hour on the A30 and didn’t stop to offer help. We had been caught up by a group of children walking by this time. Finally we were all offered lifts in 2 groups. We were lucky enough to have locals with a 4 by 4 who dropped us at the end of our road.


Snow in Coombe Mill Lane 31st Jan 2019


Guy and Jed were with friends in a van and needed 3 lifts and a walk before meeting Farmer Nick who finally got up our 1 in 4 hill to meet them with the 4 by 4. We now had 4 children home and 2 out. It was time to appreciate the snow and take out the sledges before the dark stopped play. I grabbed my camera on the way out but it had the wrong lens on hence the ghost like photos!



Theo was stuck at Bodmin collage with 400 others, and having a wild time and happy to spend the night. I was more concerned about Ally who was making his way home with a work mate. I last spoke to him stuck on the main A30 at midnight where he had been stationary for 5 hours. The back log ran for miles and even made the national news.

A New Day, A new drama

I woke to discover our eldest made it home at 3.30am and the snow was still thick after a freezing night. However there was a commotion in our lane as a tree had fallen by our entrance trapping 3 cars behind it. Farmer Nick came to the rescue with tractors and chain saw. An hour later the lane was passable and our log store being replenished.

Tree cutting in Coombe Mill Lane

Move over technology, we have snow

While Nick headed out to Bodmin for much needed diesel and to collect Theo, the rest of us played in the snow. I was on a mission to build an igloo with Jed and Clio, there was also snow man building, rugby ball fun and some all important scenery photos of Coombe Mill in snow. Perhaps the best part of all was being outdoors with teens and no one secretly wishing they were hiding indoors on phones and gadgets. 

I’ll let the photos tell the rest.

Kids Snow Play

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The Grand Igloo build

Igloo build at Coombe Mill Holidays

Scenes from Coombe Mill

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Our farm animals confused by the snow




I promise not to complain about always missing out on the snow next year. I’ll also remember that when rain turns to snow it can settle, and fast!  I’m finishing with this gorgeous stylized photo taken by Felix, who was at Coombe Mill on a reading week from University, and thought to grab my camera, and my wine!  


Romantic cake and wine in snow