Sheepscape Pictures and Kites on a windy day

Posted on May 19th, 2017 - Fiona

We had just had our sheep sheared and the children had enjoyed watching this during our morning feed run.  The trailer load of fleeces was due to be collected so I pulled a bag full onto one side to get creative with the children at the end of the week.  They were all curious about the feel and texture of the wool and so I thought there had to be a good way to incorporate it into a sheep themed activity hour.

Sheepscape and sheep kite crafts

A Sheepscape 3D picture to hang on the wall

With an age range of 1 – 4 I wanted to keep my activities simple enough for the children to manage, but interesting enough for them to want to have a go. After searching online I adapted a hand painting idea and came up with a 3D sheep craft picture for the children to make and keep.  

It was a gorgeous day but very windy so we set up in the reception garden where we were sheltered on 3 sides. It was still a job to hold things down. Painted hands made the basic shape on a piece of card with a blob of sheered fleece sticking to the wet paint to bulk out the body.



The children then went off in search of daises and grass for the floor of their sheepscape which we stuck on with double sided tape.


Collecting grass to make sheepscape pictures


We added a little floristry ribbon and a bend in the card and our 3D sheepscape pictures were ready for hanging.


Finishing sheepscape pictures with floristry ribbon

Sheep Inspired Kites

The wind may have been causing us a few problems making our pictures but it was going to be just what we needed to fly sheep face kites. With some bamboo, black and white bin liners and some printed sheep faces we cobbled together some makeshift kites for the children to run with.

Sheep face Kite making


A run around was just what they needed after concentrating on their sheepscapes and the wind did indeed come into its own lifting them up over their heads in gusts.


Flying homemade sheep inspired kites


I lost most to one of our nearby play areas at this point; however the eldest came with me to the farm to feed Friday his afternoon bottle, a fitting end to any sheep themed activity hour!


bottle feeding lamb and ride on play

Sheepscapes and Kite making on video


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Annual Recycled Raft Race 2017

Posted on May 5th, 2017 - Fiona

We have a tradition at Coombe Mill of ending the Easter holidays with a recycled raft race. Every year this popular event grows with regular visitors to us looking forward to the day, newcomers joining in the fun and a few new additions from us to keep the event fresh and exciting.   


2017 Farm Recycled Raft Race


The fun begins with a pile of washed and recycled floatable items from our recycled bins, a ball of string and plenty of masking tape. Every one works as groups or individuals on their raft following my “one I made earlier” as a rough idea guide.  

Example raft for the 2017 recycled raft race

Making recycled rafts in teams 

I allow a good half an hour for everyone to work on their rafts. I have found the more time I allow the more creative and imaginative the rafts become. There were milk bottle bases, stick bases, masts and decorative additions being added to some wonderful bespoke designs. We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day and the time just ran away from us.


Making rafts from recycling for the Easter recycled raft race 2017


New for this year we had made a range of certificates. There was everything from biggest raft to smallest raft, most creative to fastest, best in class by age and more. I figured everyone would win something and the challenge added a new burst of energy to the finishing touches.  

Finally everyone was ready and we carried the rafts down to the river. Despite the building excitement I managed to gather everyone for a team photo and gain enough of their attention to remind them of the rules.

Ready for a Recycled Raft Race

Team photo before the annual 2017 Easter raft race at Coombe Mill


The chatter was building as they climbed the bridge and held the rafts over the starting line. We managed a perfect first time start and the rafts were away to the sound of much cheering and shouting.

dropping rafts into the river


The dash to beat them along the river bank was on.  Guy and Jed were on hand in the river to rescue any rafts caught in the reeds and set them free, along with a few others keen to wade downstream, while the rest dashed towards the finish line.

racing along the river watching the rafts


For most of the journey it looked like my raft was going to win, this was not the outcome I wanted! I was quite relived to be moved into second place by a smaller team raft on the final straight. Those who weren’t on the bridge by now were in the water, me included. There were plenty of helpers to stop any runaway recycled rafts from racing down to Padstow.


