Finally I have a month of our holidays being open to share. It has been quite eventful here and a learning curve for us all, but I’m delighted to say the summer season is well and truly underway, we are full until the 29th August and those staying are making the most of the weather and facilities both here and out and about. Do have a read and hopefully it will inspire your next holiday with us too.

A Month of Being Open for Holidays at coombe Mill Farm

Non Contact Holidays for your Safety

I have established a system of emailing all our guests during the week prior to staying with clear instructions for a safe and trouble free non contact arrival. YouTube tutorials are being viewed and seem to be doing the job well. Once inside there is always WiFi to contact me and ask any follow up questions.

On the Farm

Social distancing on the Feed Run

The tractor and trailer with the divide screen is working well for the morning farm visits. With families swapping turns at riding, use of antibacterial spray and hand sanitizer always freely available on the tractor everyone is adapting. Being out in the open air is the biggest win for everyone. The outdoors is now recognised as the safest way to meet others. The children are still making friends while feeding the animals, which feels like the best of all worlds.

Feed Run with Tractor and Trailer at Coombe Mill Holidays


Alpaca Shearing

Colin the alpaca shearer has been and relieved the alpaca of their thick winter coats. It is always a treat for the guests as Colin is very skilled at his job and great at explaining the whole process to an audience of curious onlookers.  As well as shearing them they receive a full M. O. T with injections, teeth and hoof filing. I always say their characters change after they have been sheared, without their thick coat of disguise they appear to lose their stroppy ways and are much easier to feed by hand.  May be it is because they are cooler and less irritable, either way they seem very happy to enjoy the rest of summer minus a heavy coat.

The fleece will go to Kay at  to turn into something creative and fun for her craft workshops and fairs.

Alpaca shearing July 2020 Coombe Mill Holidays


Sally has Piglets   

Some days it all happens at once, on the same morning as the alpaca shearing, Sally gave birth to 4 healthy piglets. Both Mother and piglets are doing well, however she gave us a scare. Usually she has far more which is why we were uncertain if she was pregnant or just taking advantage of Farmer Nick’s generous pregnancy feeding!

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This one came up and caught us by surprise. No wonder we were uncertain if Sally was pregnant, just 4 piglets this year. After some early concern over whether she was going to feed them all looks well.

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Guinea Fowl Chicks

Fowl actions have been suspended throughout the Covid-19 Lockdown period, but Farmer Nick was quick to go to the first new meeting and bag us some cute little guinea fowl chicks. We have had them from just a day old and they are thriving in our little shed under a heat lamp. The children love to hold them and stoke their baby fluff on the morning feeding rounds.  

Guinea Fowl chicks

Footbridge Repair

The footbridge over the river developed two rotten steps this month. Nick has taken this as an opportunity to replace the rotten steps and add the new non slip decking we have used over the bridge crossing to add extra strength and a good non-slip base. This avoids the need for the chicken wire covering which was forever needing nailing down. Well done our handy man farmer.

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Farmer Nick has been adding new non slip decking to the footbridge steps over the river. This is both more attractive and safer than planks of wood with chicken wire over. Another clever little bit of innovation here making your holiday safer.

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I do hope you have a good August ahead with a chance for a summer holiday home or away. If you are not tied to school holidays we have some lovely autumn breaks available and would love to see you here.

Take Care and Stay Safe with Happy Holidays

Fiona x

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The Big Book of Football

About the Big Book of Football

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Video preview of the Big Book of Football


Win your copy of the Big Book of Football with Quarto Kids and coombe Mill

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We were sent our copy of the Big book of football for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and options on the book are my own.

A copy of the book can be borrowed from the Coombe Mill games room and we have plenty of football space to test out new found skills here on holiday.