Christmas in Cornwall

Posted on December 8th, 2011 -

So much going on round Coombe Mill

December is upon us and we have begun enjoying the wonderful Cornish build up to Christmas. 

Festival Fun in Padstow

Last weekend, Padstow Town held their annual christmas festival.  It is such a lovely town with the harbour, beautiful clothes and gift shops and all delicous places to eat from bakeries with tasty pasties to pubs and restaurants, including the famous Rick Stein restaurants For the festival add in an amazing Samba band which can be heard right across the harbour, 2 large craft tents with all sorts of lovely Christmas present ideas and cookery demonstrations, finishing  with turning on of the spectacular Xmas lights. It makes a perfect day out just ambling round and soaking up the atmosphere. 

Clio at the craft stallDaddy and Jed having funThe family together on the harbour

We met up with friends there for a lovely family day. The children adored the stands inside the tents, helping themselves to the chocolate and fudge freebies, ensuring they had sampled every variety from lemon cheesecake to chilli chocolate before parting with their money! Clio adored the craft stands, as did Mummy, while the Samba band generated crowds of on lookers.  

Samba BandClio and Daddy watching the bandMesmerized by the band

After a successful afternoon, the children were torn with staying on to see the wonderful lights by night and being back to our local village in time to meet Santa, sing carols and enjoy a mince pie or two all courtesy of the St Breward Carnival committee. With mulled wine on offer from St Breward Stores I knew where my vote lay. The kids were keen to see Santa too, so we promised a return visit to Padstow one evening when school finishes for fish and chips and admiring the Christmas lights. An annual treat we look forward to each year. 

Padstow Harbour boatsPadstow Harbour LightsPadstow Christmas Lights


Santa’s Surprise

Santa never fails to impress. I love the twinkle in the children’s eyes when they see his sleigh all lit up and the Christmas music blasting out to signify his arrival. My eldest 2 now consider themselves too grown up for this one, but to the younger 4 it is still magical. I remember my own excitement at Christmas time around their age and find myself wrapped up in those feelings all over again with them. 


Guy and Santa in the village Clio and Santa in the villageTheo and Santa in the village

Still to Come…

Santa has many visits still to make local to us at Trelawney Garden Centre, Trago Mills and the lovely Santa express at Lappa Valley and Bodmin to name but a few! 

Santa Express at Lappa Valley

Eden at Christmas

The Eden Project is under half an hour from us and the lights are again quite something, but the real treat there is the ice skating. The children adore this one and it lasts right through until the new year. Go skating then warm up with a visit to the biomes! 

Eden Project Ice Skating

Coombe Lights Up

School finishes early this year on 15th December and I am looking forward to many of the other exciting Christmas treats in Cornwall still to come. This weekend our Coombe Mill lights go up  and the real Christmas trees come in for all the properties which is a great family event here. Plenty of ladder climbing for Farmer Nick and much dancing around below for the children shouting “up a bit Daddy” “over a bit Daddy” and so on.Coombe Lights

Christmas Eve at Coombe Mill

Finally if you are staying at Coombe Mil for Christmas we have an open house Supper party on Christmas Eve for all our guests after the local Church Family Christingle Service. A wonderful way to begin Christmas with the Nativity story at Church then family drinks and dinner with us. We have even got a little Santa surprise for all the children staying with us!Xmas Eve Surprise

If you are considering coming to stay do give us a call on 01208 850344 or email at as we still have some cottages left and would love you to come and join in the fun. If it is all a litle too close for this year, then do consider a family gathering here for Christmas 2012.

What ever your plans,  have a Merry Christmas.



5 Things My Children Say That I never Say

Posted on December 5th, 2011 -

A fun tag to join in with:

The Lovely Emma from mummymummymum has tagged me in this great meme from Helen at The Crazy Kitchen to think of 5 things my children say that I never say. Me and the kids here on the farm

  1. “Mum, “my shoes are too small”
  2. “Mum,” (crying) “****** just beat me up”( ******* being a brother!)
  3. “What, broccoli? Why do we always have to have vegetables?”
  4. “I done…..” how many times do I correct them  to “I did…..” (playground language)
  5. ” I’m not tired ” (as eyes are closing in front of TV!)  

I am now tagging:

Your challenge is to think of 5 things you child/children say that you never say, and link back to Helen’s original post.

Earthquake Hits Us in Cornwall!

Posted on December 4th, 2011 -

An earthquake at Coombe Mill?

Nick woke me this morning with tails of how he was woken up in the night by a huge bang. He said he clambered out of bed and peered up the field to see what was going on. His first thought was that someone was trying to steal our diesel or animals from the farm! I mumbled that I hadn’t heard anything but he said it woke him with quite a start as if it were an earthquake. “Yer right, in Cornwall” I recall sarcastically retorting. Our children were equally skeptical since Daddy is forever winding them up with silly tails.

Nick was adamant he had really heard something and proceeded to Google “earthquake in Cornwall” only to discover this article from the Daily Mail! 

Turns out he might have been right and I should take back my suspicious response. According to the daily mail article he isn’t the only one to have heard the bang! I am still confused though as I am sure I was still awake then and don’t remember a sound apart from the usual hum of the river. 

Looking at the animals today, I am not sure they look too worried by anything, but it is a shame they can’t explain their version of events! 

Our home bred ducksOur Majestic PeacockOur tame young stag

Silent Sunday

Posted on December 4th, 2011 -

Silent Sunday 4th December


Theo on top of the gate to the Deer Field

Silent Sunday

Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Posted on December 3rd, 2011 -

Welcome to this weeks Country Kids link up

Join in the fun and link an outdoor play post from your site. Country Kids is all about children enjoying the freedom of the outdoors from the garden to the woods. 

Coombe Mill Sun Hat from weeks 1 – 5 goes to: Well done Sarah, I just love the last photo with the mud going everywhere! Thank you to everyone who inked up in the 1st 5 weeks, there were so many happy photos of your children enjoying themselves. Another hat will be going out before Christmas so please keep those magic pictures coming in each week.

Country Kids week 8: Water Fun at Coombe Mill


 Kids playing in the Car ParkDumper fun with waterUp to their waist in water

Fun activities for children can be inspired by the simple things in life. Standing in a dumper truck full of cold water in late November wouldn’t be my idea of a good time, but my children really don’t appear to notice the temperature! They had so much fun messing around in and out of the water whilst Daddy washed down the car park. Even the wash loads of clothes created was worth it to see their excited faces and pure delight in what they were doing. I nearly got soaked myself taking this very short video of them:

Funny As!


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Farm Holidays Cornwall

I would love you to come and link up your outdoor play pictures here: