Please Help Mum Decide

Posted on September 16th, 2013 - Fiona

By Clio Cambouropoulos


Mum is a finalist in the Mad Blog Awards this Friday. I am so pleased for her, but slightly jealous I am not invited too. Anyway I was very excited to help her open the lovely big parcel that arrived on Friday from Boden. Apparently going to a posh dinner isn’t enough, she also has her dress paid for too! Well my Mum isn’t the best when it comes to fashion so she asked if she could try two dresses AND a lovely pair of shoes to see what fitted best. 

She showed me the dresses on line and the cool video of the models walking in them and I thought it would be fun for Mum to have a video of her own. We set up the living room as our studio and I put on one of my posh dresses to show Mum how to walk like a Boden Model.


After a few lessons in model walking for Mum and a lesson in video recording for me we were ready to roll with Mum on video.



She is still dithering about which dress to choose, the beautiful shoes are going to have to be changed as she couldn’t even keep them on her feet to walk across our carpet, shame as they are so pretty and I really want the colourful bag they came in as my school PE bag!


Clio and Boden Bag


So which should she choose? Option 1 The Embroidered Dress or Option 2 The Amelie Dress

My vote is for option 2 because I really want to wear this one when it fits me, only a few years don’t you think?


Clio in Mum's Boden Dress 


Oh and Mum, whichever dress you choose have a brilliant evening and good luck in the Awards. 


Clio x


A Word from Mum

My huge thanks to all who voted me to the finals, to Sally and all the MADs Team for organising what I know will be an amazing evening in great blogging company and which I’m quite sure is the result of a lot of hard work. I will be delighted to wear one of these quality Boden dresses and am excited to have my makeup chosen and applied for me on the night. Life as “The Farmer Wife and Mummy to Six” feels really rather sophisticated this week! 


General Anaesthetic at 36 Hours Old

Posted on August 27th, 2013 - Fiona

By Clio Cambouropoulos    my way between the guests who were all keen to see them.   


This morning on the feed run we had just entered sally’s pen. We were going to see sally’s piglets. I walked in so that I could see the piglets squeezing my way between the guests who were all keen to see them.


Piglets on the feed run

 I was just about to pick up my favourite piglet when I saw a big gash on the leg so I alerted Farmer Kym who was in charge this morning “Kym, Kym my favourite pig has A gash” so she said “Oh okay bring him out and I will give him to your Dad!” Kym took the poor piglet to Dad who put it in a cat carrier and off to the vets they flew!


Piglet to the vet


Apparently the piglet needed a general anaesthetic and stitches. The vet was worried about infections and the piglet not making it through the procedure at just 36 hours old; to make things worse he is the smallest piglet which is why he is my favourite. 

Whilst this was all happening I felt a little bit sorry for the poor piglet. Unfortunately we were going to the dentist when the pig needed to come back so we sent Farmer Kym off to retrieve him. I gave her my camera to take some pictures as I couldn’t be there. When I was at the dentist I was worrying about the piglet but at least it took my mind of the dentist!

 Piglet post operation


When I came back Mum and I had a look at the pictures and went to see the piglet. Each time we went there we raced but mum would all ways get a head start as I was on my bike and we all ways went a different route to each other of course I won both times. It turns out the vet had put a special silver spray on her back .I think the piglet was happy to walk on grass again. The little piglet looked so very grateful to see her mummy and Sally looked happy to see her piglet too.


 Sally and Piglet reunited


I think that every single piggy is so cute but especially the smallest one (The one which had a little injury.) It looks like some of the other piglets felt sorry for their missing sibling and they kissed him to welcome him home!


 sibling love


Spot the one with silver spay (The poorly one!)   


Spot the poorly pig


Watching them suckle this evening, poorly pig seems to be struggling to get his fair share. I do hope he manages to worm his way in and drink enough to make him big and strong.

Clio x

Horrible Histories Review

Posted on August 5th, 2013 - Fiona

By Guy Cambouropoulos Guy

Mum was sent an awesome looking box to review and I asked if I could write it since it was for me anyway and Mum has set us up a little section on her blog. This is what I thought.



Horrible Histories sets

Horrible Histories by Worlds Apart

I was excited because this would add to my earlier collection of Horrible History Toys. This time I had more heroes and every person had a weapon of some sort and the majority had a shield. The best bit was the battle arena as it gave a real backdrop to stage our game.  It was quite hard to build but building was also part of the fun.  Ally our big brother came to help.


Building horrible history toys


There were stickers to enhance our arena, I loved them as it was fun deciding where they should go. However you have to be careful not to tear them, Mum gave us a hand pealing them off the sheet as I tore a few.


Stickers in horrible histories

The instructions were hard but it did not matter because we made our own rules.  I recognised the heroes and leaders from the television series which gave me some good play ideas.

Our own Rules for Horrible Histories




After finalising the rules Jed and I had a war. The figure heads kept falling off but that meant that we code lie headless soldiers on the battlefield. I liked the idea of catapults and catapulting pigs because in the olden days they actually did that. The catapults didn’t seem to have a mechanism to shoot with so we made our own with an idea from Dad. He took the hair band that Clio was wearing and put it on the catapult. This flung the pigs everywhere.  I shot one in Clio’s drink, she was not amused! We placed my hamster (Bobby) in the battle arena and he killed all the Roman and Egyptian legions!

 Horrible Histories Battle Scene


The mini collectable packs were pretty cool as they had heroes. It was fun opening them to discover the hero hiding within.                                                                                                                                                                     

 Collectables and Catapult

Jed and I love these horrible history sets. They are great fun and I still have more ideas for new games for another day.

I think that children would need to be nine like us to set this up alone, but with a grown up or a big brother to help it could be fun from age six upwards.  

What you need to know

You can call this number to find out where it is sold 0800 389 8591 or visit

This is the full range:

Hero Collectables  £1.99 

Horrible Heroes Specials £6.99 

Battle Pack £9.99 Egyptian and Roman

Starter Set £14.99 Egyptian and Roman

Battle Arena £39.99 

There is also a carry bag available for £14.99 which sounds interesting but we did not receive this.

I think the hero collectables are great value and I could easily afford these with my own money but the battle arena is very expensive for me, however I would be happy to receive one as a birthday present. 


Mum was sent this box to review. She has let me write the blog post. These thoughts are my honest opinion but Mum helped me with my spelling and ordering my sentences.   


When the KIDS took charge

Posted on July 30th, 2013 - Fiona

By Clio Cambouropoulos

Dad went ill, so me and the crew had to sort out the morning feed run. There always seems to be something extra when Dad is not around. Today it was chirping chicks in our house which needed a new home and a tractor Ally and Mum found a bit disarmed with one side off, it was all hands on deck to sort the chick house while Ally saved the day with the tractor. All in all a proper scramble to get to the car park for 9am. Things could only get better. We were forgiven for being a few minutes late as everyone loved holding a chick on the tractor ride.

 New Born Chicks

When we got to the wallabies, chickens and geese Guy and Jed fell in to the pond; it was hilarious. Clambering out of the pond, all you could hear was squelch, squelch, squelch as Guy tipped all the water out off his welly, it turned out he had about half the pond in there!


 In the pond


Ducks and Chickens on the farm


Perhaps less organised than when Dad is in control, but never the less lots of fun for the guests. We seemed to have 2 groups, some feeding the ponies and some feeding the goats. I was running from group to group with the camera determined to feed the ponies and the goats. A chance for me to test my strength arrived and I found I was still strong enough to hold a big, fat heavy goat! Another near panic as Mum sent Jed back for the lambs milk we had forgot. Poor things made such a noise in protest!


 Donkeys, goats and sheep


Driving homewards to the rabbits mum plucked up the courage to let some little children drive with her, as long as Ally was there to guide her safely and carefully! When we finally reached the rabbits, 6 lucky people claimed the eggs; I guess the magpies must have stolen the rest.

The rabbits looked like they were over the moon to see everybody feeding them; most people love to pick them up including me!


 Rabbits at Coombe Mill


A Note from Mum

Guy and Clio have claimed a corner of my blog to tell the farm tales from their perspective. With a little help from me on editing I am thrilled to be sharing the Coombe Mill blog with them. I do hope you will support their posts as and when they feel inspired to write as Clio has today.