Spring turns to Summer

Posted on June 8th, 2021 - Anya

The Gym is taking shape

The month of May has been an exciting time as Spring turns to Summer. We have started our biggest project since arriving on the farm.  We made the decision not to just give the old gym a ‘facelift’, but to completely rip out kitchens and bathrooms in one of the larger old lodges and convert this much larger space into our New ‘Gym’. It will also be a space we can use for some of our wellbeing and painting weekends we hope to launch soon.  We hit a few hurdles on the way. In order to make the gym fully operational and safethe electrics needed some serious updating. This involved us having to hire a digger to dig a 20 metre long trench to lay new cable. After this slight set back, the gym is now starting to take shape. We now have a new grey floor, new skirting boards, a fresh lick of paint and a super reinforced rubber floor area. Our guests can use the cardio equipment, ‘hit the weights’ or alternatively try out our new TRX band which extends down from the ceiling. The full gym will be ready at the end of this week, so look out for updates on our social media pages. 

Highs and Low’s on the farm 

On the farm we have had some highs and lows.  Sadly, our two goslings that hatched didn’t make it this time. We are hopeful that we may have some more ‘poults’ on the way. Our three ponies, Skippy, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo enjoyed a bit of TLC when we had a visit from the local farrier. After their hooves had been trimmed, they seemed to have a new lease of life, chasing and galloping around the fields after each other.

Fishes are starting to bite 

The increasing temperature has meant the lakes have been warming up nicely. Our guests have enjoyed watching the water come alive with swimming tadpoles, which are now just beginning to grow their legs.  The carp are now fully awake and can be seen much more readily on the surface.  Many more guests are now enjoying the fishing, with successful catches from both the adults and the children.

River Fun 

As Spring turns to Summer the warmer water temperatures have encouraged some of our braver guests to join us for a swim and a play in our river. This has been lots of fun for all those involved.

One of the best things about Coombe Mill is the freedom and exploration the children can have.  Whilst exploring further up the lane, we found a beautiful hidden away waterfall…..

BBQ and Surfing Weather 

Transitioning from Spring through to the Summer months, it has been lovely to see our guests starting to enjoy using our outdoor barbecue areas. As well as the children making full use of the outdoor play areas too. Many more wet suits are now being hung up on the line after a good day’s surfing in the warmer sea too! The flowers are starting to bloom, the bees are buzzing and we are very much looking forward to being allowed to open our new gym very soon.


The summer is going to be a long one. We still have some availability in late September if you are planning a staycation. Have a look at our website for full details.  https://www.coombemill.com/availability-prices/

Have a great June 

Anya and Emma x

New Arrivals at Spring Time

Posted on May 3rd, 2021 - Anya

Springtime New Arrivals 

Spring is always a joyful month in the animal calendar, but it has been an equally exciting month for us all here at Coombe Mill, as we finally opened our doors to a full house of new guests during the week of April 12th.


New Animals through the farm 


Our sheep herd has continued to grow in size. Our final Spring arrivals being born at the end of the month, totalling three girls and two boys.  All our ewes have been exceptional mummies, looking after and caring for their lambs.


April has been an exciting month for our ‘feathered friends’ too.  Our female goose has been busy making a cosy nest for her clutch of ten eggs and has spent the last thirty days sitting on her nest.  We are keeping everything crossed that at least some of these eggs will hatch and produce a few goslings.  We have two females and one male Bronze Turkey. They have also been busy producing over twenty-five eggs between them.  Similarly, we are hoping that a week after our goslings are due, we may have some baby poults too.



One of our most popular Spring arrivals, has been our two baby guinea-pigs. They have been enjoying some quiet time with Mum, before being introduced to our now very large family of 17 guinea-pigs.  Our younger guests have thoroughly enjoyed handling and feeding these two youngsters.



Spring arrivals in the form of frog spawn, has also been multiplying in our two fishing lakes, where the children have been amazed at the ever increasing numbers of tadpoles and their progressive increase in size and shape.


Fishing at coombe Mill

Alongside a river keeper, we have been working hard cutting and pruning back a lot of the overgrown trees, shrubs and brambles.  This has enabled us to create three ‘swims’ for our budding fisherman and guests to come and fish.  The carp being another Spring arrival, have now started to surface a lot more as the temperatures have slowly risen. They are gradually growing in size due to their diet of dog biscuits provided by our friendly fisherman recently.



Trout and juvenile Salmon can now be spotted along our river. We pulled on our wellies and jumped into the river to make some new river pools. A salmon pool is where salmon are known to gather to rest and feed, and from where they can be successfully caught.  In England, they are known as stells.


Guests Enjoying the longer evenings 



Overall, it has been lovely to see our guests enjoying all the animals on the farm. They are also taking advantage of both our indoor and outdoor barbecue areas and all the outdoor play areas too.  We are very much looking forward to being allowed to open our new indoor games room on May 21st too.

We are now fully booked for July and Aug but do have some availability in September. 


Anya and Emma xx

Spring has finally arrived on the farm

Posted on April 1st, 2021 - Anya

Spring has finally arrived on the farm

Our second Easter lockdown has arrived, but the first one for us as new owners. It seems so strange observing Spring awakening the farm without any guests. Despite this we wish you all a very Happy Easter. 


New Spring Lambs on the farm

We have had three baby lambs born so far this year. Twin boys and a girl and we hope to be blessed with a few more over the upcoming weeks, expectantly in time for our first set of guests on 12th April. Spring on a farm is not the same without lambs bouncing around and enjoying their freedom out in the fields.


