Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Posted on May 19th, 2012 - Fiona

8 go to the Festival

Family days out for us are beginning to get easier. With 6 small children I used to worry all the time when we went out to crowded places for fear of losing a child, now that my youngest are 8 and the eldest 14, we can enjoy a country festival, relax with a meet up point and give the older children the freedom to wonder round alone for a while. Lostwithiel is a lovely quaint Cornish inland town about half an hour from Coombe Mill. Large enough to host the annual festival, but small enough for the children not to get lost!

Plenty to do

Organised by local residents, the weather on our side the children were mesmerized by all the entertainment. It had such a lovely community feel to the day with so many local groups happy to demonstrate their talents from bands to craft tents and dancers to food stalls, a real country affair!

Near the ChurchClio trying giant knittingStreet entertainment

Admiring the hair braidsCan't beat a Cornish pasty!Morris dancing


As the Samba band played on into the late afternoon we met up with friends down by the river. My children remembered a favourite activity from last year, not strictly part of the festival, but across the river a tempting piece of rope dangled from a tree. It was just an open invitation to my children who were over the bridge and providing the alternative entertainment before you could say “where did they go?” They are Country Kids after all!



I hadn’t noticed the children near me on the near bank throwing stones ominously close to mine; just as well they didn’t hit them. Needless to say there were more wet than dry by the time we left, and many complaints by the following morning at school time of hurting arms and tummies from hanging on that rope but it will be fondly remembered as a fun family outing.

Joining In

Joseph happy with his Coombemill hat from Country Kids

What have you been up to recently outdoors with the kids? Do share those fun moments with the children enjoying outdoor adventures. Country Kids is all about enjoying anywhere outdoors with children, whatever the weather! If you have a picture or 2 to share please grab the badge and join in, then take a look at what others have been up to and be inspired by the outdoors. One lucky post each month will receive a free Coombe Mill Sun hat like  did for April.





Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Silent Sunday / Project 52

Posted on May 13th, 2012 - Fiona

It’s Sunday and we are still waiting, Sshhh….may be today?


Poor Dotty is so heavily Pregnant and overdue!


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Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Posted on May 12th, 2012 - Fiona

Who sabotaged the Tractor Feed Run?

This past week we have had quite a few regular guests with school age children. I know it isn’t the school holidays but many have made the long weekend at the last minute or taken a few days off school to make it the week. Either way we had a lovely group of boys aged about 7 – 12 who had a ball with the freedom of the farm. 

Too old for tractor Rides?Clio helping the younger children

While Clio has been joining in and helping our out younger guests with feeding the animals, my triplet boys, Guy and Jed together with their older brother Theo have been thick as thieves with the other boys staying. They have formed a real boy gang taking great delight in not joining in on the feed run, but instead stalking and ambushing from a distance. With Tree climbing, hiding and plotting obstructions, they have been having a wild time, of cause under the assumption that we had no idea what they were up to. Ahem, boys, with that din, we could hear you coming a mile away!

 Fun for Kids with tractor obstruction on the farm

We saw this one in the making whilst we were busy feeding the lambs and Dotty our pregnant pig, it seemed a shame to spoil their fun so all the parents and I played along with their game until the tractor was coming, then it really did have to be dismantled before an accident happened!

 Feeding bottle feeding the lambsA very pregnant sow "Dotty the Pig" Clear the path, tractor's coming

It is lovely to see the children, who might in another setting have found a farm a little to young for them , actually forgetting their grown up persona at home, leaving behind the trendy gear and gadgets and just being like kids of old and enjoying some good old country play. 

Country Kids is for everyone

I love to see what others have been up to and to share outdoor play ideas, so please join in, grab the badge and link up your adventures anywhere from the garden to the beach.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Silent Sunday / Project 52

Posted on May 6th, 2012 - Fiona

Sunday Cuteness at Coombe Mill……….Ssshh!


New born rabbit just opening his eyes



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Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Posted on May 5th, 2012 - Fiona

Weather from the BBC

So it was officially the wettest April on record, I guess it was always going to be after the BBC announced their hose pipe bans! Please BBC, don’t go forecasting of a BBQ summer next!

Rain, rain we don’t care!

There is no keeping my 6 indoors whatever the weather is up to! In fact I think they possibly stayed out longer in the rain last weekend than usual! Whether it was a quick jump around in the garden or a trek down the banks of the river they really didn’t mind that it was raining and cold. Clio in complete denial insisted on wearing her new birthday leggings and t shirt and going bare foot, seemingly unaware it was only six degrees outside! 

Outdoor Kids at Coombe Millhardy kids at Coombe MillA very full April river at Coombe Mill

Our Trampoline saves the day

I love these Pictures of Jed and Theo after a wet day with only indoor play at school. They couldn’t even wait to change out of their school uniforms, instead dashing straight from the car to over the lane to our trampoline. There they let off steam for an hour while it poured down on them. They were having so much fun I just left them too it and resigned myself to another wash load that evening.

Trampolining in the rain at Coombe MillTheo joins the trampoline funSquelching home from the trampoline

Jed cycling home to Coombe Mill

Lucky on the Farm

We are lucky to have the space and freedom here on the farm, but even if we didn’t live here I think my children would still need to find a way to release some energy outdoors and I know many of you agree too as I have had some lovely links to the site in April through sun and rain.  Thankfully the week here ended so much better than it started, we even cycled to and from school, a 5 mile round trip with some serious hills!

April’s Winner for Country Kids

Once again choosing a favourite link up for the month for the lovely Coombe Mill kids sun Hat has left me agonising, some lovely outdoor learning ideas from , simple fun days out that really worked from  ,  and and Great coverage of the  50 things before your 12 from  , and  but I have finally decided on this one from  for their amazing trek up Snowdon as shared in this post . Angoe, Please DM or email me your details to send our sun hat out and coax out the sunshine for summer!

Joining In

Please stay with me supporting outdoor adventures for children into May, grab the badge and link up. Anything with kids outside is welcome, from fun in the garden to a family day out.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall