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Posted on July 22nd, 2012 -

Sunday favourite from the week at Coombemill


Carnival Time, My St Trinians Girls!


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Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Posted on July 21st, 2012 -

Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Posted on July 21st, 2012 -

Carnival Time

Every Year in North Cornwall the local towns and villages host their annual Carnivals. This is always on a Saturday evening which for us means a real rush with changeover. However the children do love a good excuse to dress up, parade along the street and enjoy all the fun of the judging, prizes and general run around time in the playing fields catching up with their friends and comparing floats. Despite the very unsettled forecast and a few heavy downpours this year’s turn out was commendable and made for memorable evening.

Carnival Fun

St Trinians from Coombe Mill

Agreed and designed by the children with a little adult help, we put together  a winning float from our morning feed run trailer. I did have some strange comments from the last guests arriving as I showed them in dressed up in my nurses outfit just as we left!


Carnival Float from Coombe Mill

Once there the boys had no problem abandoning their wigs and running off to find their friends and view the trophies still dressed in Clio’s school skirts and tights!

Theo in search of friendsGuy looking for the trophiesPrize giving, trophies galore

Our winning trophy, 3rd place in Best overall Carnival Entry!

 Winning Cup


Please join in

Country Kids is all about outdoor fun and fresh air for children. Please grab the badge below and join me here on the linky with your adventures from the garden to family days out.  A comment on others is always welcome and a great way to discover new ideas. 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Coombemill does Animal Hospital

Posted on July 21st, 2012 -

Farmer Nick’s Eagle Eye….

How he does it I don’t know, but as he drove down the lane on the tractor, planks of wood carefully balanced on a secret mission, Farmer Nick spotted a baby bird or duck flapping alone in the grass over on the cottage lawn. I quick message on the radio and our resident expert was there to help.  

Theo the Junior Vet

Ist stop the shed in search of a suitable carrier

Then to carefully catch the frightened baby 

Back to the shed to make a home for the night

Hay, clean water from the stream and duck food are all staples on the farm


I marvel at how he knows just what to do and chats away to the duck as he goes, clearly he has already claimed the poorly little might as his own pet, now I just hope he mkes it through the night!

Honey I Bought a BBQ!

Posted on July 17th, 2012 -

The Royal Cornwall Show

Back in June, one Saturday afternoon while I was busy in charge of our holiday changeover day , Farmer Nick sloped off to the Royal Cornwall Show. If you have seen my posts Daddy bought a cannon or Wallabies free to good home you will know Nick is not to be trusted out shopping alone! Saturday afternoon was the last day of the show and he disappeared  in search of any “must have bargains”. If my life depended on it I would never of guessed what he was going to come home with…..

A BBQ costs how much? 

When he sauntered cheerfully back home beaming that he had bought a new BBQ for Coombe Mill I thought nothing of it. Our little portable ones do see heavy use and I am always happy to replace a few. Then the truth spills out:

Nick: “I did try to ring you, it was rather expensive”

Me “I was probably showing in the new guests, anyway I thought you were out for a bargain”

Nick ” Oh it was I saved £3000!”

Me *puts down pots in the kitchen and thinks of wallabies and cannons*  “I thought it was a BBQ”

Nick ” It’s an Indoor BBQ complete with its own house” *casually tosses leaflet towards me*

My emotions have now rocketed from feigned interest, through shock into cross and landing in excitement! This really is a gem!  My mind is a whir with the possibilities for parties and the fun the guests are going to have, whatever the weather!

A bit of a giggle on Facebook! 

Since I would have never guessed at Nick’s purchase I figured my facebook followers would struggle too, many of whom are regular guests of Coombe Mill. I posted a photo as Nick laid the foundations and challenged everyone to guess. 


Base for the Indoor BBQ


Facebook responses: 

  • Adam Alvey the drain pipes a throwing me off any idea i think of? can’t wait to see what it is next month when we are there!
  • Andy Grant It’s either some kind of fun fountain or he’s discovered oil!
  • Tony Quigley Its so obviously a heli-pad now. Don’t forget the landing lights!
  • Callum Mead water park for kids!
  • Helen Nolan Ciaran reckoned (hoped?) it was a paddling pool when we saw it yesterday morning! Some kind of water feature seems more likely.
  • Lisa Shaikh A gazebo?
  • Kay Organ Raised pond and fountain for the ducks? a Jacuzzi, a posh outside loo for Farmer Ted!
  • Angie Booth Intriguing, an outside shower for your kids to get clean, saves on washing clothes?
  • Caz O’Doherty Compost bog!
  • Brian King Princess Di memorial fountain?
  • Tina Alvey It’s the base for the nut house for all the people who like fishing!
  • Fiona Russell Fountain?
  • Frank Spencer Roundabout?
  • Carole Walker A gas powered BBQ (oh so close!)
  • Tina Alvey A sauna?
  • Nikki Black hmmm….long shot, but could it be a whirlpool maker?
  • Rebecca Wright Hot tub?
  • Katy Dunn A gazebo for Coombe Mill weddings?

    I had a good chuckle at these suggestions and couldn’t wait to see and reveal the finished product. 

    Assembling the BBQ

    BBQ Lodges are a  family run company who delivered to time just a few weeks later and worked effortlessly to construct our gorgeous little house. 
    Building the BBQ House

    The Reveal

    The Finished result is total delight. I am amazed by the space, cosy feel and attention to detail on the trim. Even window locks, a ledge for handy storage, drinks spaces and fold up and down benches. The BBQ itself is a substantial and imposing centre piece that will easily cater for the 15 the house will seat.  

    Indoor BBQIndoor BBQInside the BBQ

    Launch Party

    All that remained was to throw an opening party!  This we did last night for the benefit of all our guests staying this week. It is so incredibly toasty, spacious and warm inside, definitely a BBQ for all seasons. No longer will eating out be a fair weather only activity, infact I am rather excited by the prospect of Winter entertaining with a bottle of Red or pot of mulled wine around the center. I can alredy see that it going to be popular and a great way for families staying with us on holiday to meet over a drink and meal and share their days adventures here on the farm while the children dash in and out along the path and up to the play areas .
    BBQ Launch Party



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