Relaxing Gardens Pure and Unedited   

Posted on May 26th, 2018 - Fiona

It isn’t very often I go out to snap a few photos and share without any editing, but my photos this week are indeed unedited. Not a tweak, a highlight or a boost, just raw photos. Coombe Mill is set on the edge of an area of outstanding natural beauty. Our valley is wooded and lush and our 12 properties are spread out, set back along the riverbank. I find it hard to convey the feeling of space and beauty here, the sense of calm and rest and of being at one with nature. However on a sunny May morning Coombe Mill takes some beating for shear natural beauty. Anything I tried to add to these photos of our relaxing gardens just detracted from the original, so in keeping with the saying “why change what isn’t broke”  I have left them all unedited.  The pictures still don’t do justice to the beauty of the season here, or convey the amount of space there is to explore, but hopefully it gives you an idea.


All our Lodges face down to the river Camel. The field gardens offer plenty of open space perfect for picnics and play or just relaxing and listening to the river.

Coombe Mill Lodge Relaxing Gardens in May  


Polzeath lodge is our newest holiday lodge with it’s own fenced garden leading to the wide open field.

Polzeath Lodge at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays

Across the lane Coombe Mill continues. This photo is the private front garden to Water Mill with the lane and more cottage gardens beyond.


Relaxing Garden of Water Mill cottage


A sweeping drive leads from the lane to Tree Roots, Honeysuckle and Willow Cottages with relaxing gardens either side.

Cottages at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays in May


Space and facilities on the cottage lawns leading to the river. 

Outdoor BBQ and pirate boat play area

We still have a few summer spaces if you fancy loosing yourself in our relaxing gardens this summer, experiencing our enchanting river and learning all about the farm. 

Trebah Lodge Property focus

Posted on February 3rd, 2018 - Fiona

Usually for my week in photos I share the happenings on the farm. I’ve looked at the early signs of spring unfolding here in Cornwall and the fun of the farm on a winter holiday, but I rarely come back to our holiday accommodation. We have just 11 properties here at Coombe Mill, each of which are bespoke mixes of old and new cottages and contemporary Scandinavian style lodges. This past week I have been updating the website photos inside our earliest 2 bedroom lodge, Trebah. I thought I’d share a selection of the photos here too.

The wood interior darkens over time, and as we constantly replace furnishings, keeping photos up to date as a true representation of our properties is important. Like all our lodges Trebah is named after a famous Cornish attraction. Trebah Gardens are set in a beautiful sub tropical location much like the hamlet that forms Coombe Mill and it felt like an obvious name choice having visited the gardens. Over the years our very own Trebah has grown into its name.

As the addition of Trevarno and most recently Polzeath have since been built based on the successful layout of Trebah, I felt it was time to return to our original two bedroom property and give it a little focus. My style of photography has moved on since 2010 when Trebah was built as has my camera quality. Gone are the old over staged grainy photos to be replaced by these new, more simplistic and representative images. Hopefully any prospective family of four looking to book will be able to picture themselves relaxing into a holiday here in this comfortable and very practical holiday lodge.

Looking at Trebah holiday lodge from dining area through to lounge.

Trebah Holiday Lodge


Compact kitchen with every home from home appliance included.

Trebah Holiday Lodge Kitchen


Simple and stylish furnishings with feature woodburner.

Trebah Lodge open plan Living Area

Super King bedroom En-suite with space for a cot.

Trebah Super King Bedroom en-suite

Upstairs is just a giant playroom. Stair gates are built in.

Trebah Holiday Lodge Playroom

The outside photos also need an update on the website but I’m waiting for spring to fully show it’s hand before updating these. 

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New Year Plans and Reflections 2018

Posted on January 1st, 2018 - Fiona

As 2017 closes and we look forward to the year ahead I like to take a little time out to see what we have achieved in the year and share some of our thoughts going forward. Every year seems to fly past quicker than the year before and it is only when I stop to look at all we have done that I realise why we are always so busy! New Year Resolutions scare me so I like to call them plans. 


