Mummy, Mum, Friend: Can you be all three?

Posted on May 9th, 2012 -

The Transition from Mummy to Mum

So exciting, those first times they call out “Mummy”. I was so proud to wear the badge of “Mummy”. To be loved and needed by a child is a privilege and a challenge. Looking back I can’t tell you quite how I progressed from Mummy to Mum. I guess it was a natural progression somewhere towards the end of their infant school years. There wasn’t a day when my children suddenly decided my name was changing; it was more of a case of the odd “Mum” slipping into conversation, particularly in the presence of friends which then lapsed back to Mummy when we were alone. I understood this need to feel like the “cool dude” amongst friends and made nothing of it, cringing at the memories of battles with my own Mum over the name.A Mummy moment with my triplets

Learning to let go

Mummy is a safe, caring, loving and all protecting person. Mum is no less caring and loving but provides more freedom and scope within carefully agreed guidelines. There is so much bound up and implied in the two names to both child and mother. Moving from one to the other I do feel is a part of growing up and a transition from young child to pre teen years.  I have chosen not to hold my children back but to move into my “Mum” role and embrace a new relationship with my children.

My youngest children are triplets age 8, for them I still swing between Mummy and Mum and I relish these Mummy moments knowing they will disappear in time. 

Moving from Mum to Friend

I like to think I am a friend to all my children, we share a laugh and a joke, respect one another and enjoy each other’s company; however that friendship does evolve as they grow up. My eldest has just turned 14 and while I have no ambition to be like or replace his school friends, I now see we have a lovely adult bond developing. I am still “Mum”, I still have the last say over what is and is not permitted, but his scope is growing and his relationship with me and his Dad maturing.

Keeping on their Wavelength

For me, staying in touch with their life stage is important, embracing their music and enjoying their activities really helps us to build our developing adult friendship. My eldest children are all boys and they can be a bit of a closed book, but I still like to spend a little time with them individually, ask them about school and friends and do a few things together like a bike ride, a walk or just some time surfing in the sea together on a family beach trip. My eldest may be taller and stronger than me, and the oldest 3 out run me, but I still like to join in with them and not watch from the sidelines. 


Ice skating with the children at EdenCycling over Bodmin Moor with Ally on his BirthdayPony trekking as a family on holiday

Time stands still for no one, I plan to enjoy every stage of motherhood and embrace the next. None of us know what is round the corner in life, but having my children mature into my adult friends of choice is a great place to be heading.

Silent Sunday / Project 52

Posted on May 6th, 2012 -

Sunday Cuteness at Coombe Mill……….Ssshh!


New born rabbit just opening his eyes



TheBoyandMe's 366 Linky  Silent Sunday 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Posted on May 5th, 2012 -

Weather from the BBC

So it was officially the wettest April on record, I guess it was always going to be after the BBC announced their hose pipe bans! Please BBC, don’t go forecasting of a BBQ summer next!

Rain, rain we don’t care!

There is no keeping my 6 indoors whatever the weather is up to! In fact I think they possibly stayed out longer in the rain last weekend than usual! Whether it was a quick jump around in the garden or a trek down the banks of the river they really didn’t mind that it was raining and cold. Clio in complete denial insisted on wearing her new birthday leggings and t shirt and going bare foot, seemingly unaware it was only six degrees outside! 

Outdoor Kids at Coombe Millhardy kids at Coombe MillA very full April river at Coombe Mill

Our Trampoline saves the day

I love these Pictures of Jed and Theo after a wet day with only indoor play at school. They couldn’t even wait to change out of their school uniforms, instead dashing straight from the car to over the lane to our trampoline. There they let off steam for an hour while it poured down on them. They were having so much fun I just left them too it and resigned myself to another wash load that evening.

Trampolining in the rain at Coombe MillTheo joins the trampoline funSquelching home from the trampoline

Jed cycling home to Coombe Mill

Lucky on the Farm

We are lucky to have the space and freedom here on the farm, but even if we didn’t live here I think my children would still need to find a way to release some energy outdoors and I know many of you agree too as I have had some lovely links to the site in April through sun and rain.  Thankfully the week here ended so much better than it started, we even cycled to and from school, a 5 mile round trip with some serious hills!

April’s Winner for Country Kids

Once again choosing a favourite link up for the month for the lovely Coombe Mill kids sun Hat has left me agonising, some lovely outdoor learning ideas from , simple fun days out that really worked from  ,  and and Great coverage of the  50 things before your 12 from  , and  but I have finally decided on this one from  for their amazing trek up Snowdon as shared in this post . Angoe, Please DM or email me your details to send our sun hat out and coax out the sunshine for summer!

Joining In

Please stay with me supporting outdoor adventures for children into May, grab the badge and link up. Anything with kids outside is welcome, from fun in the garden to a family day out.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Trevarno Scandinavian Lodge, so near yet so far!

Posted on May 3rd, 2012 -

Inspired by Trebah

When we took on Coombe Mill nearly 10 years ago, there was just the cottages and riverside lodges. Since Eden in 2004 we have been adding to Coombe Mill with Luxury Scandinavian lodges. Trebah was our first eco Scandinavian lodge designed for a family of 4. It has proved so popular with the energy efficient under floor heating, money saving solar panels providing hot water, ultra modern decor and vast play room that we have been inspired to repeat and enhance the design for Trevarno.

Trebah open plan living areaTrebah open plan living areaTrebah play room with toys

Building Trevarno

Work began back in November last year. By Christmas we had the shell assembled, and I was running away with ideas of renting by Easter! Thank goodness Farmer Nick held me back. Here we stand now just into May, and we are far from finished! Every time we build I forget just how long the process really is. There is so much insulation to make these properties so energy efficient, plumbing, electrics and endless little carpentry jobs drag the middle phase out so that I worry about completing before the first paid guests arrive.

Our Builders

We have used the same trusted builders since we began Originally they built the Play barn, or Farmer Nick’s original shed as it was back then! We were so impressed with a builder who delivered on time and to budget that Trevarno will now be our 6th lodge built by North Coast. They are a small moorland business from the neighbouring village of Blisland who are now expanding internationally. 

Trevarno Our Journey in pictures

Trevarno Now 

With the grass seeding and the lawn being well watered during April, from the Outside at least is looking ready to rent. 

Trevarno Scandinavian Lodge Trevarno side. solar panels, heat pump room and shingle roofw

To come: delight or disaster?

Order lead times on kitchens, white goods and carpet fitting have all given us the usual stresses on top of running the rest of the business and keeping order in the family! With just 3 weeks till our first paid guests arrive I am worried I may be handing them a set of keys and a painting brush at the moment! Having tried 3 carpet fitters last week all of whom quoted 3 weeks before a fitting date could be met I was back to pulling out my best negotiation skills (being an ex Tesco buyer comes in handy on occasions like this) and now the lovely people at have agreed to fit by the end of this week. *Phew*. A similar narrow escape on the curtains came today when I suddenly realised we had forgotten the wardrobe curtain, poor Nick found himself back in the car again to the shops, never a short journey from here, to grab the very last set in the size we needed.

Sharing my biggest worry

We have bought a beautiful sofa set for Trevarno and gorgeous dining room table and chairs, all modern leather which I still swear were in matching cream. Now they are here and waiting in Nick’s shed I can see the sofas are pale green and the chairs cream. I am going to need some imagination to pull these colours together without it looking like a candy shop of peppermint creams!

Inside Nick’s dry store shed for storage

Trevarno Scandinavian lodge Chairs and table

I know this will not be the last of the panics over the coming couple of weeks and I so look forward to sharing some finished, complete and hopefully tasteful photos before the first guests arrive!

Multiple Birthday Mayhem at Coombe Mill

Posted on May 1st, 2012 -

Triplets Party Time 

I always feel slightly uneasy at the responsibility that comes with managing my triplets birthday parties; with 3 of them all inviting their friends we end up with quite a house full. Thankfully we have the farm, the play areas and 30 acres of fun and freedom which all their friends find absolute heaven. Never the Less keeping an eye on a class of eight year olds and focusing their energy takes all of mine and I do like to enlist a little help from some of my Mummy friends too! 

Strategic Planning for Success

I like to have a plan for birthday parties and then allow a little “go with the flow” to develop as well.  I opted for a lunch time party with a BBQ and crossed my fingers for the weather. I can’t say we were lucky as it drizzled on and off all day but the children were so excited it didn’t seem to matter!

The party plan:

1. Free play

2. BBQ

3. Crafts

4. Birthday Cake

5. Water play

6 Parents collect 

A Party of two halves

They are just reaching the age where the opposite sex are to be avoided at all costs and any game has to be girls versus boys. I should have guessed this really. Since most of the class were attending the party had been the talk of school for the preceding week. Right from the start my over active bunch of children wanted to dive into a water battle, all armed with water guns they had brought. However I insisted in this being the last event no earlier than 30 minutes before parent collection.  With the water game vetoed they boys disappeared off onto the farm and play areas whilst the girls tried out our new play side in the garden. Farmer Nick had bought this on e-bay hoping to embed the track into the grassy banks on the lawns and make a floor level safe natural fun slide for our guests to enjoy near the play boat. Sadly the insurers wouldn’t have any of it so into the garden it came, much to the delight of my children in time for the party!

New Play slideNew Play Slide in use


Clio shows us the slide in operation:


Everyone Loves a BBQ

Farmer Nick battled against the elements to produce a perfect BBQ. The boys were still wild with excitement despite their hour of dashing around the play areas and so a BBQ was perfect. No need for plates or sitting down, just a grab and run to suit them. They almost disappeared too soon but were soon pulled back by the prospect of toasting their own marsh mellows on the BBQ under the watchful eye of Farmer Nick.

Farmer Nick's Special BBQEnjoying the BBQToasting marshmellows

Guy then had the honour of being allowed to dose the BBQ coals with water before anyone could hurt themselves.

Putting out the BBQ at Coombe Mill

Craft Time

After lunch a little down time with crafts was the plan. The girls were delighted to come in and sat down enthusiatically for home made cookie decorating. The boys just gave me that “you have to be kidding” look and dashed back off to our play boat to resume their games.

Biscuit decoratingBirthday girlBiscuits from Coombemill

Moving happily from biscuit icing to glass decorating the girls were blissful. This was such a simple idea, felt pens for glass which you then just bake in the oven to ensure the design remains in tact after washing. The best thing about party crafts is that the children design and make their own take home presents negating the need for party bags! 

Glass paintingGlass paintingFinished Glass and Biscuit

Happy Birthday

No party is complete without a good party cake. This was a giant 3 in 1 banana one side and chocolate the other all with a choice of icing for their own section. With eight candles each it took some lighting but even the boys enjoyed this one, if only because it signalled the time for the long awaited water gun bonanza!


Birthday Cake


Rabbits and Water Play

The adults sensibly split themselves between the rabbits with the girls and watching through the house window while the boys enjoyed their mad half hour in the garden with water guns. Soaked and shivering, but still laughing, the boys, and one or two girls, trooped inside to change just as their parents arrived to collect them. Pictures came back from the rabbits, but none of us were brave enough to risk the water guns in the name of a photo! 

Rabbits for the Girls


At the end of the day everyone was returned to parents safe and happy with a bag of soggy clothes or or a beautiful glass and buscuit! Managing the expectations of 3 together on their big day is definitely challenging. However they all came up to Daddy and I later that evening claiming it was the best party ever. That alone made it worth all the effort.

I am linking this post to Multiple Mayhem Carnival hosted this month by the lovely  @multiplemummy

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