School Leavers Prom Night

Posted on July 7th, 2018 -

I don’t often share the personal stuff from our family life on the blog, but when a big event comes around it feels only appropriate. Theo is our third son to be leaving school after completing his GCSE’s last month. The school leavers prom night has blossomed into a huge event over recent years and our family life has revolved around this date. Long gone are the days of a leavers disco in the school hall. Now it is limousines at the Eden Project in all your best finery. It is lovely to see the school uniforms ditched and the posh frocks and suits coming out for the night. Trying to find something to fit a lanky teen isn’t easy, at just over 6f2″ tall Theo is my gentle giant. We managed to sort it and Farmer Nick and I had to pose for the obligatory garden photo with him before he set off.  

Proud Parents.

Theo School Leavers Prom Night


Living in Cornwall nothing is close by, ‘After Prom’ or the real party was in a field about 15 miles away with a band till 5am. Taxi of Mum and Dad did well that night but never fear, he now has a whole summer of helping out on the farm before going to college in September.  I’m sure that will be more than payback for late night pickups and as any parent will say, it was my privilege to see him dressed so smart and having a wonderful time.

All set for school leavers prom night.

Theo going to Prom


Not the only big event this week.

Before I let Theo take all the limelight, I should also mention that Felix turned 18 this week and Clio took her Grade 5 ballet and Grade 6 tap exams. Neither would grace me with a photo but they can’t escape a mention!   

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Country Kids 7th July 2018

Posted on July 6th, 2018 -

Welcome to Country Kids from Coombe Mill

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“Encourage family fun outdoors, in an age where technology and screens are such a draw to a sedentary indoor life”

Welcome back if you are a regular to Country Kids and if you are new please join in. You will find plenty of inspiration for enjoying outdoor space and please do share your own adventures. We support the National Trust #50 things along with all other ideas for family fun outside.


Hello July

The summer heatwave continues here in Cornwall, and I believe across the country. The farm is looking very dry and not at all like Cornwall in summer. However while the animals are sitting it out in the shade of the trees and shelters, our guests are loving it with long days at the beach and full evenings eating and playing outdoors. We have been joining them with BBQs and sitting out till late, I will think of these glorious summer days in the middle of winter. As always please come and share your summer fun on the link up below.

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Thanks to all of you who joined in last week and for the comments you took time to leave, we had a week with no link dumpers so a pat on the back to you all!

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Favourite posts from last week added to the shortlist for winning the June Rockfish Wellies:

Top Commenter: Louise from Little Hearts Big Love

Dear Mummy had a great few days exploring the Jurassic Coast around Lyme Regis

Watching a caterpillar develop into a butterfly and realising them into the wild is both educational and fascinating as shown by Kids of the Wild


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Kindness bunting trust games and friendship bracelets   

Posted on July 6th, 2018 -

Back over the Easter Holidays we started our Kindness trail. The children had a lovely time spotting all my giant painted stones and plaques and helping to start a wishing tree. As summer arrived the stones became buried in lush new growth and Farmer Nick had to rescue them and hammer them onto batons in the ground for me. I also added a wishing well next to the wishing tree and the trail took on a new lease of life. I was keen to use the newly refurbished trail to build on our Easter activities around trust and friendship. This time instead of stones we created kindness bunting, played some games centred on trust and finished off with rainbow friendship bracelets.

Kindness bunting, trust games and friendship bracelets

As it was half term I had a huge variation in age from 2 – 11.  I wasn’t sure quite how it would work and at first I only had the younger children as the older girls were busy playing with the ponies up in the field.

Petting and walking ponies

Kindness bunting

However as I set to work in the afternoon sun with the younger children a couple of the older girls came down to join us. Cutting the material was always going to be a challenge for the younger children but the older girls were able to work independently. We choose colourful material from my scrap collection and stapled while sheet over the top to create a mounted piece of bunting. The children all chose their own kindness message to add in pen.

Making kindness bunting

Kindness hunt

While the older girls finished their bunting pieces I took the younger ones off across the fairy gardens to hunt for kindness rocks to tick off on their sheets.

fairy gardens spotting kindness rocks

We attached all the bunting shapes along string to create our kindness bunting adding the older girl’s pieces at the end as they finished carefully writing. Then we set off up the kindness trail in search of the plaques with messages. I was very impressed with how well the 5 year old’s read and identified each plaque to mark off on their sheets and their enthusiasm running from one to another as they saw them approaching .


Finding kindness plaques

Make a wish

The little well was an instant distraction. The children added grass and flowers to the bucket and wound it up and down.

It turns out we were missing one plaque, it must be buried deep in the summer growth on the slopes and I’m now determined to take a long stick and have a good look for it. We hung our bunting between two trees on the trail and watched it flutter in the breeze.

kindness bunting

Trust games.

Back down on the grass we began our trust games; I had a set of games I thought everyone could manage. Many involved a blindfold and instructions demonstrating the need to trust the instructions given.

