Magic Photo Frames to Explain Perspective

Posted on November 25th, 2016 - Fiona

I was after a different sort of autumnal adventure for activity hour this week and an ideal I had been thinking about for a while suddenly fell into place thanks to a little creative thinking. I had been planning to do some kind of nature photo frames and was preparing my example frame when I suddenly thought how great they would be for explaining perspective to the children. My nature frames became magic photo frames with a little lesson in science thrown in!  

Magic photo frames to expalin perspective

Welly Walk

We began with a nature walk down the welly walk. I was surprised to find that even my two week guests hadn’t been along the trail before and so it was something new for everyone. On the way down we looked out for signs of autumn with the bracken dying back and fallen golden leaves.

Walking down the welly walk

The clearing at the end is a perfect play ground with a tree swing and a sandy shallow section of the river perfect for paddling. I think the kids could have spent all afternoon here and everyone wanted to return in their own time.

Playing on he rope swing and in the river at Coombe Mill on holiday

The return journey led us back through the bamboo tunnel with eyes peeled for collecting interesting pieces of nature.

Enjoying our welly walk during activity hour this afternoon

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Making Magic Photo Frames

Back at the craft tables we began to make our photo frames using rainbow wool and cereal boxes.

Making frames for magic nature frames

We weaved the collected pieces of nature into our frames.

Weaving magic nature frames to explain perspective

This was my chance to introduce a little science. I asked each child who was bigger, them or their photo frame. Even my youngest could tell me they were bigger. Yet when I took a photo of them looking through the frame they could see themselves inside the frame. How could that be? Then I showed them my hand up close and they watched as I moved further away. Clearly my hand appeared smaller. It was a great way to explain perspective and how the magic photo frames worked.  

exploring-perspective with magic photo frames

Each took their magic photo frames home with tired legs from our walk and a little knowledge imparted.

The magic photo frames were so successful we used them with a younger group of children too, but instead of collecting the nature first, we made the frames first and took them on our walk to fill them as we went. Explaining perspective to younger children was harder but they loved the idea of the magic and giggled at the pictures of themselves inside the frames!


The Forestry Commission are encouraging us to explore our woodlands this season and get creative weaving with nature just as we have been doing. Do check out their website for more creative ideas and downloadable packs as well as a list of your nearest forests. As we are coming up to Christmas there is also a list of forests selling Christmas Trees. Why not make a day of visiting and come home with a little piece of the forest for your home too. 


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Let’s go kite flying at Coombe Mill

Posted on November 18th, 2016 - Fiona

Kite flying is something I remember fondly from my own childhood. The hours I would spend on our campsite in Cornwall with my kite “touching the sky”. Here with my own children I have grappled with twisted strings and complicated designs down at the beach and more than often given up.  However I wanted to give the old fashioned one string kite flying a go again and thought we could try to make them for activity hour. The forecast was for heavy wind and rain ahead that night; I was banking on the wind arriving ahead of the rain so that we had a chance to try it all out.

Lets go kite flying at coombe Mill

How to make a simple kite

Luck was on our side and we were bless with sun and a real gust building. I risked laying blankets outside with all the materials while the children set to work following my prototype.


Activity hour today making kites #kite #kitemaking #kites #crafts #creative #creativekids #countrykids #trash2treasure

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It’s amazing how much fun some colourful ribbon, bamboo and bin liners can create, although I was grateful to the parents for lending a hand too as tying all the string is a little fiddly for little fingers.


Making Kites at Coombe Mill

Time to go kite flying

With decorative tails in place and string secured the children couldn’t wait to give their kites a go. There was a handy little slope just up from where we had been constructing them that was perfect to fly a kite.


Kite flying a homemade kite


There followed a mad half hour of running hither and dither with kites following on behind.


Kite flying in the wind at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays


More and more completed their kites and added to the buzz of children dashing around flying their newly made creations.  


Flying homemade kites. Mixed success 100% fun! #countrykids #creativekids #creative #crafts #kidsofinstagram #kiteflying #kite #kites #homemade #trash2treasure #kidsfun

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Just as I was thinking how lucky we had been with the weather the sky clouded over and the rain drops began. It was already time up on activity hour but the children were feeling cheated of their extended kite flying time so as I had all the coloured wool out with me anyway we moved into the games room to make friendship bracelets and hair braids. The children were thrilled with their braids, though I fear I have now cheated the beach side stalls out of their business from this group!  