New Year Plans and Reflections 2018

2017 Highlights

Building and Renovation


Polzeath Holiday Lodge

The big project for us has been bringing our latest holiday lodge to completion. We actually ran ahead of schedule and rented it out for the first time the week before May half term. Using everything we have learned to date on new builds, Polzeath is, without doubt, a cut above. The real highlight is the extra head room upstairs which we have used for a bespoke soft play room, a reading snug and still left ample of general play space which is filled with toys. If you have 1 or 2 preschool age children I can’t recommend this property enough at any time of the year.


Polzeath Holiday Lodge at Coombe Mill Farm Cornwall


In addition to the new lodge our maintenance program has continued as usual with Willow benefitting from a master bedroom make over and Heligan a new en-suite shower room.


Willow Bedroom and Heligan shower room make over 2017

Sand pit and diggers

Our lovely big old tractor was rusting beyond repair in the far play area. With the help of two tractors and a digger we finally managed to wave it goodbye.  In its place my ambition to have a giant covered sand pit came to fruition. Thanks to the lovely play equipment folk at Big Game Hunters we furnished it with 8 shiny new play diggers which have been in constant use all season.  


Boys digging for gold onmini diggers at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays


The Farm


Our lambing season was a success with just one needing hand rearing this year. Friday (born on Good Friday) became everyone’s pet and even enjoyed the odd game on the x box in the evenings with my kids!


Jed and Friday the lamb in Bluebell Woods


Chicken World

We began the year with a restraint on free ranging all our ducks and chickens. Farmer Nick spent all last Christmas building Chicken world to give luxury indoor living to our chickens. The chickens thrived in there over winter and we are now taking them indoors every year for the winter months. With ample daylight, nature toys and bespoke laying boxes they are safe from the fox and the weather.


New chicken home at Coombe Mill Holidays


New Animal fields

This winter has been remarkably mild and we were able to delay moving the animals onto hay. This was also helped by a cunning new fencing system from Farmer Nick which meant the goats and alpaca could free range the main tractor route around the lake in our low season. Treat foods for the animals, perfect strimming for us and very entertaining for the guests as the alpaca love to lead the feed run in the morning!


Alpaca leading the feed run


Marketing Success for Coombe Mill

UKBA Winner

I was thrilled to be a finalist and then actually win at the UK Blog Awards (UKBA) this year. The night of glitz and glamour unfortunately clashed with my triplets 13th birthday so I missed the big do in London was very grateful to fellow finalist and Cornish blogger Helena from Down side Up who collected my award for me.


UK Blog Awards Winner Coombe Mill Parenting 2017


Brit Mums Finalist

I was also honoured to be a finalist in the Brit Mums Blog Awards this year. This one I did get along to and had a wonderful couple of days catching up with old friends and new and learning plenty to take my blog forward again for another year.


Brit Mums Live 17 at Country Hall London


Daily Express Feature on best family breaks

Thanks to a lovely review to the Daily Express from Clare Nicholas of Emmy’s Mummy and Harry’s Too Blog from her visits to Coombe Mill, we enjoyed a Daily Mail feature highlighting us as one of the best holidays for families with children and grandparents.

Daily Express feature on Coombe Mill Holidays for best family breaks


Facebook has been the focus of my social media this year and my page now has a following of nearly 6000 and a reach that peaked at over 10,000 a week. The review section has been a real win taking over from Trip Adviser as the main place for guests to leave comments. We have had some wonderful reviews with maximum star ratings. Thank you to everyone who has taken the trouble to write these, it is the best form of marketing I could hope for. 


Facebook Reviews for Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays

Personal highlights and events

2017 was the year I officially had 6 teenagers.

Alistair Cambouropoulos

Alistair decided University just wasn’t for him and pulled out of Cardiff University studying Economics in his second year. He has returned home and joined our local holiday lodge builder to pursue what he really enjoys, working outdoors with his hands. He is now doing an apprenticeship with them in carpentry. I should have known when he spent so much time watching Grand Designs and working with the builders and Farmer Nick over the summer. It will be very handy to see him working here on our next lodge!

