Stamp your mark with Stamptastic Block and Ink

Posted on May 6th, 2019 -

If you dread labelling up kit for kids we have the best ever cheats answer for you. Stamptastic are the experts in no sew, no mess named permanent ink printing labels. Think nursery school clothes, school uniforms, PE kit, stationary, school residential trips, after school club kit and more. Read on to discover how much use we have had from their bespoke branded logo stamp for Coombe Mill and how you could win a stamp with your child’s name on it for all your labelling needs. 


Stamptastic Block and Ink

More about Stamptastic

I have been a big fan of Stamptastic since they first launched. As a busy working mum with 6 children, Stamptastic was the answer to all my school and business labelling. It was being in the same situation that led Founders Francesca and Emma to develop the range, which has gone from strength to strength each year. While school labelling was the beginning, the range now extends to fun and branded logos for all kinds of events.  

Name Stamp and Ink Pad

 The ink pad and stamp block are so easy to use you’ll want to label everything in sight, just because you can! The stamp block is £10.00 and ink pad £12.00, both are sold separately and if like me, time is money, you will be saving yourself a fortune! No problem if your ink runs low, just order some more when you need it.  You can see my review of the Name Stamp and Ink Pad here.  (Nb these are the products for the Giveaway below).  


Stamptastic block and Ink

Bespoke Logo for your family or business

We have been lucky enough to be sent one of the new ‘design your own logo’ stamp blocks from Stamptastic. How cool is this, our very own Coombe Mill logo stamp!


Stamptastic Coombe Mill Logo


Even in just one colour it is so very clearly ours.  I have been busy labelling everything from farm certificates to welly boots and books to farm overalls. Just like the name stamp, it is easy to order online and easy to use when it arrives. Check out our little video to see just what we mean. 

What we love about the Stamptastic stamp and ink range

  • Easy to order online with efficient delivery
  • Bespoke to you (tip: If you have more than one child, why not just use a surname, or include all their initials on the stamp)
  • Intuitive to use
  • Super quick to stamp
  • Lasts wash after wash
  • Refill ink pads available online
  • Stamp block is hard wearing and built to last. (One stamp block did all 6 of my children through school and is still in use now at Coombe Mill).
  • Transparent block allows easy positioning of the stamp
  • Stamps to a variety of clean flat surface materials
  • Get the whole school on board with a 20% discount via the PTA team (details online)

Win your Stamptastic Block Stamp and Ink Pad with Coombe Mill

If you’d like your child’s name on a stamp to make light work of labelling everything from PE kit to stationary then follow the instructions below for £22 worth of bespoke block and ink. Good luck to all taking part.

Stamptastic Block Stamp and Ink Pad


We were sent our Stamptastic Coombe Mill stamp for the purpose of this review, however all thoughts and opinions expressed here about the products are my own.



April Highlights and Cornish Events May 2019

Posted on May 3rd, 2019 -

Oh my, what a busy month April was here on the farm and we have plenty of fun going forward into May and June for you too. Grab a coffee and have a read.


April Highlights and Cornish Events May 2019

Easter Fun

Easter was a bumper few weeks for us here. We enjoyed some wicked Easter crafts with nature cards and decorative logs. The children made these to their own creative designs.

Easter crafts

The Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday was a huge success as always, give or take a few melted eggs at the end of the trail thanks to the phenomenal Easter heat wave


On the Farm  

Easter Lambs

It wouldn’t be Easter without lambs and this year didn’t disappoint with twins born on Easter Morning

Easter Day lambs

Baby Robins Hatch

Farmer Nick had one of his tool trays in his big shed overtaken by a clever robin who thought it made a perfect nesting box. It was suitably sheltered and protected by being locked up at night from predators. We watched with interest over the month as her eggs hatched and the baby robins grew before finally flying the nest.


robins being hatched in shed

 Goose Nest

It wasn’t just robins laying eggs. We have a goose nest in the outdoor chicken house that we are expecting to hatch any day. However thanks to the location of the nest, half our chickens are still indoors since their home has been taken over! Once the goose eggs hatch all our chickens will be outdoors for the summer months. On the plus side the chickens lay better indoors and there have been enough eggs for everyone staying each day.

Goose Eggs in chicken House

A lucky escape for Queenie

Queenie is our lucky goat. Not only was she rescued and hand reared by us at birth, but she has now just survived a traumatic emergency caesarean section at the vets. We knew she was heavily pregnant and had her separated from the other goats waiting for her to give birth. Sadly the kid was just too big for her and breached, I did my best as midwife to correct the situation when she went into labour under the guidance of our local sheep farmer; however it just wasn’t to be. Nick rushed her to the vet who carried out the necessary c section saving Queenie but sadly not the kid. Queenie is now recovering well with Prince Charles (her kid from last year) who is in with her for company.

