Stamp your mark with Stamptastic Block and Ink

Posted on May 6th, 2019

If you dread labelling up kit for kids we have the best ever cheats answer for you. Stamptastic are the experts in no sew, no mess named permanent ink printing labels. Think nursery school clothes, school uniforms, PE kit, stationary, school residential trips, after school club kit and more. Read on to discover how much use we have had from their bespoke branded logo stamp for Coombe Mill and how you could win a stamp with your child’s name on it for all your labelling needs. 


Stamptastic Block and Ink

More about Stamptastic

I have been a big fan of Stamptastic since they first launched. As a busy working mum with 6 children, Stamptastic was the answer to all my school and business labelling. It was being in the same situation that led Founders Francesca and Emma to develop the range, which has gone from strength to strength each year. While school labelling was the beginning, the range now extends to fun and branded logos for all kinds of events.  

Name Stamp and Ink Pad

 The ink pad and stamp block are so easy to use you’ll want to label everything in sight, just because you can! The stamp block is £10.00 and ink pad £12.00, both are sold separately and if like me, time is money, you will be saving yourself a fortune! No problem if your ink runs low, just order some more when you need it.  You can see my review of the Name Stamp and Ink Pad here.  (Nb these are the products for the Giveaway below).  


Stamptastic block and Ink

Bespoke Logo for your family or business

We have been lucky enough to be sent one of the new ‘design your own logo’ stamp blocks from Stamptastic. How cool is this, our very own Coombe Mill logo stamp!


Stamptastic Coombe Mill Logo


Even in just one colour it is so very clearly ours.  I have been busy labelling everything from farm certificates to welly boots and books to farm overalls. Just like the name stamp, it is easy to order online and easy to use when it arrives. Check out our little video to see just what we mean. 

What we love about the Stamptastic stamp and ink range

  • Easy to order online with efficient delivery
  • Bespoke to you (tip: If you have more than one child, why not just use a surname, or include all their initials on the stamp)
  • Intuitive to use
  • Super quick to stamp
  • Lasts wash after wash
  • Refill ink pads available online
  • Stamp block is hard wearing and built to last. (One stamp block did all 6 of my children through school and is still in use now at Coombe Mill).
  • Transparent block allows easy positioning of the stamp
  • Stamps to a variety of clean flat surface materials
  • Get the whole school on board with a 20% discount via the PTA team (details online)

Win your Stamptastic Block Stamp and Ink Pad with Coombe Mill

If you’d like your child’s name on a stamp to make light work of labelling everything from PE kit to stationary then follow the instructions below for £22 worth of bespoke block and ink. Good luck to all taking part.

Stamptastic Block Stamp and Ink Pad


We were sent our Stamptastic Coombe Mill stamp for the purpose of this review, however all thoughts and opinions expressed here about the products are my own.