Felix passed his driving test within weeks of turning 17 and pulled some good grades in his AS level exams. He is applying for University next year after his A levels to study Business Management and Marketing. So far he has 2 unconditional offers and we are thrilled for him.

Felix Cambouropoulos
Theo Cambouropoulos of Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall

Theo is heading towards GCSE’s next summer and is still passionate about acting. He has joined the local amateur dramatics group where he is staring in Puss in Boots in February next year. He is now the tallest of us all at 6f 3″

Guy Cambouropoulos of Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, CornwallJed Cambouropoulos of Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall Clio Cambouropoulos of Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall

The Triplets have just begun their GCSE subjects this year. Guy and Jed love their Rugby and play for the local town which keeps me driving all over Cornwall on Sundays for matches while Clio has kept up with her Ballet and Tap where she is now on grades 5 and 6.

Farmer Nick of Coombe Mill Farm Holidays, Cornwall

Farmer Nick is still my jolly old farmer who likes nothing better than tinkering on the farm or working on our latest property project.

I turned 50 in the autumn and marked the occasion with a big party at our friendly village pub. All my family came along and I even have some teenage photos to share which have nicely updated the Family Page on our website and mug shots here.

Fiona Cambouropoulos of Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall


Farmer Nick and I have also managed several short breaks away during the school holidays knowing we have 6 capable young adults who can keep the business going for us. This feels like a real milestone and one I plan to encourage next year. We also have Amber our onsite duty manager for when the older kids are not around or at school and college who is more than capable of overseeing the triplets and running the farm so finally it feels like we have some holiday time too.


New Year Plans for 2018

Crazy Golf We have begun with the first hole and hope to build this to 9 holes during the year.
Playroom and link bedroom for Pencarrow Following the success of the conversion in Heligan Lodge, we plan to copy this in Pencarrow splitting the upstairs master bedroom to create a link bedroom and separate playroom. 
New Nature trail along the orchard

Farmer Nick created terracing along the orchard in the summer for ease of mowing and strimming. I plan to use the resulting space for a nature trail. 

Re plan the Welly Walk  We talked about this last year and managed to add some bird feeders but it still needs more work. I like the idea of a Wonderland Walk.
Fairy Gardens These need a freshen up with new trinkets and chippings and some pruning of the encroaching branches.
Follow my own SEO advice from Brit Mums. We need to continue to improve our Google ranking for our farm holidays as we are still heavily dependent on repeat bookings which make up half of our turnover.
New Farm Map Our current farm map on the website is an outdated old areal photo. We plan to update this with a more illustrative map to help you find your way around our 30 acres. 
What to do with the last 2 riverside lodges?

We still have the shell of 2 of our old riverside lodges waiting for a good use. We have already created a Gym, reception and Games room and boot room, what would you like to see next?  



Come and Join us


We are set for another busy year and that really excites me. If you fancy coming and seeing how we are progressing there is nothing like a holiday planned to lift the January blues. Whether it is school holiday week or a cheeky weekend break, we’d love to welcome you to experience the magic of the farm.


Happy New Year and may all your new year wishes come true.

Fiona Mummies Waiting  diy=  keep= One Messy Mama Rhyming with Wine  Twinkly Tuesday Mudpie Fridays

All Weather Giant Sand Pit Replaces Play Tractor

Posted on September 3rd, 2017 - Fiona

For years I have been hankering after a giant sand pit for Coombe Mill. It has been one of those projects on the back burner for years since our old play boat sand pit fell apart. It takes a twist in events to bump something up the ‘to do’ list; in this case it was finally condemning the old Play Tractor as too rusty and unsafe, after years of happy use.


Old Play Tractor at Coombe Mill Holidays


Now we had the perfect reason to introduce a giant sand pit and the only decisions became where to build it, how big and what toys to add.

Farmer Nick is on the job

The tractor had been down near the river but as this area can flood we decided to build the new giant sandpit higher up above the play fort. The space was limited by the bank behind but Farmer Nick never let something like this stand in his way, with his favourite toy the mini digger the bank retreated. We marked the area out with spray paint and Nick set to work helped by our eldest boys for the heavy concreting and lifting.