A little beauty treatment from the farrier

The farrier came in April and gave all the ponies a little horse pedicure. Our miniature Shetlands, Scooby Doo and shaggy, weren’t at all sure about the merits of this. I received a good kick in the thigh and suffered trampled toes a few times in protest as I tried to hold them still against the fence for the farrier; however in the end they gave in and accepted their treatment. The timing worked perfectly for the feed run and the children were treated to a commentary from the farrier about what he was doing and why. They even had the chance to keep a bit of hoof clipping as a souvenir. You really never know what you are going to learn on a holiday here!

Farrier visit

May looks like it will be just as busy going forward, hopefully with some more beautiful sunshine, farm antics and the sound of happy children playing out on the lawns. We’d love to see you here as part of this too.

Here are a few of the family Cornish events May 2019 locally we think you might like.

What’s on Guide Cornish Events May 2019





Find out more

Distance from Coombe Mill

Bluebell and Wild Garlic Sunday.

Recipes and samples all day with wild garlic.

Pencarrow House & Gardens

5th May 

10am – 5pm

£11.50 Under 16 Free 10 minutes

Wadebridge Fun Fair

Wadebridge Rugby Ground at Egloshayle

8 – 11th May

5 – 9 Weekdays

2 – 9 Saturday

Free to enter. Kids rides £1 Each 20 minutes

Lost Fest 19

Lostwithiel Festival


Lostwithiel Twon centre

19th May


Free to visit. Parking on street, may have to walk. Fun entertainment, crafts, food and drink. 25 minutes

Before I Wake

Outdoor theatre production

Play marking 100th anniversary of the end of WW1

Minack theatre

21 – 25th May

£14 and £7 Child (under 16)
1 .2 hour

St Ives Food and Drink Festival

Porthminster Beach.

Food, drink, family activities. 

11 – 13th May

No entry fee declared. Pay for activities & food purchases. hour 10 mins


Launceston Steam Rally. Family fun day. 

Punch & Judy – Children’s Treasure Hunt – Children’s Play Area – Tractor Pulling – Climbing Wall – Birds Of Prey & more

Launceston Rugby Ground

25 – 27th May

Concession: £5.00

Adult: £7.00

Children: (5-16) £4.00

Family Ticket: (2+2) £20.00

Gates open to the public at 9.00am mins

Padstow May Day ‘Obby Oss’ Celebrations.

Festival atmosphere, processions, music and fun fair round the key.

Padstow Town centre1st May 10 am – 5pm No entry fee, parking may be tricky with car parks filling early. mins 

Nb: I have not been paid or sponsored to mention these places, they are just the events in April 19 that I feel would be of interest to Coombe Mill Guests.

Wishing you and your family a lovely time in May 19 and hoping the summer sun touches us all.  

Fiona x

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Record Numbers for a Heat Wave Easter Egg Hunt

Posted on April 26th, 2019 -

The Coombe Mill Easter Egg Hunt is one of the big events of the year here on the farm. Reserved especially for guests staying on Easter Sunday, it is a little chocolately fun the kids adore. It takes some careful planning to set it up without anyone seeing and much finger crossing for half an hour of favourable weather to make it enjoyable. I thought last year was good, but this year we succeeded on every level.

Record Numbers for a Heat Wave Easter Egg Hunt


The morning starts early for me placing my premade the clues around the length of Coombe Mill at strategic points including popular play areas the children will guess. By the time we greet the guests for the 9am animals feeding, the clues are hidden and the eggs divided into bags for Clio to hide while we are on the farm.

Easter Day Animal Feed Run

Tractor ride & Easter Egg Hunt preparations


We had the most amazing weather with the first heat wave of the year for Easter. All the children were soon excited by the farm, our new born lambs and driving the tractor. There is even the fun of Cadbury Crème Eggs laid by our Chickens on Easter Sunday!  


Easter Day Feed Run

Easter Egg Hunt Rules

By the time the tractor came home I was worried the eggs Clio had hidden could be melting as the heat was really beginning to break through. We agreed a quick 10 minute comfort break before meeting back for the Easter Egg Hunt. I made a hurried change into my DIY Easter Bunny outfit, added some bunny make up before heading back out to explain the rules and start the hunt with the first clue.


  1. No pushing.

  2. Let younger children have a head start.

  3. No grabbing all the eggs, be considerate and share.

  4. Search for the next clue at each stop and bring to me to read for everyone.

  5. No running ahead and skipping / second guessing where the trail will go.

Rules for Easter Egg Hunt

Let the Heat wave Easter Egg Hunt Begin!

As I read out the first clue the children were super excited guessing my first clue of “Ahoy Maties come and see, what treasures you can find on me” as the pirate ship play boat. They raced ahead and scoured the ship from top to bottom to start their egg collection.


Easter Egg Hunt 2019 Pirate Ship


The next two clues led them round the train routs and onto the Den building zone.


Easter Egg Hunt searching train track & den building


From here we skipped off to my favourite ‘the fairy garden’ where there are so many lovely places to hide sparkly eggs amidst the trinkets.


Easter Egg Hunt Fairy Gardens


A rush along the lodge path via the Games room took the children to the kindness trail and on down to the end play area for their last clue.


Easter Egg Hunt along nature trail & Play area


I do like to finish at a play area as it is a great way for the kids to hang around and play, whilst munching on their haul. It made a full morning’s entertainment with the feed run as well and a lovely start to the holiday for all our guests. A Heat wave Easter morning no one will forget.


Our 2019 Heat Wave Easter Egg Hunt

You won’t be surprised to hear we are already taking bookings for Easter week 2020. We’d love you to join us if you can!


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Sounds of Nature: World of Forests

Posted on April 22nd, 2019 -

For nature and animal lovers the new book from Quarto Kids is simply a must. Sounds of Nature: World of Forests explores 10 different forests across the world, each on a double page spread. Packed with interesting facts and information, the book can’t fail to delight. The interactive sounds really bring each forest to life for the reader. Read on to discover more about the book and for your chance to win a copy here with us.

Sounds of Nature World of Forests

More about Sounds of Nature: World of forests   

The clever sound system to play on each page keeps the reader matching each sound to an animal following the number guide.  The deciduous forest of the New Forest in the UK will be the most familiar to most with easily identifiable animal sounds, however even here there are some surprising facts to learn. Did you know there are wild pigs in the forest to eat the fallen acorns and other nuts that might otherwise be poisonous to the grazing ponies and cows? We know how much Sally, our holiday farm pig, loves the fallen acorns here.

Move away from familiar territory, especially outside of Europe, and the sounds of the forest become more mysterious and intriguing. We enjoyed the sounds from the Boreal forest, Mangrove Forest and Desert forest. Though our Alpaca at Coombe Mill are camelids and sound rather like the Dromedary camel of the desert forest.


Pages from Sounds of Nature World of Forests

What we love

  • Interactive sound system with number guide to match each animal with its sound.
  • Colourful illustrations which build the forest scene.
  • Informative facts for each animal
  • Quick paragraph detailing each forest habitat
  • Education made fun


Video of Sounds of Nature: World of Forests.

Need to Know

Age Range5-7 years
IllustratorRobert Frank Hunter 
Book format


24 pages

Product Dimensions: 10.8 x 0.6 x 12.4 inches
Publisher Wide eyed Editions (Quarto)



StockistsQuarto Kids online, Amazon,
Sound SystemComes with 3 AG-13button cell batteries (3*1.5v = 4.5v) replace with similar.


Win your copy of Nature: World of Forests with Quarto and Coombe Mill

For your chance to WIN a copy of this lovely book with sounds simply follow the instructions below. Good luck to all taking part.

Sounds of Nature World of Forests


We were sent our copy of Sounds of Nature: World of Forests for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. A copy of the book can be found in the Coombe Mill Games Room for our holiday guests to borrow.


Easter Card and Decorative Log Craft

Posted on April 19th, 2019 -

Easter Holidays bring Easter crafts. Here on the farm the weather has been dry and sunny inspiring plenty of fun on the farm and friendship building. We have been rounding off the Easter weeks with a lovely nature inspired outdoor Easter card and decorative log craft session.


Nature Inspired Easter Card and Log Craft


Setting the challenge

It is always a joy to be able to set up outdoors in the sunshine for our craft session. I was soon joined by some eager crafters keen to discover what we would be making. I showed them my example Easter card and Decorative log pointing out that none of the things to make theirs were in sight. This had them a little confused, until I handed out a list of things for them to go and find for themselves in the fairy gardens.

Setting the Easter Card and Decorative Log Craft challenge


They didn’t need telling twice and raced off with their lists in search of all the things they would need.  There was quite a few items to collect and it kept them busy hunting.


Fairy Garden hunt for craft resources to make Easter cards and decorative logs

Easter Decorative Log Craft

Once back at the craft table, the children set straight to work on their log craft. In anticipation of a large group I had a big tub of flour and water paste ready for them to all dig in and start designing. I love the creativity that emerged, they may have taken inspiration from my log, but they certainly added their own Easter design and took an enormous amount of pride in their creation.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Easter Cards

As the finishing touches were added to the decorative logs I began to explain how to twist the wool around their Easter card frame. 

Threading wool in to Easter Card


Next they scoured the surrounding field for pretty spring flowers and leaves to weave into the frame. Finally they opened their cards to write and draw their chosen Easter Messages.


Decorating Nature Inspired Easter Cards

A treat from the Easter Bunny

They were some delightful results with both the Easter cards and decorative logs. With so many attending I was glad I had prepared well with all the basic elements, leaving the children with the creative finding and decorating.  I know from our Christmas Logs and Halloween Logs just how much time they can take. There was just one final treat, the Easter Bunny had revisited the Fairy Garden while the children were working and hidden some little chocolate bunnies for them to find. 


Chocolate bunnies in the Fairy Garden

See how we made both crafts on Video


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