How is it September already? A new term is about to start for those of us with school age children and autumn is beginning to show its hand. I’m always sad to see summer slipping away but equally excited for the beauty of Coombe Mill in autumnal shades.  We have plenty of exciting news from August to fill you in on as well as offers going forwards and our pick of Cornish events coming up for September. Do take a minute to have a read:

August reflections with Offers and Events September 2019 onwards

October Half Term

It looks like week commencing 26th October will be the big one here this year taking in all our Halloween fun. We are almost full for this week so be quick if you were thinking of joining us. If on the other hand you are lucky enough to have the week before as your half term, we’ve just adjusted the price down so pop over and have a look.


Halloween at Coombe Mill

Lower Prices for New Year

We have some new lower rates and flexible booking dates for the New Year period. If you fancy a little escape after the rush of all the family at Christmas why not think about chilling with us down on the farm. Or go the whole way and come for Christmas too. We make it so much fun for the children it really takes the pressure off parents to just chill and enjoy the whole festive period. 


Christmas at Coombe Mill

Get ahead for next summer

We are holding the prices from this year forward to next summer. Jump on board and book your favourite week and property now and give the family something to look forward to.


Summer at Coombe Mill

A holiday for us too

We managed a week away ourselves in August splitting our kids between coming with us and managing the farm. They were helped by my niece and her family. Huge thanks to the team who kept things running beautifully for us, we are just back and full of renewed energy and enthusiasm for the autumn season.


Family Team Photo at August Holiday time


Activity Hour

We have had a real mix of activities tailored to the age group each week. From woodland fairies to kite making, raft racing, teepees and campfires, the children have loved their afternoons of creativity here.

Activity Hour August 2019

On the Farm

Fishing enhancements

The fishing enthusiasts of Coombe Mill told us the brambles were being troublesome along the bank of the pond. We always like to deal with any issues as quickly as possible and Farmer Nick has been digging out a bramble free section, backfilling with chippings to make the perfect fishing spot. It has been well received by all and perfect for Guy who teaches the children here to fish on request.

fishing lake

Plenty of autumn logs

Ash die back has come over to our country from continental Europe. Sadly, just as the name suggests, it is killing the ash trees in our country from the ends of the leaves back to the trunk. We have been hit very badly in Cornwall and especially here at Coombe Mill where ash is widespread in our wooded valley. For safety reasons Farmer Nick and our boys have been cutting down the dying trees in public places before they caused a danger to anyone by falling. On the plus side there is going to be plenty of logs to fuel the woodburners in our cottages and lodges for the winter season and some fun additions to the fairy garden too.


The Animals

August is the calm before the storm. All the animals have been soaking up the sun and enjoying the last of the rich summer grazing. It is the month for putting on weight and fattening themselves up ahead of autumn – the season of love! Our Billy goat gruff is already beginning to smell of strong goat’s cheese and keen to be let in to woo his lady friends.


Animals at Coombe Mill August

Cornish Events September 2019 

Cornish Events September 2019




Find out more

Distance from Coombe Mill

New Trampoline and Play Park

Trenance Park Newquay

Daily 10 – 6

Trampolining From £10.50

Play park from £2.00 40 minutes

Motorfest Motoring Family Festival

Crantock, Newquay

1st September

 Adults £12 Child £9
40 minutes


Tintagel  Castle via new bridge Just openned



Daily 10am to 6pm

Adults £13 child £8 25 minutes

East Pool Mine Herritage Open Day


High Street Bodmin 5pm

14th September 10.30 – 4.30

Free 1 Hour 20 minutes


Steam and vintage Rally


St Mawgan, Newquay 

21st and 22nd September

Adult £5 children £3 40 minutes


Music Makers Weekend at Eden Project

Eden Project

21st and 22nd September

Free with entry to Eden project: Music to listen to and intstruments to make  40 mins

Lappa Valley (steam trains for kids) Grandparents Day 

Lappa Valley  28/29th September Grandparent goes free with full paying child 40 minutes

Nb: I have not been paid or sponsored to mention these places, they are just the Cornish events September for 2019 that I feel would be of interest to Coombe Mill Guests.

I hope you have enjoyed a wonderful summer and made the most of the holidays. Best wishes to all those going into a new school, class or preschool this term. I hope to see some of you here on the farm soon.

Fiona x

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Raft racing isn’t a new concept to us on the farm. It has been a popular activity hour for years. Typically we run a junk modelling version around Easter and a Nature Raft Race in August. Having missed the Easter slot this year with other Easter crafts, I wanted to resurrect the activity. With 15 children signed up, and a terrible forecast of rain, it felt like the right week.

Colourful Junk Model Raft Race

I spent the week collecting and washing up all the bottles from the Coombe Mill recycling centres and added to this a pile of sticky tape from the £1 shop.


Junk Model Raft Building in the Games Room 

Having set the bottles and tape up in the games room the children all crowded round to start building and creating. Before long the games room was a hive of creative chatter as bottles clinked and tape ripped.

Junk Model raft building

A splash of colour.

When the basic models had been created the children brought them outside to add paint. I had filled a collection of empty cleaning spray bottles with a watered down paint mix. These were perfect for squirting the inside of the clear bottles to bring colour without mess. The children could still hold the outside and with the lids replaced the river wouldn’t wash the colour away.

spray painting bottles

A little technical help

I gave a few tips on buoyancy and the need to weight rafts. The children graped this at once and braved the rain in search of sand and gravel to weight their rafts, and a few decorative bits for effect.

collecting nature for raft race

Ready to Race

Finally we set off for our launch bridge. Despite the pouring rain the children stood for a photo with their rafts of the steps

Ready for a colourful junk model raft race

Then they all lined up waiting for “Ready steady Go” before dropping them into the water.

Launching colourful junk model rafts for a race

The rain after weeks of dry was just what was needed to give the rafts a bit of speed in the water. I had Guy waiting to wade downstream after them and ensure none were grounded or caught up in the banks along the way.

Raft Race in progress


Everyone’s a Winner

Farmer Nick was on hand with fishing nets to catch the rafts and declare the winners for me. I had certificates ready laminated not just for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the race but also for team work, best technical raft and most creative. This ensured a good spread of success for all. 

finishing line on colourful junk model raft race

It was certainly a soggy affair, but everyone enjoyed our junk model raft race and it was a wonderful way to enjoy a little outdoor fun on a wet afternoon.

Tips for creating your own Junk Model Raft Race

Save up all your plastic bottles including the lids.
Keep back a few empty spray bottles for the paint. Water the paint 50 /50 with water so it sprays through the bottle. Use clear bottles like window cleaner so the colour is obvious. 
The pound shops do some great £1 coloured sticky tape that is easy to share out a roll per team.
A great activity on a local river but make sure you have a safe place for wading or nets to catch the rafts.
Medals or certificates for aspects other than winning, like team work and creativity, reward different skill sets.
Be vigalent at all times around water and never race after a storm or when the river is running to fast to safely enter.
Identification DIY flags or nature are a fun way to decorate the rafts.
Remember the heaviest side will end up face down so weight your raft wisely to float upright. We used sand and gravel.


Our fun Colourful Junk Model Raft Race

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In celebration of 50 years of landing on the Moon we have 2 great books to giveaway for kids with an interest in space travel and the history of how we went to the moon. From the nonfiction experts at Quarto Kids enjoy “When we walked on the Moon” and “The Race to Space”. Both books Look back at the events of 50 years ago but from a very different perspective. Read on to discover more and for your chance to win both.

The Race to Space and When we Walked on the Moon Books  

When we walked on the Moon

You know a book is going to grab your attention when it starts like this:

“More than 5,000 rockets have been blasted into space, but only twelve people have ever been lucky enough to walk on the Moon and look up at Earth.”

When we walked on the Moon is full of amazing facts and attention grabbing sentences like this all the way through. It shares all six manned moon landings focusing on the experience of the astronauts. Discover the heroic triumphs and perilous dangers which they had to overcome in language kids can relate to supported by modern illustrations on every page.   


When we walked on the Moon book

The Race to Space

In the Race to Space the reader gains a real insight into the politics behind landing on the moon. Discover the inter country rivalry and cooperation needed to make the most famous missions come to fruition. Focusing on the efforts of the two superpowers this book will give you the politics, science and human impact of travelling into space with a handy timeline recap at the end. This book is a must for any space enthusiast that wants to understand the full social science behind the big space missions. Child friendly language and compelling illustrations make a difficult topic understandable.   

The Race to Space Book

Need to know

When we Walked on the Moon
The Race to Space
Age Range7 – 108 – 11
AuthorDavid LongClive Gifford
IllustratorSam KaldaPaul Daviz
Product Details



80 pages

Product dimensions 31.2 x 1.1 x 24.5 cm



64 pages

Product dimensions 21.5 x 1.5 x 30.2 cm



Quarto Online



Quarto Online


PublisherWide Eyed : quarto KidsWords and Pictures : Quarto Kids


When we walked on the Moon and The Race to Space in preview

Win your copy of both books & celebrate 50 years since the 1st Moon landing with Quarto Kids & Coombe Mill

For your chance to win both of these educational books simply follow the instructions below. Good luck to all taking part.

When we walked on the Moon and the Race to Space Books


I was sent our copies of the books for the purpose of this review, however all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Coombe Mill guests can enjoy our dark skies and a copy of the books  from our games room library.


So the summer holidays are well underway and we are excited to be full of families enjoying the best of farm life and Cornish attractions. Do take a minute to check out what we’ve been up to during July and see the Cornish events we think you’ll like during August 2019.

Summer Holiday Farm News and Cornish Events August

Last Minute Availability


We still have a couple of spaces on 17th and 24th August. If you have yet to sort anything this summer and perhaps only have a few days available, get in contact and we’ll see if we can sort something out for a short break. Full weeks are still directly bookable online


If you are not tied to the school holidays, September is a lovely time to visit. The prices come down and you can book any 3 nights upwards to suit your family.

tractor and trailer at coombe Mill Holidays

A heat wave for Cornwall.

We have been enjoying some amazing summer weather this year with long sunny days and real warmth in the sun. Our guests have been relishing the lovely weather and taking advantage of the beautiful Cornish beaches. The little train track on the other hand has been less happy and the expansion joints failed in the heat. Thankfully Farmer Nick is a bit of a DIY superstar and came up with a new engineering solution that he had implemented and running within the day so that no one missed their evening train ride.


Everyone loves a good wedding

Remember Farmer Amber? We’ve always stayed in touch since she moved on last summer and were thrilled to be invited to her wedding in July. Right in the middle of the Cornish heat wave it was a very happy day. We attended in shifts whilst simultaneously managing changeover here at Coombe Mill. Amber and Mo certainly had a fairytale start to what we hope will be a long and happy married life together.

Summer Wedding Amber and Mo

Roar; it’s a Dinosaur!

Activity hour was based around a dinosaur theme for July. We had great fun making medals, painting models and completing a dinosaur trail that finished with finding dinosaurs set in ice that the children had to chisel out.  If you are with us for August, don’t forget to sign up in reception. We will be looking at raft races and piñata making.


Dinosaur activity hour

On the Farm

No news is Good news in summer

July is a quiet month on the farm. The animals have all been chilling out and basking in the summer sun. However, despite the lush pastures down here in the valley they are still happy to come and meet the children from the tractor each morning on the feed run.

Animals at Coombe Mill in July 2019

Alpaca shearing

The most notable activity of the month was watching the alpaca shearing. Our shearer covers the whole of the UK and Northern France. We have to wait our turn and typically the poor alpaca endured the first round of summer heat with their winter coats still in place. Finally their date arrived and Colin, with his usual swift and competent handling, had Toffee and Caramel looking super smart and lightweight in no time. The difference in their appearance is amazing, as is the way Colin takes time to explain to the children what he is going to do so they understand and are not afraid. 


Alpaca sheering


Baby Chicks

Our Polish Banthams from May have been rehomed locally and we have Mummy Hen and her newborns now occupying their fully enclosed home. Mother and all 8 chicks are thriving in the beautiful summer sun and becomming very accustomed to a daily cuddle. 


Summer Chicks at Coombe Mill

Cornish Events August 2019 local to Coombe Mill

If you are feeling inspired to visit us in August, here are a few of the local activities you might want to plan your visit around.


Cornish Events August 2019




Find out more

Distance from Coombe Mill

Creation Fest

(Christain music festival)

Wadebridge showground

3 – 9th August

Free 20 minutes

Autism Day at Cornwall’s Regimental Museum

The Keep, Bodmin 

4th August 10 am – 12pm

 Free 20 minutes


Hits from the Blitz. Entertainment

Pencarrow House


16th August from 6pm

Adults £12 (in advance) Under 16 free 15 minutes

Bodmin Carnival


High Street Bodmin 5pm

17th August

Free 20 minutes


Daily workshops for kids who love the outdoors


Wheal Martyn Clay Museum St Austell 


Price varies by activity 35 minutes


Wild Wednesdays summer holiday kids club

Eden Project

Every Wednesday in August

For 7 – 11 years £28 each 25 mins

Cirucs Funtasia

Bodmin Fair Park


21 – 26th August Early evening

Adults & Kids £9 Under 2 Free 20 minutes


Ceilidh band playing traditional folk & originals

YHA Treyarnon Bay, Tregonnan, Padstow

31st August

Free mins 

Nb: I have not been paid or sponsored to mention these places, they are just the Cornish events August for 2019 that I feel would be of interest to Coombe Mill Guests.

Wishing you all a very happy summer holiday and hope we might see you here on the farm soon.

Fiona x

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