The Family Team  

“Hello!” from the Cambouropoulos family.


family at Greek Easter

Happy to help

We moved to Coombe Mill in 2002, giving up the South East ‘rat race’ in favour of the ‘good life’ in the country. We had 3 very young children then and, within 2 years of arriving, doubled the family with triplets. They are now growing up and all help out here. Coombe Mill is our business, our passion and our hobby and we live here in the heart of the estate. This is our home which we love to share with you here on holiday. If there is anything you need we are happy to help and have a handy intercom from our house to the reception shop. Email at any time of the day or night and you will be surprised at the times we will come right back to you!

Meet the Family

Farmer Nick

Farmer Nick

Everyone on holiday will become very familiar with me, especially the children. I take the morning tractor and trailer rides with all the children, parents and grandparents at 9 am from our car park. I love to answer all your questions on animal welfare and am always looking for young volunteers to help drive the tractor with me, feed and care for the animals as we go round. The children love to give me a friendly wave as I potter about my daily business on the tractor during the day. I am the one to see about fishing on our lakes and river and the DIY expert for anything which needs fixing.

Fiona Coombe Mill Holidays


I am wife to Farmer Nick and Mum to our 6 children and will probably be your first contact with Coombe Mill as I manage the office. Welcoming you to Coombe Mill when you arrive and sharing all the exciting things to do on holiday is one of my great pleasures along with updating you with all the latest farm news via our blog, facebook, twitter, instagram and more. Do jump on board, join the chat and become a part of our life at Coombe Mill.

Alistair Cambouropoulos


Hi, I am the eldest of the Cambouropoulos children.  I am an apprentice carpenter working with the local moorland builders who make all the Coombe Mill Lodges. Increasingly my parents are putting my new skills to work on the farm in my weekends, it’s a good way to earn my keep and practice at a job I love. You might find me painting or mixing concrete or even chopping down a tree and turning it into something creative. when I’m not working I love sports, especially sailing and surfing and boxing.


Felix Cambouropoulos of Coombe Mill Family friendly Farm Holidays, Cornwall


Hi, I am Felix and second eldest of the Coombe Mill children. I am currently away studying for a degree in Marketing Management with Psychology at Sussex University. This gives me quite long holidays so you will find me back helping out at Coombe Mill. I also help out at our local moorland builders with my brother in the holidays to earn some extra money to fund my University years.  Outside of work and study I love surfing, badminton and am heavily involved with the Business Society at University. 


Theo Cambouropoulos of Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall



Hi, I am Theo, I am the ‘odd job boy’ on a Saturday checking lights, smoke alarms and moving cots and highchairs around as well as sorting any issues that might have occurred the previous week in all the properties ready for your arrival. During the week I’m at college studying a level 3 diploma in  Creative Media. I have Wednesdays off from college and usually run the morning feed run on that day where I’m getting used to being called “Farmer Theo” by all the children. When Mum and Dad are away I run the farm and take charge of all the feed runs.  


Guy Cambouropoulos of Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall


“Toot Toot” I am Guy and one of your train drivers, meet me or my brother Jed over by Coombe halt 6 days a week for a ride.  I am studying for my GCSE’s at Wadebridge school during the week but double up as one of the cleaners here on busy weeks. In my spare time I love to fish in the Coombe Mill lakes and offer rods for sale and fishing lessons for anyone interested.

My great love outside of Coombe Mill is Rugby where I play for the local Wadebridge team.

Jed Cambouropoulos of Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall


Hi, I am Jed and one of the triplets. You’ll meet me on the evening train rides some days as I share driving with Guy. I am also the resident expert at lighting fires in the cottage and lodge wood burners. If you come in winter remember to give us an arrival time and book logs and I’ll make sure you have a roaring fire to welcome you.

In my spare time I love all sports especially Rugby which I play for Wadebridge with my brother. Sports science is my favourite GCSE subject and I hope to be a PE teacher one day.

Clio Cambouropoulos of Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall


Hi, I am Clio, the youngest member of the Coombe Mill children by just 7 minutes, and the only girl. Don’t worry I am very good at standing up for myself with my brothers.  I am responsible for stripping all the beds when you leave, counting it all and sending it off to be washed. You may see me around with armfuls of linen on a Saturday. You will also see me if you join our activity hour where I help out, usually running back and forth for things Mum has forgotten as well as spotting and lending a hand to any children struggling with the crafts. 

I love all things sporty, music, fashion and friends. 


The Cleaners

Our Cleaning team work form 9am -3pm on a Saturday to ensure all our properties are spick and span ready for your arrival. They are a lovely local group of ladies, many of whom have been with us for generations and fully understand our properties and your need to find them in tip top shape. Please say hello to them if you arrive early to explore the grounds and they are still working hard but please don’t enter the properties to unload while they are working .