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Posted on January 14th, 2012 -

A first Ski Lesson for our children

Plymouth is our closest dry ski slope, as virgin skiers but with Ally facing a school ski trip next month, we treated him, his school friend and our other 5 children to a first lesson.

2 minutes from Coombe Mill and I was cursing leaving my camera behind! Making do with the Blackberry in the fading afternoon light was far from ideal, but still worth showing for this week’s Country Kids post, as the children had such a wonderful, if exhausting time.

Suited and Booted.

That took 15 minutes for all 7 to begin with, then off they stomped with their very patient instructor, while I attempted to find camera mode on my phone. 

Skies on and ready to gowarm up exercises waiting their turn 

 After the warm up they were away to go, if I had worked out videoing I would have some spectacular falls, in the event they look quite good for their first go!

Ally's 1st go!Look out Mum"This is tricky"


We had booked a family fun day which involved a wacky half hour of snow tubing. This comprised of being hurled down the slopes inside a tyre in pairs, a long line or spinning solo by a poor ski instructor, then running back up to do it all over again! 

Snow TubingHitting the crash netFun for Theo and Felix

My favorite snap, their beaming faces say it all

Guy and Jed in a snow tube

Three super zoom toboggan rides rounded off the day. Nick and I had to accompany the triplets for each ride. I ended up concentrating so much on regaining my balance between rides and fighting Jed for the brake, that I forgot to take a photo; but safe to say they loved every minute!

Linking up

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Farm Holidays Cornwall

My Highs and Lows of 2011

Posted on January 10th, 2012 -

I’ve been tagged

The lovely  has tagged me in this meme which asks me to share with you my highs and lows of 2011. Do pop over and read her blog too and see her roller coaster of a year resulting in a fine blog!

2011 in a nutshell

2011 was a good one for me. It was the year I discovered twitter, created my blog and discovered and that I could combine work and pleasure with the two! Farmer Nick made some great changes on the farm, bookings were good and guests were happy which has inspired us to even greater plans for 2012. The children all moved on a stage and parenting by and large became easier.The Happy Couple

1. What was your happiest event?

So many happy moments in a large family, but I think the best was my lovely Niece’s wedding. It is not often we manage to pull the wider family together and it was a truly beautiful day

2. What was the saddest thing to happen?The fated quad bike before the crash

I guess this is the saddest and the happiest all in one. We had a wonderful Christmas day all except 1 major mishap which cast a shadow we had to work hard to shrug off. We were so excited (or at least Daddy was) to show the children their fabulous new Quad bike, but sadly Jed managed to lose control, panic and stuff it into the wall throwing himself and Guy off within the 1st 20 minutes. Half the children hadn’t even had a turn at that stage!  We were all shaken and sorry for the children but equally so relieved no one was hurt. The Quad is STILL at the garage being repaired at vast sums of money!

3. What was the most unlikely thing to happen that actually went ahead and did?
Farmer Nick buying a real cannon! Sent off for groceries and returned with an old war cannon! It did make a funny tail though and is going to be a huge hit in our new 2012 play area now being built. Farmer Nick Club Hat

4. Who let you down?

Well, no one yet, but I am waiting with anticipation for 1000 Farmer Nick’s Little Helpers Hats from October due to arrive next week! 


5. Who supported you?

Farmer Nick is Husband and Daddy and my true support. We work together in our family business but our secret to making this successful is having our areas of specialization on the day to day chores. He would claim I can’t tell a sheep from a goat (harsh) and I get cross that he can’t tell a single sheet from a double one (true)! However on all big decisions we both rely on each other for support and guidance. This year I can also say my children have been a support. At age 7 to 13 they all now have jobs in the business which really make a difference. 

6. Tell us something you learned.
 As I ponder this at the computer, Felix wonders in (age 11) “what have I learned this year?” I ask him. His reply was about my blog, web site and how to make cool videos. To which I replied, “and what have I learn’t about you?” His answer to this stunned me a little “nothing, you are always on the computer and don’t do anything with us”. That on the back of the two of us going for a run together on Saturday, 2 evenings of family scrabble in the past 3 days, family meal times and an amazing treat of a family skiing adventure day yesterday!  My take out from this is that it is impossible to get it all right all of the time with everyone, and that a Mum’s work is never complete.  I have learnt to be happy with just doing my best. 

7. Tell us one thing that made you laugh.

This video of my Kids messing about in the car park while Daddy is trying to wash it down:

8. Tell us one thing that made you cry.
Funnily enough I rarely cry at real life. I am too busy getting on with it. However I am terrible with books and films.
The one that stands out for me last year was The Time Travellers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. I cried at the book and the film.
9. Tell us three things your child did to make you proud.
This is a tough one with 6 children, but here goes for my top 3 Felix 1st Day

Felix moved up to Secondary school this year from our little 56 pupil village primary and has taken to it like a duck to water. He is happy, confident, found some lovely friends and totally independent organising his school work, bag and homework alone.

