How to make 3D Sheepscape Picture

Posted on July 2nd, 2017 -

Right now the sheep and lambs in the fields are shedding their winter coats, if they haven’t already been sheared. If you go on a country walk you can often pick bits of fleece out of the fences where they have been rubbing up against them. In our case we had a mountain of fleece available to us after shearing our sheep back in May. While most of the fleece went to a local crafter we held back a few handfuls for crafts during our weekly activity hour. Sheepscapes are one of my favourites. A 3D sheepscape picture is so simple and ideal for preschool children to make. The finished result is very effective and just like our Jacobs sheep here on the farm. 

How to make a Sheepscape

What you’ll need

  • Cereal box

  • Sheep fleece

  • Black paint

  • Googly eye

  • Grass and wild flowers

  • Floristry ribbon or string

  • Stapler

  • Double sided sticky tape
Things you need to make a sheepscape



Method to make a sheepscape picture

Collect your sheep wool

Go for a walk and collect some sheep’s wool, there’s usually some on the fences around the edge of fields.

Open a cereal box up and cut to leave one side and one long edge.

Open up your cereal box and cut
Trim the edges of your cereal box

Trim the excess edges from around the box.

Paint a hand black and make a print so that the fingers form the feet and the thumb is spaced out for the neck and face. Add an extra fingerprint on the thumb for where the eye is going to go.

Hand Print and eye paint

Stick the wool to the paint

Stick a blob of fleece to the wet paint for the body.
Stick a googly to the wet paint for the face.Sticking the eye on the paint
Add your double sided tapePlace a line of double sided sticky tape over the fold in the box.
Stick grass and wild flowers to this and bend up.Add your grass
Add the floristry ribbon to hangAdd ribbon to create a 3D Sheepscape hanging picture.
Hang up on display for all to see. Finished Sheepscape hanging up


A few alternatives you could try

  • Try with a group of children on a play date or as a party craft 

  • Paint your hand in multicolour for the body and add a few dabs of paint to the fleece then sing ‘Bah bah rainbow sheep’

  • Paint a few sheep on a large wall canvas and create a meadow with big hands for the mothers and tiny hands for the lambs

  • Cut your sheep out to put on sticks and create your own sheep story in a mini theatre by painting a cardboard box as the theatre.

  • If you can’t find any sheep wool you could always use cotton wool.

Finishing sheepscape pictures with floristry ribbon

A quick minute long video on how to make a 3D sheepscape picture


Trash 2 Treasure

Finding our Coombe Mill in Greece

Posted on July 1st, 2017 -

We love Coombe Mill; it is our life, our passion and our livelihood. However that doesn’t stop us wanting a holiday from time to time too. In the past this has been tricky, but as the children have grown up they can hold the business together for us, alongside our duty manager Amber, allowing us a few days off.  Last week we took the opportunity to catch up with family in Athens before travelling south to Kyparissia for a few days holiday. What I hadn’t expected to see was a potential Coombe Mill in Greece for sale.  We always have work on our mind, even when we are on holiday, and it certainly had our thoughts racing.

We made a few inquires in the town and it turns out it is an old German campsite with outbuildings that shut down a few years ago. The location is amazing just across from a lovely beach at the end of a little single track lane, yet only a 10 minute walk into the centre of the town.

Spotting the potential

I found myself rather excited studying the abandoned buildings and visualising them transformed into something quite Greek and traditional, yet family friendly and welcoming.


Coombe Mill in Greece


We saw goats, chickens and ponies nearby and the local cockerel woke me every morning so keeping a little farm would be realistic. With views out over the beach and Mediterranean how could we go wrong?


Inside the grounds of a potential Coombe Mill in Greece


The sandy open beach stretched from the town right along to this quiet secluded location. There wasn’t another person in sight while we walked along. 