Games Room Refurbishment is complete


The games room refurbishment has finally finished and we are very proud of the result.  The room has been gutted and opened up to make full use of all of the available space. It is now a multi-use area. We have created a reading area, and play area for Under 5’s. As well as a pool, table tennis, air hockey and table football for our older children (and competitive parents)!! We cant wait for our guests to be able to use this excellent addition to the farm. 


Site Tidy Up

The site is starting to look ready the Spring weather and welcoming our guests in April. Due to the latest Covid19 restrictions, our shared areas will not be able to be used at present. However, we have tried to not let this get us down. So have been working hard to set a new ‘Wildlife Trail’ around the farm. We have also revamped ‘Wellie Walk’ for our younger guests who may not have quite the same stamina which is required for the Wildlife Trail. In the shop we will be selling Wellies for you to decorate and leave on the Wellie walk. A great activity on a rainy day. We have spent a long time upkeeping our lodges, painting decking, railings and fencing, as well as tidying up the grounds to ensure the outdoors at Coombe looks as it should. 


Rambo and Snowy’s new home on the farm

As Spring has finally arrived at the farm, this means our Ram can no longer be in the same field as our pregnant ewes. Lots of fun was had trying to catch our big Ram ‘Rambo’.  Despite being P.E teachers, he ran circles around us initially whilst we tried to catch him, jumping over rocks and showing us his superior agility skills while we failed to get hold of him.  Eventually, the shepherds crook had to come out and we managed to usher him and his girlfriend ‘Snowy’ into the trailer and drive them around to the other side of the farm.  We hope our guests will now feel even more Spring like now that they can see Rambo and Snowy from their lodges


We still have some availability for May and June and again in September so if your planning a staycation please have a look at our availability on our web site https://www.coombemill.com/availability-prices/


Wishing you all a Happy Easter

Love Anya and Emma x

New Life and Changes on the Farm

Posted on February 28th, 2021 - Anya

New Life

We had an exciting day last week when Merlin and Arthur were born. New Life and changes on the farm is such an exciting time. Mummy ‘Brownie’ gave birth to two healthy boys who are now enjoying growing up together and bouncing around their indoor home. We can’t wait for our guests to be the first to see Merlin and Arthur along with our new lambs this April.



Spring and Summer Bookings – still some availability in May, June and September

We have been taking bookings throughout lockdown and are looking forward to meeting so many of you this Spring and Summer. We have changed our bookings to use Cornwalls Cottages but you are still able to book directly through us. You can contact us eiter by email, mail@coombemill.com or phone 01208850344, there will be no booking fee to pay. You can check out availability by clicking on our availabil on our web site https://www.coombemill.com/availability-prices/

Changes on the site

Whilst in lockdown, we have been trying  to make the most of our time by trying to make certain cahnges on the site. One of these improvements has been in our games room, where we are refurbishing and opening up the area to allow more space and playing areas for our guests. The internal walls, kitchens and bathrooms have been removed and are ready for paint, new flooring and curtains. We will have a dedicated area for younger children, with a reading zone and a play area.  The older children will also have their own area with an air hockey table, as well as pool and table tennis. I’ts still work in progress, but we will be ready for our first guests on 12th April.

More Changes this time outside

As the weather warms up, we know that our guests are going to want to start to use the outdoor BBQ area, so we have mended the roof and improved the flooring and put some solar lights up. It’s now an area which can be enjoyed by all on a sunny Spring and Summer’s evening.


We have added some outdoor gym bars for our guests to play on in the swing zone by the fairy garden. Our twins love these bars and enjoy being little monkeys on them.


Pitch and Putt changes

We know how popular the pitch and put is with all our guests, so we have added a 7th hole which will when finished be finishing in the hut. How many shots will it take you to get it into the hole? It certainly is a challnge!



Lockdown Projects at Coombe Mill.

Posted on January 31st, 2021 - Anya

Lockdown project 1  – Electricity Meters Removed 

In order to keep up with the times and make our guests stay as easy and as comfortable as ever, our first lockdown project was to remove the electricity pound coin metres in all of our six lodges.  We are certain that this will be a popular improvement for all our returning guests, but hope that we can all  continue to be conscientious about conserving energy and our planet.

Lockdown project 2 – Daily Exercise 

We have really been enjoying exploring the local area’s beaches and finding some more good walks. This inspired us to place framed OS maps on the walls in each of our lodges and we hope that this will enable you to explore the local area with ease when you come and stay.

Lockdown Project 3 – Animals

Despite the absence of snow and guests, our animals are now enjoying hearty helpings of hay now the weather is significantly colder. Therefore, our third lockdown project will see Sally our pig being sent off to have her annual holiday of fun with her boyfriend next week. We hope to have new piglets with us by the end of May, just in time for half term.

Lockdown Project 4- Games Room 

We have also been measuring up the games room and hope to have this opened up and refurbished by the end of March.  There will be some new equipment for the older children, as well as games and books for the younger ones


Our fifth lockdown project for January entailed investigating the potential to market Coombe Mill from a different angle. We are currently in the process of designing a new logo and updating the signs around the farm.  We hope to be able to share some of these with you all in our future blogs.

Staycation Bookings this summer 

 The website  https://www.coombemill.com/availability-prices/is regularly updated with regards to our availability and you can still book on the web site or through us. We are getting a number of bookings daily and are nearly full for Easter, May and the Summer holidays.

At Coombe Mill we recognise we are all living in uncertain times. We realise how important it is to have something special booked in to look forward to as a family. So to provide you with complete reassurance:

We offer a full Covid guarantee. If Lockdown or Tier restrictions occur over your holiday week – then you have a choice to

1. Have a full refund or

2. The opportunity to move your holiday to another week at the same price. If you choose a week at a more expensive price you will need to pay the difference.