Theo and a baby bunny

Theo started working in the business last year and has total responsibility for the rabbits. He has to lock them up and feed them each night and clean them out once a week. He has never once forgotten them and will even ring home when at a friend’s after dark to remind someone to see to them for him.

Jed on the farm

Jed finds academic work harder than the others and struggles to keep up in his year group at school. Despite this he is my most tenacious, persistent and driven child. When Jed wants to achieve something he does. It takes him longer and we often have tears and tantrums of frustration along the way, but he is no quitter. He works hard at succeeding and no parent can ask for more than that.  

10. Tell us one thing that made you proud of yourself.
Blog award

Oh this is it! I started the year with a vision for updating my web site and creating a blog. I am so proud of the way it has come together and love it to bits. The bright colours reflect the child orientated family business we run and a my personal style too. I managed to be a runner up in the for 2011 after just a few months of blogging which I am still delighted by.

11. Tell us one challenge you overcame.

12 months ago I didn’t know how to download a photo from my camera to my PC and my phone was so old that I couldn’t work out how to text on it! I have overcome some huge technical barriers in the last 12 months to update my web site and launch my blog. Admittadly I have had a huge amount of help on the web site from my web designer  but am still proud that my objectives for the site are being met.

12. Is there anything you would like to change about your life in 2012.

I don’t want to sound smug or cheesy  but I love my life. I fear more from loosing something I already have than striving for something new. If I can continue to build the business, impliment our exciting plans for the year with Nick and help our children as they take another step along the path to growing up, then it will be a perfect year for me. 

Family trip to Padstow

So, who to tag? I am guessing this has been going a couple of weeks so appologies if you have had this one before and please pass on.

Looking forward to your responses!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Posted on January 7th, 2012 -

Anyone for a walk in the Country?

It can be difficult to find family time at a weekend for outdoor pursuits, especially when it is cold, the days are short and the kids are indifferent at the prospect. There we are, caring parents, putting some quality time aside for a lovely family walk; only to be met with a ‘grunt’ from the kids and continued TV focus! If we can get beyond the initial lethargy and go then we do find it worthwhile.

When outside their sense of adventure builds and the TV is soon forgotten. Fresh air, rosy cheeks and tired children from physical exercise is so satisfying.

Trekking up Rough Tor

Cornwall is famous for its rocky outcrops known as Tors and we are lucky enough to have some very close by on Bodmin Moor. 10 minutes in the car and we are there.

walking up Rough TorRough TorYia Yia, Clio and Daddy

Jed and Clio runningThe top looks a long way off from hereNearly at the top of Rough Tor

It looks so beautifully rugged and open with lovely sea views and quite a climb to the top. Nothing is purpose built for children but that is the appeal, just running around, racing each other to the top and building imaginary games from scratch is good for mind and body. With free car parking at the start it couldn’t be a cheaper day out at any time of the year! 

At the top of Rough TorNearly at the top of Rough TorI can see the Sea

Even Grandma (Yia Yia) enjoyed the fun and made it to the top to take a photo of us all!

King of the Castle FelixThen there were two Kings!Family photo at the top

Perhaps the very best part was the caves formed between the rocky outcrops. Just listening to the banter between the children as they climb in and out claiming each cave as their own makes me smile every time!


Please Join in

What have you been up to outdoors with the children? Please join up with your picture(s), grab the badge and help promote healthy outdoor play for kids all year round.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Farm Holidays Cornwall


Holidays – The hidden benefits that money can’t buy.

Posted on January 5th, 2012 -

Guest Post from Katie Bailey 

Kate is a mum of two tearaway toddlers who lives in Cheshire with her long suffering hubby. Kate is a holistic therapist and also a keen writer so I was delighted when she offered to write for my blog on the need for children to have family holidays: 
On holiday at the beach

Do you need a holiday?

New Years resolutions. It’s what a lot of us will be thinking about right now, but how many of you are resolving to have more holidays this year? Well, if there’s a queue then I’m most definitely joining it. In fact, I’ll be right there at the very front! 
Do you realise that holidays are actually essential for our long term health and wellbeing? Yes, they’re not just the luxury that lots of us consider them to be. Our bodies need regular breaks to allow us to recuperate. If we’re overworked we’re more susceptible to illness because our immune systems become suppressed. 
There’s also the issue of stress, which the majority of us suffer from probably far more often than we’d care to admit! Prolonged stress can have a disastrous effect on our bodies.  We’re not designed to be in our ‘fight or flight’ mode long term and as far as I’m concerned this is the number one reason that regular breaks are absolutely essential.  
I know all too well that trap that we fall into when it comes to taking time off. I’m a prolific offender! ‘There’s too much to do’, ‘We really should be catching up on jobs’, ‘The business won’t run itself’, ‘There’s no way we can afford to take time off’. But I’m also aware that if we carry on that way burnout will slap us hard in the face, much like our toddlers do when we try to put them in our bed to grab an extra half hours sleep in the morning!
So how can we not take that break? We need time off to spend recuperating and relaxing because without it we won’t be anywhere near as productive.  

What about our children?

