Spring Newsletter

Spring and new life on the farm is always a joyful time on the calendar, as we witness the long-awaited births of some of our animals here at Coombe Mill Farm.

Baby Lambs are born

Our first ewe gave birth to a healthy bouncing lamb on Monday March 14th. Then this was followed by either a lamb or twin lambs being born pretty much every day for the next seven days. Our flock has now certainly grown in size, totalling six girls and just the one special boy. This was the first year that we had to bottle feed one of our lambs, due to some of our ewes being first time mums. However, all our ewes are now being exceptionally good mummies, looking after and caring for their lambs independently.

Lamb being fed on day 1
Lamb on day two feeding from mum

Goose Eggs

April has been an exciting month for our ‘feathered friends’ too. Our female goose has been busy

making a cosy nest for her clutch of sixteen eggs and has spent the last fortnight sitting on and rotating her eggs. We are keeping everything crossed that at least some of these eggs will hatch and produce a few goslings.

Goose Eggs before she sat on them

We have also successfully incubated and hatched two baby Runner ducks who are now growing at a rate of knots and enjoying lots of cuddles from some of our younger guests.

Ducklings being stroked by guests

Kid Goats are born

One of our most popular Spring arrivals, has been the arrival of our two kid goats. Our Nanny goat who gave birth to twin boys Merlin and Arthur last year, has now given birth to a gorgeous girl, whom we have named Gwenevere (to keep in touch with the Arthurian legend!). Our other Nanny goat Daisy, also gave birth for the first time to a little girl named Sooty. Despite having parents who are both all white in colour, she popped out almost entirely jet black!


Spring arrivals in the form of frog spawn, has also been multiplying in our two fishing lakes, where the children have been amazed at the ever increasing numbers of tadpoles and their progressive increase in size and shape. Accepting the help of family and friends, we have been working hard chain-sawing and splitting wood from the fallen trees that came down as a result of the storm. Fortunately, we did not encounter too much damage on the farm from Storm Eunice’s onslaught. There is now a plentiful supply of logs for all our guest to use in their log burners!

The lakes are fully stocked

The carp being another Spring arrival, have now started to surface a lot more as the temperatures have slowly risen and they are gradually growing in size due to their diet of dog biscuits provided by our friendly fisherman recently. Trout and juvenile Salmon can also be spotted along our river.

Micro Pigs arrive on the farm

Finally, we are also pleased to welcome Duke our new Ram and Wellington our new boar to Coombe Mill farm. We have rehomed these two boys from another family in St Breward who just couldn’t look after them anymore. They now seem to be settling in well and appear to be quite at home. After saying our farewells to Sally, we now have two new miniature pigs named Dotty and Lottie. These girls are very popular with our guests, who can now go into there home to feed them, something we could never allow the children to do with our huge saddleback pigs.

Dottie and Lottie waiting for tummy rubs

Overall, it has been lovely to see our guests not only enjoying all the animals on the farm, but that they are also taking advantage of both our indoor and outdoor barbecue areas and all the outdoor and indoor play areas too. We are very much looking forward to being able to welcome our Easter guests soon. You never know, the Easter bunny might even pay us a visit!!

Bookings Available

Have an amazing Easter with family and friends for the first time in two years. We do still have availability in our larger lodges for the summer holiday and in all lodges outside of school holidays. Have a look at our new website for details and remember if you book directly with us you will not have to pay a booking fee https://www.coombemill.com/

Love Anya and Emma

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