Wet Weather Crafts Kids will Love

Posted on January 24th, 2020

Faced with a classroom sized amount of children and a Friday afternoon with a storm weather warning, I knew I was going to have to full something fun out of my creativity room. I wanted the families to have their holiday end on a high despite the weather and came up with 3 very different wet weather crafts I knew the kids would enjoy.  A team Junk Model challenge, Kite making and fly and Friendship bracelets.


Wet Weather Crafts Kids will Love

Junk Model challenge

This is a great activity to begin or end a session with children. It brings out their competitive side, creativity and logical thinking. I simply tipped a pile of recycled bottles from our recycling bins onto the table, split the group into two teams, gave each a small real of tape and 10 minutes to think up and build the highest tower they could. The parents couldn’t help but get involved too and it turned into a real family challenge on the two weeks I ran this activity.


Junk model tower challenge

Kite Making

When the storms are forecast kite making is a great one to make the most of the wind. I pre-cut squares of fabric from and old duvet cover for everyone and collected bamboo canes from our den building zone. The children had to secure the canes into a cross with string then colour their kite to their chosen design. My stash of loom banks came in handy to secure the fabric to each corner of bamboo cane while floristry ribbon made the tail.


DIY Kite Making


Thankfully the rain stopped enough for the children to get outside and race with their kites. Our valley location isn’t ideal for picking up the best of the wind, but it gave the children the run around time they needed and a lot of laughs.


Friendship bracelets

These are a great time filler and popular with both boys and girls. I had pre-threaded animal buttons with lengths different coloured wool and the children each chose one. They could twist or plait the wool to create their very own friendship bracelets. It had them totally absorbed while the rain pattered down outside.


friendship bracelets


These crafts made a perfect end to the holiday and even gave us a little outdoor time on a stormy day.


Wet Weather Crafts Kids will Love



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