Children deserve holidays and they actually need them just as much as we do. Its absolutely essential for them to have a chance to break free from routine, time to race around outside, explore new places and just spend time playing. Children learn just as much outside of the classroom as they do inside it. They need freedom and unplanned activities just as much as they need routine and structure.  
Most importantly, they need to learn that life isn’t all about work.  I don’t want my children growing up thinking that it is. However, I am well aware that if we carry on the way we’re going then that is exactly what we’ll be teaching them!  
So, I’m going to take a leaf out of my parent’s book. 
 Fun at the beachKatie on the sandsandcastles at the beach

Learning from my childhood holidays

When I was a child we took the majority of our holidays in North Wales. Occasionally we spent a holiday down south but the majority were in exactly the same place. My parents owned a touring caravan which we always spent our entire summer in, plus most of our other school holidays.  While I loved the time we spent there I have to admit that growing up I was insanely jealous of my friends who got to travel abroad on their holidays. I brooded while it thundered and lightened outside, even snowed (yes, in June!) and I imagined that they were all having a great time sunning themselves on the beach, splashing around in a swimming pool and eating out with their families every night while we were stuck in the caravan playing snap! 
Don’t get me wrong, Wales did have some sunshine too and we enjoyed many days riding the waves in our dinghy, but it is very easy to believe that the grass is greener, especially when you’re young. The family holidays we had abroad when we older were great too but it’s only now that I’ve begun to appreciate how truly blessed I was and what was really important. 
I now realise that my parents were very wise in knowing that it was much better for us to spend ten whole weeks a year together rather than one week abroad like my friends. The point is, it really didn’t matter where we went. We got to go on holiday and spend lot of good quality family time together. Cliched, I know. But very very true! 
We had loads of holidays. No one worked, no one had their phone permanently attached to their hand (not that they really existed back then but that’s not the point!) no one was doing housework or running errands for family and friends. We simply spent time together either on the beach, walking, eating, sitting, playing. In addition, we got to make lots of friends, the place was familiar which gave us more freedom than we would have had otherwise and there was plenty to keep us occupied. 
 fun outdoorsrock pools for the kidsbeach fun

Holidays, the bit that money just can’t buy….

Holidaying is something my hubby and I have thought about and talked a lot about lately. We’d love to take our toddlers to all the corners of the world. There’s loads for the little ones to learn from travelling but rather than worry about where we go, we know what’s really important is that we have holidays together.  A proper break where we take time away from work, the business, the housework and that never-ending list of DIY!  We know that our children are growing up so fast that if we don’t stop and take some time out together we’ll miss it. 
We’ve had very few holidays since our children were born but the ones we have had they’ve enjoyed enormously. We haven’t even had to do anything special because they never tire of spending time outdoors. They don’t care whether it’s beaming sunshine or it chucking down rain. And the real beauty of it is, that they’re intrigued by the simplest of things, leaves, trees, insects and even just water! I’m well aware that will change when they’re 12 and 13 instead of 2 and 3 but for now we’ll just make the most of it. The time outside does us all good, the exercise, the fresh air and the daylight all helps us feel much better and the amount they learn is astonishing! It really is true that education happens anywhere. 
We know it’s far too easy to be dragged away from family time at home, when we’re ‘off’ work we’re never really away from it. The phones are always on and it’s easy just to take a second to check emails, which always ends up taking far longer than a second!  So we’re making holidays a priority this year, we’re going to make lots of time for them, and for us too.  
We want our children to have similar memories of their family holidays that we do, including spending lots of time with extended family, and friends who tagged along on occasion too.  For them to have memories of family holidays to reminisce over months and even years after. And we’ll be ecstatic if they grow up wanting to recreate their experiences for their own children.

More about Kate

If you would like to find out more about Kate she is a keen twitter girl  
I am so grateful to Kate for sharing her holiday memories and aspirations here. She gives a poignant message about family time that I support wholeheartedly. Hopefully I will meet Kate and her family holidaying with us at Coombe Mill this year!

Win your Family a Christmas Holiday

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Christmas at Coombe MillChristmas Stocking

Family time is special and Christmas a perfect opportunity to share quality time together. Enter our competition to bring the whole family for a great Cornish get together here at Coombe Mill in 2012. Enjoy an amazing 10 night holiday for upto 7 people in one of our beautiful family properties.

Water MillWillow CottageHeligan Scandinavian Lodge

With 30 acres of farmland, meadows, woodland and gardens to explore, daily tractor rides with Farmer’s Nick and Ted to help feed and care for the animals, play areas, fishing and more there is plenty for everyone to enjoy.

Tractor RidesPlay fortRiver Camel

See all the special Christmas events going on at and around Coombe Mill here: well worth a read to really see just how easy it would be to fill your days here.

Interested? Here’s How to enter….

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Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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have a browse through our site to check this is a holiday for you, then leave me a comment on the blog here to say why and that you have completed some or all of the above. 


Good luck and I look forward to making someone’s family Christmas extra special this year.

All enteries will be checked and a winner selected from a random draw on 31.1.12