Finishing line at the 2017 raft race


We handed out the certificates writing in the winner names as we went and every team won something.  


handing out certificates from the Easter Farm Raft Race 2017

River fun

As is often the case the real fun began just at the end. All the older children piled into the river for a big water fight, the screams and squeals as they were showered in cold water was enough to make all the adults smile. I feel sure this will be another fun afternoon on the farm that will remain with the children for a long time to come.


Splashing in the river Camel at coombe Mill Holidays

If you fancy joining us for Easter Next year, the Easter Egg Hunt and recycled raft race will take place on Easter week: 31st March 2018.

Check out our availability here.

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Easter Egg Crafts and Surprises

Posted on April 21st, 2017 - Fiona

I feel like I have really made the most of Easter this year with our holiday guests. We have done bunny crafts, chick crafts and this week was the turn of Easter egg crafts.  I had my fingers crossed for the weather as I wanted an Easter egg hunt with a difference in the fairy garden and this was the only afternoon all week with rain in the forecast! 


 Easter Egg Crafts and Activities on the FArm

Magic Easter Bunnies.

The fairy garden is wonderful for so many of my activities and treasure hunts and this week I had an extra Easter surprise for the children. I had told them all they were making toilet roll bunnies that had to have their name on and Guy was going to take them to the fairy gardens for me and hide them. The fairies had a little magic planned for the children, but they would have to wait to discover this.


Making toilet roll Easter Bunny Egg holders for an Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Bonnets

Guy collected up all the bunnies and left. Meanwhile we moved on to making Easter bonnets with decorated Easter eggs, bunny ears and nature.  Double sided sticky tape is the magic tip to making everything stick, including all the petals and flowers from outside.


making Easter bonnets with nature and card

Easter Eggs for the fairies

With bonnets complete we set about painting Easter egg shaped fabric to hang in the fairy gardens for the fairies. Poster paint works really well on plain white cotton and it is a great use of our old marked sheets from the business.


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The children carefully carried their painted eggs and handed them to me in the fairy gardens where I pinned them up to make bunting for the fairies to enjoy.


Hanging Easter Bunting in the Coombe Mill Fairy Gardens

An Easter Egg Hunt

I think the children had quite forgotten the bunnies they made at the start of the afternoon. Now that the Fairy Easter Eggs were all hung up I suggested they go and find their bunnies. There were squeals of delight as they found their bunnies and discovered a caramel chocolate egg inside.


Finding Easter Eggs in homemade bunny containers in the fairy gardens

A Surprise Easter lamb

This should have been the end of the afternoon’s entertainment. However we had a surprise visitor with us. An abandoned lamb found that morning had made an amazing recovery in the house with me and joined us for our afternoon fun. The children were thrilled to help feed him a bottle and stroke him out on the grass. This little fellow is soon going to become every holiday maker’s new best friend.


Stroking and feeding Friday the lamb during activity hour


The children were still wearing their Easter bonnets that evening for the train which I took as a sure sign of a fun afternoon and that forecast rain never happened.



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Easter Chick Crafts and Activities

Posted on April 14th, 2017 - Fiona

After the success of our Easter Bunny activities last week, I was keen to keep the Easter theme going with this week’s guests. We moved from Bunnies to Easter Chicks and a new treat for our chickens. My biggest worry was that faced with the warmest day of the year, would anyone make it back from the beach in time to join in. I needn’t have worried, I had a couple of families who came back especially to join in and I was glad I put in the preparation time.


Easter chick crafts and activities

Easter Chick Cards

Relying on the warm sunshine to dry out paint work we began by making the thumb prints of our Easter Chick cards.  The children drew inspiration from my example card and happily finger printed chick bodies on their own cards.


Making Easter cards this afternoon in activity hour

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Easter gardens with chicken and chicks

Setting our cards aside to try we moved onto cutting and painting toilet roll Easter chicks.


