Summer Time On The Farm

Posted on July 5th, 2021

Summer Time on the Farm  – The Sheep are Sheared

Summer time on the farm meant sunshine and the ever increasing temperatures meant our sheep were looking a little  bit uncomfortable in their thick Winter coats.  Fortunately, Owen our Sheep shearer was booked in on one of the hottest days of the month so far.  Despite a bit of reluctance at first, our eleven ewes and ‘Rambo’ the ram seemed to enjoy having their thick coats removed and trotting off into pastures new looking a little bit like goats from a distance!

We open the New gym to All Guests

This month we were extremely proud to open up our newly refurbished Gym.  The process was a
challenging one, as it meant converting two of the old lodges into one open plan space.  After weeks
of ripping out the old bathrooms and kitchens, laying a new floor, replacing windows and installing
Wifi and CCTV cameras, the space was starting to look like a gym.  Anew lick of paint on the walls,
new lights and new equipment and we were ready to open.  Our guests have now been enjoying
some great workouts. As qualified P.E teachers, we spent a lot of time ensuring we invested in some
of the best C.V equipment. Our guests now have access to two spin bikes, a treadmill and water
rower, as well as a designated rubber floor area for those who want to hit the weights or use the TRX
band for a bit of cross training.

The Fawns are hiding in the Fern 


Summer time on the farm – June is an exciting month  for our deer herd as they prepare to give birth to their young.  Our rescued
deer ‘Friendly’ has been looking extremely pregnant and along with the guests, we have enjoyed
watching her tummy move as her fawn was kicking inside her.  During the second week of June, her
beautiful fawn was born, which we only just found, as it was so well camouflaged in the ever
growing bracken.  A few days later another fawn sprang out of her hiding place.  Friendlies fawn has
just started to follow the rest of the herd now whilst we leave food for them during our morning
feed run.  We hope the other fawn will follow suit soon.

Camel trail bike rides & tea rooms


If the gym isn’t really your cup of tea, then the Camel trail is on our doorstep.  Short, medium or long
distance, it’s entirely up to you how far you wish to cycle along it’s path. Wendford bridge to
Padstow is 17miles, but there are options for a lovely stop at the Camel trail tea rooms or
Wadebridge town enroute.

New goats at the Farm  – Buttercup and Daisy

We are delighted to introduce two new residents to the farm, ‘Daisy and Buttercup’.  When our
sheep shearer said he could no longer look after them, we jumped at the chance to rehome them.
They are such lovely natured goats, slightly different to our pygmy goats, they are a cross between a
pygmy and an Alpine breed.  At just five months old they are a little young for breeding, but we do
hope to breed from them in the future and as they are dairy goats, enjoy milking them too.  The
other advantage is that they are now lead trained and so they love going out for walks, especially
where their favourite ‘Brambles’ might be growing along the way!

Guinea Fowl eggs

The guinea fowl have also been busy laying a clutch of 15 eggs and making a cosy nest in our
creeping thistles.  As the whether is warmer and mostly dry, we are hopeful that we may have some
new ‘keets’ in the future.



We are fully bhooked for the Summer Holidays but know many of you are thinking about Christmas on the Farm and next Years Holidays. We have availability and are taking bookings. Contact us directly if you are interested


Have a Lovely July 

Anya and Emma x