Making hair braids


By the time we finished the sun had returned and it was time for the evening train ride. There were some happy passengers complete with hair braids and having enjoyed the chance to make and fly a kite.  



Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

How to Make a Poppy Wreath for Remembrance Sunday

Posted on November 6th, 2016 - Fiona

A no glue, easy assemble, stylish upcycled Poppy Wreath

With Remembrance Sunday fast approaching I wanted a craft I could share with the children staying on the farm which also gave me a chance to explain what Remembrance Sunday is all about. My own children still give me a sigh when I insist they attend the Remembrance Service with their scouting movement, but I feel it is an important date to mark. As kids they have enjoyed the fun of Halloween and Bonfire night, this one is a chance to step back, to reflect and to remember how we came to enjoy the freedom of our country.  A little crafting fun makes listening and comprehending easier for children. The result is a beautiful poppy wreath to show your support as well as a reminder to give generously to the poppy appeal.  

How to Make a Poppy Wreath

What You’ll Need

  • 2 x 6 egg plastic egg box
  • Red, green and black poster paint
  • Scissors
  • Black wool
  • A large cereal box
  • Pencil
  • Paint brush
  • Floristry ribbon (optional)
  • Green leaves (optional)
things you need to make a poppy wreath

How to Make your Poppy Wreath

To make the wreath base

  1. Draw a circle on a cereal box (use a plate or something to draw around) and cut out. Use both long side of the box.
How to Make a Poppy Wreath Step 1
  1. Make a hole in the centre of both pieces with scissors and cut out a smaller circle within the first.
  1. Paint your remaining rings with green paint and set aside to dry.
How to Make a Poppy Wreath Step 1
  1. Take the black wool and tie a knot around both pieces of card to hold them together then wind the wool round the card leaving a length of wool free at the end. Set aside

To make the poppies

  1. Cut the egg shapes from the egg box.
How to Make a Poppy for a Poppy Wreath Step 1
How to Make a Poppy for a Poppy Wreath Step
  1. Use the lid of the egg box as a paint tray, and then dip the outside of each cut out egg holder in the red paint and leave to dry. (This will take several hours)
  1. Take the dried red egg holders and paint the inside circle black to form your poppy; then leave to dry.
How to Make a Poppy for a Poppy Wreath Step 3
How to Make a Poppy for a Poppy Wreath Step 4
  1. Make scissor cuts down opposite sides of your poppies from the tip of the petals to the start of the black middle.
  1. Returning to your wreath weave another layer of wool adding a poppy via the scissor cuts as you go round.
How to Make a Poppy for a Poppy Wreath Step
How to Make a Poppy for a Poppy Wreath Step 6
  1. When you have finished leave a length of wool for a handle to hang your wreath.


A few extra’s you could try

  • Add a little floristry ribbon to the base of your wreath curled with scissors
  • Thread green leaves into the wool behind the poppies.
  • Try PVA glue coating your finished poppy wreath to help it withstand the outdoors.
  • Try using holly and mistletoe for a Christmas Wreath

Variations on how to make a poppy wreath

Vlog tutorial on how to make a Poppy Wreath

Trash 2 Treasure

Halloween Fun Day at Coombe Mill

Posted on November 4th, 2016 - Fiona

Half term and Halloween may have come out of sync in recent years, but there was no way our regular guests were going to let that stop the fun they expected from a half term holiday here. It has become something of a tradition on the last day to have a massive Halloween fun day. Each year in my endeavor to ensure it lives up to expectations the activities grow. Not surprisingly this year was our most exciting yet.

Trick or Treat at coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays

When I say Halloween fun day I really mean a full day.

Halloween fun day timetable

Fancy Dress Feed Run

We like to make the most of those spooky outfits so we begin with a fancy dress feed run. I had decorated the tractor and trailer the previous afternoon and left it hidden in Farmer Nick’s shed. There were children who had held back from taking a turn at driving all week just to be able to drive on the Halloween fun day ride.  Thankfully high spirits and scary clothes didn’t put the animals off their breakfast!

Halloween Fun Day Fancy Dress Feed Run

There were a welcome couple of hours after this for everyone to enjoy lunch and their last day on the farm while I rustled up my children to help Amber and I undress the Feed run trailer and add all the decorations to the Ghost Train and then stage the clues for the scary Scavenger Trail. It was a race against the clock for us but we made it back to the games room for 2.30 with everything in place for the rest of the Halloween fun day activities.


We made tin cans into devils, pumpkins, monsters and black cats with crape paper and paint and left them to dry for games later on.


Making scary tin cans for Halloween games later.

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Toilet rolls became mini devils and Frankenstein’s and I took inspiration from last week’s woodland weaving making spiders to take to the giant web, which was still going strong down by the river.



I couldn’t believe this week’s children hadn’t spotted the giant web, it was a whole new discovery to find the web and add their spiders. 


spider web weaving at Coombe Mill Halloween Fun Day

Halloween Trail

Our fun day continued as the children joined us for a Halloween Trail challenge. Handing out trail sheets and pens the they were tasked with counting how many of the marked items they saw along the walk.  

Halloween Woodland Trail


Amber was waiting at the end of the trail with her witch’s cauldron to collect completed sheets. These were exchanged for a dip into the pot where the children rummaged between the bones and skin (twigs and leaves) for a gold token to buy them a ghost train ride.


Halloween Woodland Trail: Collecting Golden Tokens on Completion


Queuing is never a problem with the rope swing, bamboo tunnel and stream to entertain while waiting to dip into the cauldron.


Playing along the Halloween Trail at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall

Halloween Games

We left everyone playing down the Halloween trail to set up the games. This was a chance to run off some excess energy, test the children’s teamwork skills and bring a little silliness and competition into play. We could have run this session for much longer as after an hour and a half the kids were still going strong but my voice was failing and darkness setting in!

Our tin cans were put to use in team tower building competitions. Tactics and teamwork were essential to build the highest tower.


Halloween ? tin can tower building. Who can make the tallest tower. Team work and strategy needed. Great fun and educational on our Halloween fun day. #halloween #tincans #games #education #learning #teamwork #challenge #countrykidsfun #funday #kids #competition

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Moving over to the lawn our tins were used for racing games along with broom sticks, the competitive side in the children really shone through and I was delighted to see my triplets join in too after helping to organise things all day.

Halloween Fun Day Games at Coombe Mill Holidays


We quietened everyone down with pin the arm on the skeleton with forfeits and the ever popular apple bobbing and find the sweet in the flour.


Halloween Apple Bobbing, Find the sweet and pin the arm on the skeleton games


Musical bumps and musical statues was much harder to judge than I imagined, I think everyone must have been seasoned party goers!


Musical statues at the Coombe Mill Halloween fun day

Ghost Train

Some of the younger children must have been flagging by now, but they certainly weren’t going to let it show, as they all raced over for the ghost train. I collected gold coins from the Halloween walk as the children boarded and with squeals of joy Guy led lap after lap round the track and through the spooky tunnel.


Halloween Ghost Train at Coombe Mill Holidays

The Coombe Mill Ghost Train is back for Halloween ?. #halloween #ghost #ghosttrain #scary #spooky #spookyscaryskeletons #countrykidsfun #countrykids #holiday #halftermfun #train #specialday #kidsfunday #nighttrain

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Trick or Treat

No Halloween fun day would be complete without a little Trick or Treating. Here at Coombe Mill we make this an organised procession from property to property. A lit pumpkin signifies we are welcome and we do our utmost to ensure little ones go first and older children, who can be inclined to push in their excitement, go after.  They system works well with each door only being knocked on once all evening and a parent from the group running ahead to open up for us. I was thrilled to see not only pumpkins but wonderful house decorations to welcome us too.


Trick or Treat at coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays


Thank you to all the parents for making this last part of the day so successful for the children. Each finished with a huge haul of goodies and crafts to remember their Halloween fun day at Coombe Mill.

If you would like to join us next year, all the activities for the Halloween fun day are free for our October half term guests but, be quick this is a popular week!  

Country Kids

Country Kids 29th October 2016

Posted on October 28th, 2016 - Fiona

Welcome to Country Kids from Coombe Mill

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Welcome to Country Kids from Coombe Mill

October has brought some wonderful sunny days to Cornwall. This week has been beautiful again and the older half term children have loved the freedom of the farm to explore. However they are also kind and inclusive with the younger children, showing them how to handle the animals. I do love the sense of togetherness that builds on the daily tractor feed runs during the week. 

Halloween is also a big event for Coombe Mill. This week I’m sharing a few Halloween preparations with a nature theme. Next week will be all about the day itself and how we turn it in to a full programme of farm activities. I hope you’ll join me here and see how we got on. 

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