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We have decided to move from the monthly newsletter to a seasonal newsletter. Therefore you will be receiving updates from Coombe Mill in the Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. This way we can keep you up to date with all the developments on the farm.

Welcome to our Christmas Newsletter!

Storm Arwen

Whilst we were away for a few days visiting Penzance, Lands End and the Lizard Peninsula, storm Arwen decided to hit.  We returned to quite a site… fallen trees in the deer field and huge branches which were blocking the bridge over the tributary to the Camel.  Luckily, Farmer Emma had just been on a chain-sawing course. So set to work on sawing up and clearing the wood from the bridge.  Farmer Anya also pulled on her waders and helped haul heavy logs and fallen branches that were blocking the flow of water out of the river.  We now have a healthy supply of logs for all our future guests to enjoy burning in their log burners whilst cosying up in their lodges together.

Fallen trees


Sadly our old billy goat ‘Billy’ passed away during the Autumn months. He had a happy life on the farm and we will remember him well as he fathered ‘Merlin’ and ‘Arthur’, our two kid goats this year.  We now have a new billy goat ‘Ozzie’ who is a Pigmy/Saanen cross.  He is a real character who climbs the gate when we feed him. He also enjoys bouncing on his goat trampoline!  We are hopeful that he will serve our nanny goats so we may have some more kids next year

Goat Ozzie


Our two saddleback pigs ‘Peppa’ and ‘Peanuts’ have moved onto a new farm in Devon to meet their new man and hopefully have a family of their own.  We are now getting everything ready for our new micro-pigs arrival.  The whole family went to visit them last weekend and we selected two sows who we have named ‘Dotty’ and ‘Lottie’.  One is a gorgeous girl who is white with black spots and the other is a sweet ginger-haired girl.  We hope to welcome them to Coombe Mill Farm on January 9th 2022.



September marked the beginning of a new school year for our three children, Millie now in year 6 and the twins in year 4. Whilst we enjoyed the last few weeks of the warmer drier weather, we took advantage of yet another opportunity to improve our lodges. The outside decking in Pencarrow and Trebah had been looking somewhat tired. So we made the decision to get rid of the old wooden decking and replace it with the smarter composite decking which is already down in Heligan. Committed to a two-week timescale which would involve breaking up and dismantling the old flooring, as well as replacing some of the old joists etc and then cutting and laying all the new decking, we knew we had our work cut out!  Despite a few real ‘wash out’ days, we managed to complete both Trebah and Pencarrow in time for our ‘half term’ guests arriving.

New decking
New decking


After a failed attempt during the Summer months trying to incubate our duck eggs, we decided a new incubator was in order.  Success at last!!! Our first Runner duck hatched as well as 5 Keets (Guinea fowl chicks).  We were over the moon…they have gone from strength to strength over the last couple of months. The aim is to move them out of their brooder box and into a larger area so they can practise spreading their wings a bit more.



We moved into Coombe Mill a Year ago and have achieved so much despite a National Lockdown for four months. Over the year we have upgraded the Games Room and Gym so facilities on the Farm can be enjoyed by all and continually work on upgrading the lodges. Wow – what a fantastic first year we have had.

We would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and an amazing New Year. We hope to see many of you here at Coombe Mill in 2022.

Lodges are filling up fast especially for the school holidays so please check out our availability page. Please remember if you would like to book give us a ring on 01208850344 or drop us an email at, you will not have to pay the booking fee by coming directly to us. 

Happy Christmas 

Love Anya and Emma

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