Playing friendship games outdoors

Friendship bracelets

Finally we settled back down and made kindness bracelets with little animal trinkets. I taught the children how to finger knit the wool which gave it both stretch and width. They were delighted with the results.

Making friendship bracelets

As always it was an action packed afternoon with a little gentle learning and a lot of friendship fun.


Kindness bunting trust games and friendship bracelets   

Country Kids

Top of the League and 50 Football Facts

Posted on July 2nd, 2018 -

If you have a football mad tween enjoying the world cup at the moment we have just the books for them. Top of the League Football Facts and Trivia and 50 things you should know about Football are perfect for football fanatics. Watch the games and stars of today become the facts and trivia of tomorrow. These fully revised editions bring the reader right up to date with players and leagues as well as delving into some fun moments in history. To find out more and be in with a chance of winning our own copies of the books read on.

Win Top of the Leage and 50 Football Things books from Quarto

Top of the League

The book has everything young football fans will love. Impactful illustrations support clever tactics, legendary matches are shared with fun trivia to take kids from beginners to experts. I love the rules of the game at the back; finally I think I understand the off side rule! The book isn’t just for boys either; there is a whole section on women’s football. I had no idea women were playing matches as far back as 1895.  

Pages from top of the League

50 Football things you should know about

Discover how football spread across the globe as the most popular sport. Meet the stars in each country, see how mascots play their part, who ended up in major films and how technology has influenced the game.  This book is packed with interesting bit sized snippets carefully presented to capture the eye of  kids even if they are not prolific readers.  I really appreciated the words in bold all being in a glossary at the end. Very handy for a non expert! 

50 football things book

Both these books you can just pick up and put down, read in bite sized chunks and revisit many times over. It didn’t take my football mad son to get his head in them, and that isn’t something I see too often.

Reading football books

Need to Know

Book Top of the League Book 50 Football Things
Retail price £10.99 Retail price £9.99
Age Range  7 – 11Age Range7 – 11
  • Paperback
  • Non Fiction
  • Soft back
  • 64 Pages
  • Size 7.48 in x 9.843 in / 190 mm x 250 mm
  • Paperback
  • Non Fiction
  • softback
  • 80 Pages
PublisherQED Publishing (Part of the Quarto Group)PublisherQED Publishing (Part of the Quarto Group)
Stockists Quarto Kids online shop, Amazon, WaterstonesStockistsQuarto Kids online shop, Amazon, Waterstones
Author Andrea MillsAuthor Aidan Radnedge


Win your copy of Top of the League and 50 Football facts with Quarto and Coombe Mill


For your chance to win these Football must reads for the fanatic in your life simply follow the instructions below. Good luck to all taking part.

Top of the League and 50 Football facts


We were sent our copies of top of the League and 50 Football things for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Our copies can be borrowed by our holiday guests from the Coombe Mill library in the games room.

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Baby Deer Fawn Watched From Afar

Posted on June 30th, 2018 -

From the start of June each year we are on the lookout for baby deer fawn in our deer field.  Last year we didn’t spot any in the early days, instead waiting until they were grown sufficiently to run with the heard. It was 2016 when I last spotted a deer calf hiding. This year we have been lucky again and our group searches revealed our first fawn hiding in the bracken.


How to behave with baby deer fawn

The only means of defence for a baby deer fawn is camouflage. They are vulnerable to many predators, notably birds of prey, foxes and badgers.  The mother’s visit them for feeds and then just leave them hidden. The fawns know to just keep still, like a game of statues, until mother returns. If you are close to a baby fawn the mother will not approach, instead she will stand back and watch you from afar; hoping to fool you into thinking her hidden baby is not there. For this reason if we are lucky enough to spot a hidden baby we never go too close. Watching from a short distance will prevent a human scent trail being left for predators to follow. By standing back the baby will hope they have not been spotted and remain as still as a statue, with just their eyes following you.  If you go very close the baby will have no option but to try and run for safety, but with no idea where mother is or where to run this can be a disaster. In our field it is easy for them to re-hide in the bracken but it can still alert a predator to their presence so we try to avoid this at all cost.

The perfect location

Our first discovery was in a typical location, hidden in bracken beneath an oak tree. Fortunately this was just below a granite outcrop that gave everyone an opportunity for a reasonable look from above without the need to walk too close.

 Zoom lens from a safe distance, still this little one knows we are there. 

baby deer fawn spotted June 2018

As we turned to walk away I spotted the mother watching anxiously from afar.

Doe deer watching us watching her fawn

The mother wasn’t taking chances, by the following morning she had moved the baby deer fawn to a new hiding place. However we have since spotted more, of course we are never sure if we keep seeing the same ones or different ones! As this is the first year our new stag has worked the field we are thrilled to see his success.

No dual parenting here….. our Stag waking from a nap in the Bracken.  

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