Inside the grounds of a potential Coombe Mill in Greece


Just a two minute stroll leads to the little harbour and a choice of tavernas. There is even a mini market at the harbour offering basic provisions. However the biggest treat is watching the sun go down sipping a drink.


Kaparissia harbour at sunset

Next Steps

Reality strikes now that we are home. Branching out like this would be a huge risk and the Greek property market is fraught with difficulties and uncertainty. This opportunity will slip through our fingers, but there will be others, and one day we might just take the plunge and expand further afield. Coombe Mill in Greece still has a real appeal to me and would be home from home to Farmer Nick, who is half Greek.  

Country Kids 1st July

Posted on June 30th, 2017 -

Welcome to Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Country Kids is the original outdoor family fun linky designed to:

“Encourage family fun outdoors, in an age where technology and screens are such a draw to a sedentary indoor life”

Welcome back if you are a regular to Country Kids and if you are new please join in. You will find plenty of inspiration for enjoying outdoor space and please do share your own adventures. We support the National Trust #50 things along with all other ideas for family fun outside. 

Country Kids 1.7.17

 Catching the Magic

 This little one is holding out her hands to receive a duckling from Farmer Nick. I love the first day of farm fun with our guests; the expressions and wonder at the animals is so special. While the activities continue all week, and the children grow in confidence, there is nothing quite like the magic of the first day. I missed that magic this week as Farmer Nick and I have been on holiday in Greece. Everyone seemed like experts when we returned for the feed run on Wednesday and what happened to the sun? We left in a heatwave and returned to rain. I hope summer will return over the weekend. Whether you have been sheltering from the rain or the heat, home or abroad, I hope you have a few adventures to share on the link up below. 

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    • Unheated covered areas like a barn or tent count as outdoors.
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June 17 winner Queen of Collage


Favourite posts from last week added to the shortlist for winning the July Rockfish Wellies:

Top Commenter: Helena Queen of Collage

Laylat al-Qadr in Ramadam is beautifully told with garden craft activities from Multicultural Motherhood 

A delightful post about the simple pleasures of fruit picking in the garden from Little hearts Big Love 

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Goat grooming and trampoline tricks

Posted on June 30th, 2017 -

Our afternoon of fun began earlier in the week when one of the guests asked me why there was a trampoline in the goat field. I replied that it was for the goats and that I was waiting for Farmer Nick to make a ramp for them to reach it. Actually I have been waiting for over a year. The young lad was really taken with the idea of trampolining goats and asked if we could do it while he was here. Finally I had Farmer Nick taking my plan seriously and he began to build the ramp with the help of two our boys. It was harder than he first thought to ensure it was safe for the goats, would withstand the weight of the children climbing up and attach securely. I was a little disappointed I couldn’t attach it with the children but it was just too complicated.


Making the goat ramp for a goat trampoline challenge


All was not lost; sometimes my husband is a genius. He attached the old otter fencing posts with hollow centres to the edges so that I could bring the children up and fill them with twigs to line the edge of the ramp and temp the goats up. This was just what I needed and my afternoon of goat grooming and trampoline tricks began to form.



Billy Goat Gruff bridge challenge


When the children arrived at the games room for activity hour we began a two team challenge. My little toy Billy goat gruff had to cross from the table to the balcony using just the supplies I put out on the table and anything the children collected in nature. They relished the challenge and soon began to plan and build their bridges.


Team work challenge with a billy goat gruff bridge today in activity hour. #teamwork #challenge #competitive #countrykidsfun #bridge #coombemill #creativekids #challenging #learningbydoing #learningthroughplay #engineering #holidayfun

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Both teams proudly completed the challenge.