As always when Farmer Nick puts his mind to a project, it comes together remarkably quickly. I put the skeleton of the project up on Facebook to guess what we were up to and had a giggle at some of the suggestions with everything from a bar for parents to a lock up for naughty kids!  

The roof began to go on and the boys work was nearing completion so it was over to me to decide what toys to add. I knew just the site to explore and took a look at the sand pits for sale over at Big Game Hunters for inspiration. There I found just what I was looking for, in amongst the fun shaped wooden sand pits was the perfect sand pit toy for us – mini diggers.

While we were building the sand pit all the children were fascinated with Farmer Nick’s mini digger and he had to be very careful to leave it safe and without keys at all times as the little ones couldn’t resist sitting up on the driver’s seat.

Farmer Nick's Digger

Our new all weather giant sand pit ready to use

A sand pit filled with mini diggers was the perfect answer for our farm holiday. What’s more at just £22 a digger they looked a bargain and we ordered 5 for our finished giant sand pit.


All weather giant sand pit at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays


Needless to say both the sandpit and the diggers have been a huge hit with the children here. The imaginative play coming out from the sand pit is a delight to watch. Just listen to the conversation between the boys in this little video clip



It isn’t just boys enjoying it either, the girls have been creating in there too and buckets and spades and sandcastles have popped up between the diggers. The diggers are lightweight and the children can move them round the sandpit themselves to dig and re-dig to their heart’s content. I’m thrilled with this new all weather play feature which I hope will be in use here all year.   


Playing with diggers in the giant sand pit at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays

Curious about the old tractor?

Never one to throw things away, the old tractor top is now a mini field shelter in the goat field. As for the rest, the rusty old heap nearly defeated Farmer Nick and the boys towing it out, but with a borrowed flat bed trailer and two tractors they finally did it! I was so terrified for them watching it all with health and safety out the window I never took a photo.


old play tractor as an animal shelter

Stay and play for all weather fun

If you have kids that would enjoy playing in our new giant sand pit and any of our other all weather play areas across our 30 acre farm why not take a look a look at our latest price and availability. We have some great early bird discounts on next August too.


Country Kids

Early Bird Discounts on Summer 2018

Posted on August 12th, 2017 - Fiona

This week, while my pictures are taken over the last 7 days, I’m actually talking about summer 2018 and some fantastic early bird discounts we have to share. When you have a young family, holidays to book at work and need to be organised, then getting ahead and booking a holiday well in advance can give you something to look forward to and take the pressure off last minute availability. If this appeals to you then read on as we have some cracking deals at the moment.  

I have selected 4 of our properties in the mid price range and knocked a whooping £400 off the school summer holiday price for 2018. If this isn’t an offer worth shouting about I don’t know what is. We have never done this before  but with BBC Breakfast TV unhelpfully putting down UK holidays this week and raving about Eastern Europe I thought it was time to fight back. If the possibility of airport delays, 40+ degree heat and worrying about falling ill abroad sounds off putting on your summer holiday then why not join us for all the fun of the farm, it really isn’t so expensive. At full occupancy this deal represents from £214 per person for a 7 day break (less than £30 per person per night). With farm rides, animals to feed, train rides, crafts and activities and acres of play areas we have a lot to offer. What’s more we have some pet friendly properties too so your 4 legged friend can join in the fun. Check out what others think on our Facebook Reviews  and I hope you might pop over and bag yourself a bargain with us.


Willow and Honeysuckle cottages nestled in our lush valley.  Perfect for those without pets and with young children


Honeysuckle and Willow cottages at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays, Cornwall


Water Mill dates back to the 16th Century. Quaint and quirky for families with older kids.


Water Mill Cottage at Coombe Mill Holidays


Inside Water Mill is a real fusion of old features and modern styling.


Water Mill open plan living room


If modern and contemporary is more your style Eden lodge has the early bird discounts you need.


Eden Lodge with Early bird discounts for summer 2018 at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays


Check out the acres of space in the en-suite master bedroom 


Eden Master Bedroom


Enjoy the rest of your summer and remember our early bird discounts if you like to plan ahead for next year.

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