Newborns on the Farm Today!

Posted on August 15th, 2011 -

Theo and Jed a Goat each!
An exciting day for the farm with 3 newborns! Our lovely long haired goat gave birth overnight to healthy twin boys! A real treat for our guests on the feed run this morning! My children all missed the excitement having gone to bed too late last night. Still when the news filtered back they were straight out there to see the action!
Well done Mummy!

Theo and one of the twins
Everyone wanted a hold and Mum waited patiently at the door eager to come back into nurse her boys. Goats can make very indifferent mothers so we are delighted at her protectiveness towards the pair! Just need help now with 2 lovely kid goat names….. suggestions most welcome on the comments area below
Mum Hovering at the doorway

Clio claiming her cuddle
A Lovely Surprise to discover a new duckling too! Animals being born on our farm are like buses in London…all or none!
Hatched today, hoping for a brother or sister soon!

Wondering back home I spotted Farmer Nick making excellent progress on the new Wallaby fencing! I do hope it is finished soon as I am keen to embark on the great Wallaby Capture
Nick employing our eldest son to help with the hard digging of fence posts
All in a day on the farm, do hope you can come and join us on holiday soon, don’t worry digging fence posts not included! 

Family Time at the Camelford Show

Posted on August 10th, 2011 -

The sun shone all day for one of our favourite family days out. There is so much to occupy the children that it’s always a winner for us. Today it clashed with our return from Sussex, after a lovely week with Farmer’s Nick’s Mum, but not to be beaten we set off at 4am to ensure we were back in time to check all was well at Coombe Mill and head on out to the show!

Striding out to the action

Many of our guests this week are regulars and know it makes a great family day while others saw my daily update on the wi fi and followed the recommendation.

This lovely family remind me so much of us a few years ago, they have 5 boys under 6 yrs old with twins for number 4 and 5!

So takes me back!

The children headed straight for the big tent and all the free circus equipment where they met up with our guests and local friends. I think they must have spent nearly the whole day here riding penny fathings, juggling, plate spinning, tight rope walking and much more!

Watch out Clio you are about to fall!

Happy faces all round!

Generally we bring a picnic on all our family days out. Eating out with 8 of us is an expensive exercise, more than the £25 entrance fee for the 8 of us!

Lunch with friends
(You can read more on my picnic tips on multiplemummy’s site where I guest blogged on the subject last week)

Today I am fraid I broke my own rule! After arriving home this morning to an empty kitchen we did splash out on a very unhealthy pasty and chips combo to keep us going for the day. It will definitely be back to the picnic’s next time (pocket hurting)!

At 2pm the big tent fills to overflowing with children for a comedy act of magic tricks and circus stunts. Guaranteed to make them laugh every year and a great way to keep them occupied at any age for hour or so!
I have compiled all the highlights into a fun video of the day. Well worth a watch!



What’s cooking? The Ultimate Sausage & Mash

Posted on August 1st, 2011 -

How can anyone want a recipe for bangers and mash? The answer is all in the ingredients and a few ‘cooks know how’ tips!

Bangers and mash is a childhood favourite, but let’s face it, who doesn’t get peckish at kids tea time and think – I could fancy that too? Well here is my family recipe that the kids enjoy with an adult twist too!

OK we are lucky enough to have our very own sausages from our farm but any good butchers own are a cut above the rest!

Simply oven cook or grill on a rack to catch the fat whilst boiling some Cornish potatoes on the hob.

Heat a splash of olive oil in a pan and toss in sliced onion and garlic and cook for 5 minutes before adding mushrooms and peppers. Just a couple of minutes on a high heat, then add a little red wine and seasoning to taste, simmer for a further couple of minutes and remove from the heat.

Chop the cooked sausages (or leave whole if you prefer)and place in a pie or casserole dish, add the saute veg with a slotted spoon, reserving any juice and any lightly boiled veg too (carrots or peas work well). Drain and mash the potatoes with milk, butter and salt to taste.

Drain all the fat from the sausage tin bar the sticky bottom layer. Place tin on the hob and heat with the remaining reserved juice, a couple of stock cubes, any veg water from the peas or carrots and a sprinkle of plain flour stiring all the time into a rich gravy. Poor over your casserole, top with the mash.

All ready to heat and serve,or freeze for another time. It is a great one to defrost and pop in the oven after a busy day. Watch out for them in our “Coombe Cusine” Freezer when you come to stay on the farm!

Silent Sunday

Posted on July 31st, 2011 -

Silent Sunday

Dear Diary: & the little one said “roll over”…….

Posted on July 26th, 2011 -

It’s been all shuffle along one on the farm today for the Polish Banthan chicks. With 9 new born chicks hatching out yesterday timing and planning is everything to ensure no one is left homeless!

The chicks have up to 12 hours in the incubator after hatching to dry out and ‘find their feet’ before what must be a very scary transition from our laundry room to the nursery house in the chicken enclosure. They have some lovely children to watch over them on their intrepid journey bumping along on the tractor and trailer as the surprise start to the morning feed run!

Timing is everything. The new born chicks only have around 15 minutes out in the open before they would die of cold…..yes even in July! Farmer Nick is quick to prize them out of the caring arms of the children and into the “here’s one I made earlier” home under a heat lamp within the nursery house.

Here their ordeal ends, well for the next month at least! Plenty of time to get to know one another and establish who is boss! But what about the chicks they are displacing? It’s a case of ‘and the little one said “roll over, roll over”‘ as the month olds came ‘off heat’ a few days ago in preparation for their big change today.

Brought out into the big wide world for the first time, yet remaining in a designer home as an anti bullying precaution from the etablished ducks and chickens. The chicken world can be a savage place!

And on the merry-go-round we go as the teenage chicks move for the last time in with their adult counterparts down near the river. Again they will remain in their house for a week or so getting to know the grownups with safety around them. Both are curious to say “hello”!

To square the circle, Farmer Nick collects the next batch of fertilized eggs from the food store and carefully washes and places them in the now cleaned and empty incubator.

The laundry room is once again multifunctional! The eggs are labelled up with expected hatching dates,in this case 21st August. I for see another distracting day ahead for me as I hop between the office and the laundry listening and watching the chirping eggs!

Most exciting of all, I am hoping to have live “chick cam” operational for next month so you can tune in and watch with me as they hatch live on our web site! It will be another Coombe Mill first bringing you closer to our lovely farm even when you can’t be here!