Team goat bridge challenge at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays

Nature wreaths

Next we made two nature wreaths for the goats using my printed list of allowable plants. Generally evergreens are a no and most deciduous plants are OK with a few notable exceptions. Rhododendrons are very poisonous to goats and ours were in full bloom so I made sure all the children knew which bushes to avoid with a helpful chart.


leaves for goats to eat and avoid


Making nature wreaths for goats at Coombe Mill Family farm holidays

Goat grooming and trampoline lessons

Our last job on the way to the goat field was to collect leafy twigs to line the edges of the ramp and a handful of their favourite cornflakes. Our friendly goats came rushing over to greet us and wasted no time investigating the ramp to reach the twigs as fast as we could put them in the holes.


Making a natural goat walkway to the trampoline


To my delight they ventured onto the trampoline with the children and happily bounced between mouthfuls of cornflakes while the children groomed them.  


Goat grooming ahead of a trampoline lesson! Farm fun has no limits here. #countrykidsfun #countrykids #coutryside #goats #pigmygoats #childhoodunplugged #discovery #farmfun #holidaymemories #trampoline #outdoorsandhappy #outdooradventures #explorerkids

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Rocky and Queenie were agreed as the best trampolining goats and the most willing to be groomed so the children crowned them with their wreaths. Needless to say the goats showed their appreciation by chomping straight into them!


Crowning the best groomed goat in a nature wreath


When all the food had gone and the goats finally left their newly accessible trampoline the children moved onto grooming the ponies.


Pony Grooming at Coombe Mill Farm


 For these children it was the perfect end to their farm holiday with us.  I think goat grooming might feature more often in our activities, the goats loved it.  


Country Kids
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Discover the Brug a Multipurpose Rug and Bag

Posted on June 26th, 2017 -

 For outdoor lovers everywhere

Here at Coombe Mill we love to spend time outdoors, whether enjoying a picnic on the farm, crafts in the sun or a day at the beach. We believe that time spent outdoors is some of the best, where technology is put aside for active play and learning.  If there is one thing that does bug me as a mother of six and organiser of all our outdoor holiday craft it is carrying everything. This is where the Brug comes into its own offering a little help on a family or group outing and a total solution for a solo trip. Read on for your chance to win one of these handy items for yourself and your family.

Win a Brug

What makes the Brug Special?

The Brug is water resistant, washable, hard wearing and practical. It is compact when folded up for storage and can be used inside or outside. However for travel the clever feature is the ability to pack all your goodies inside, drawstring the edges and clip them before zipping shut to carry as a bag.

Folding up the brug

Simply reverse the action when you arrive to unfold your belongings on a handy rug.  I particularly like the fact there is no internal rug like fabric for sand and grass and picnic crumbs to get stuck in. The Brug can be easily shaken clean and any spills sponged off and run through the washing machine back at home. Everything about the Brug is carefully thought through from the sturdy shoulder straps to the peg tabs on the corners to secure it down at the beach. We found it very comfortable to carry over the coast path on our walk with water, swimwear, sun cream and the like safely inside.

Picnic on the Brug

When we are not using for our own family benefit it comes into its own for our weekly activity hour with the children on holiday here. It is big enough for a group of children to sit on for making and creating and enjoying a snack.

Walk on the clifftops with the Brug

Bring your Brug inside

Much as I love the outdoor use it would also be perfect for travelling with a baby or toddler allowing you to put toys and essentials inside opening up into an instant play mat for visiting relatives and friends. When you start to think there are so many uses for this clever 2 in 1 bag rug and it would make a wonderful gift for a birthday, wedding, new baby, in fact almost any occasion. I personally would be thrilled to receive one.  

Need to know


Blue with orange trim

Blue with yellow trim


Rug & Bag 2 in 1

water resistant

Machine washable


drawstring, buckle and zip up bag

Peg loops for use as a rug

Intergral bungies for folded up storage


Rug = 150cm x 150cm

Bag = 45cm by 75cm


Win yourself a Brug with Wunderlife and Coombe Mill   

If like us you can find a multitude of different uses for this clever 2 in 1 rug and bag why not enter to win one by following the guidelines below. Good luck to all taking part.



We were given our Brug for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.