Making Easter Chicks in the sun at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays


Again these were set on one side to dry while we made Easter gardens for our chicks from cereal boxes before running off to collect grass and flowers out of the lawns as a bed for the miniature gardens.



We added 2 chicks and a handful of chocolate eggs to complete our Easter chick gardens.  


Homemade craft chicken and chicks with chocolate eggs in gardens

Nature walk with a purpose

The children had worked really hard on their crafts and I was keen for them to come on a farm walk. I had just the challenge in mind for them in line with our chick Easter theme. Farmer Nick had a long chain in the chicken coop which was waiting for a toy to be hooked on the end. After failing to find anything suitable for weeks, he finally came home with a miniature clothes dryer with pegs hanging down. I pounced on this with a genius idea. We could take it for our walk collecting nature along the way to hang from the pegs as toys for the chickens.   We set off through the fairy gardens and down the path to the farm pegging leaves, twigs and flowers along the way.



The children shared the very important job of carrying the finished toy



It’s fair to say the chickens seemed rather underwhelmed with our offering running away from us. 


Chicken watching the chickens in the chicken coup

I had a feeling they ventured over to investigate as soon as we had left them in peace, it turns out I was right, when I looked in later they had torn down most of the nature items and were still playing with what remained.

Refilling their toy carousel has now become part of the morning tractor feed run. 

Back at the craft tables our finger print chickens were dry and really to have eyes, beaks, feet and wings added.



It was so lovely to feel the warmth of the sun and no one was in a rush to leave, least of all me. I do hope this is the start of a beautiful summer in Cornwall.   



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Bunny Crafts and Activities

Posted on April 7th, 2017 - Fiona

With Easter fast approaching and a growing baby bunny community thriving in our rabbit house I decided on bunny crafts  as our theme for the week. It didn’t take long to come up with a plan of things to do and make. Trash2Treasure April (my upcycling linky) is all about how to make an Easter Bunny so this was my starting point. From there I added bunny hats and a bunny trail which finished up at the rabbit house for a first stroke of our newborns.


Easter Bunny Crafts and Activities


The weather forecast really couldn’t make up its mind and I knew we were in for some serious rain at some point, I was just hoping it held off till later in the evening. As it was windy too, we set up the craft table in the games room. Nearly everyone staying came along which was wonderful and we wasted no time in starting our bunny crafts with bunny hats from paper plates.


Bunny crafts making bunny hats


From here we moved to toilet roll bunnies. The beauty of these is that there is no gluing or sticking involved, just clever cutting and painting. I cut the rabbits from the loo rolls myself for the younger children to decorate while the older ones (age 6+ )  managed the whole process themselves.


Making Easter bunnies from toilet rolls  


With a mixed age group it is always hard to hold everyone’s attention, the little ones naturally took themselves off to play with the toys while the older children diligently painted faces on their rabbits. When everyone was finished, I read the first clue for the bunny treasure hunt .  The children guessed where I was leading them and ran off to find the next clue.


Reading first treasure hunt clue for a bunny trail


From here it was a succession of reading, running, searching and playing as one clue lead to another taking the children the full length of the farm.


Bunny treasure hunt


The older children were very good at waiting for the little ones to catch up, even hiding the clues again for the little ones to find. Some of the older ones even had the confidence to read the next clue out to the group for me.



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The rain began as we found our last clue which led us to the rabbit house. No one noticed the rain start to pitter-patter on the roof as I unlocked the nesting box and carefully scooped out a baby rabbit for everyone to see. The little one I held was just beginning to open her eyes and wriggled and peed at the new experience of being lifted. I held on tight while everyone had a stroke. I knew this was the part of the day the older girls had really been looking forward to.


Handling new baby bunnies born on the farm

As the younger ones ran outside to play in the rain parents looked on dismayed, it was pouring down and the children were soaked! Thankfully rain never hurt anyone and the worst of it fell whilst we were cuddling bunnies.   


kids at the bunny yard in the rain



Have you made any bunny crafts in the run up to Easter?

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