Colour in Superhero or Unicorn Cape

Posted on May 22nd, 2017 - Fiona

Here at Coombe Mill we love to encourage children to use their imaginations and be creative, from raiding dressing up boxes to joining in our popular arts and crafts sessions. When Prezzybox offered me the chance to test one of their colour in cape products from the Selfie clothing company I knew at a glance this would go down well with the children staying here. My only dilemma was whether to choose the Superhero or Unicorn cape design.  We plumped for the Unicorn but read on for your chance to win one of your choosing or take advantage of their current sale price.

Win a Unicorn Cape

Unicorn colour in Cape

This cape is made for children who love to be creative, whether you are purchasing as a gift or as entertainment for a party or play date you won’t go wrong with this fun colour in and wear cape. Work alone or in a group to colour in sections to your own choice of colours then transform into a unicorn to zoom around the house or garden.

What's in the tin

What we thought

I approached a group of children out playing here on the farm who were eager to come and test out our unicorn cape. A few had to go to lunch but returned at break neck speed to join in. It was team work at its best as everyone took turn with colouring pens and areas of the cape to colour.


Finally they declared the cape finished and began to race up and down the bank in turn with the cape swishing out behind them.

Running in the cape

I left them as they disappeared off to play Unicorns in the Fairy Gardens, a cape inspired adventure!

Playing in the Fairy Garden

Need to Know


Handmade and hand printed in the UK

One size jersey cloth cape made of cotton / polyester blend

Includes ten fabric colour in pens

Velcro fastening to reuse

colour in practice sheet

Dimensions 0cm x 66.5cm x 78.0cm
Suitable for ages 2-10
Price £25 currently on sale for £19.99 at Prezzybox
Manfacturer Selfie Clothing Co


Win your Colour in Superhero or Unicorn Cape with Prezzybox and Coombe Mill

Win a Superhero or Unicorn cape

If you know a creative child or two that would enjoy colouring in and wearing this fun cape why not enter to win, simply follow the instructions below.

Unicorn or Superhero Colour in Cape


We were sent our Unicorn cape for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. The unicorn colour in cape made a very happy afternoon of creative fun for a group of children on the farm.  


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Sheepscape Pictures and Kites on a windy day

Posted on May 19th, 2017 - Fiona

We had just had our sheep sheared and the children had enjoyed watching this during our morning feed run.  The trailer load of fleeces was due to be collected so I pulled a bag full onto one side to get creative with the children at the end of the week.  They were all curious about the feel and texture of the wool and so I thought there had to be a good way to incorporate it into a sheep themed activity hour.

Sheepscape and sheep kite crafts

A Sheepscape 3D picture to hang on the wall

With an age range of 1 – 4 I wanted to keep my activities simple enough for the children to manage, but interesting enough for them to want to have a go. After searching online I adapted a hand painting idea and came up with a 3D sheep craft picture for the children to make and keep.  

It was a gorgeous day but very windy so we set up in the reception garden where we were sheltered on 3 sides. It was still a job to hold things down. Painted hands made the basic shape on a piece of card with a blob of sheered fleece sticking to the wet paint to bulk out the body.



The children then went off in search of daises and grass for the floor of their sheepscape which we stuck on with double sided tape.


Collecting grass to make sheepscape pictures


We added a little floristry ribbon and a bend in the card and our 3D sheepscape pictures were ready for hanging.


Finishing sheepscape pictures with floristry ribbon

Sheep Inspired Kites

The wind may have been causing us a few problems making our pictures but it was going to be just what we needed to fly sheep face kites. With some bamboo, black and white bin liners and some printed sheep faces we cobbled together some makeshift kites for the children to run with.

Sheep face Kite making


A run around was just what they needed after concentrating on their sheepscapes and the wind did indeed come into its own lifting them up over their heads in gusts.


Flying homemade sheep inspired kites


I lost most to one of our nearby play areas at this point; however the eldest came with me to the farm to feed Friday his afternoon bottle, a fitting end to any sheep themed activity hour!


bottle feeding lamb and ride on play

Sheepscapes and Kite making on video


Country Kids

When Rudolph lost his Antlers

Posted on May 13th, 2017 - Fiona

You would be forgiven for thinking I was about to launch into the details of a new children’s story book with the title “When Rudolph lost his antlers”. However it is actually a key part of the spring cycle in the deer world.

It was on the morning feed run last week that we noticed Rudolph prancing down for his breakfast, minus his beautiful antlers. Suddenly there was only a little height, and his obvious manhood, to distinguish him from the female does. It looked like he had fallen from splendour, yet this is actually a normal occurrence each spring.

Where are your antlers Rudolf?

Rudolph with no antlers


We gave all the deer their breakfast before setting off on an exploration to find the fallen antlers. It was no easy task amidst the fallen branches and twigs from the winds of the previous week; everything looked like a possibility until we were up close. It was a challenge for little legs as our deer field is huge and farmer Nick was on a mission.


Hunting for fallen antlers

Hunting for fallen deer antlers


In the end it was me who found the first. The children had a new lease of life as they felt the weight and texture of Rudolph’s lost antler and pretended to wear it themselves.


Here it is

We found an antler from the stag

They are made of hair (keratin) and surprisingly heavy. Despite the bloody stubs that are left, I expect Rudolph is glad to be free of them for the summer. I liken it to a little like losing a wobbly tooth and a relief when it finally falls out. I think I may call myself the ‘Antler Fairy’ taking the antler in return for extra cornflakes at breakfast!

It makes a good nose pick!

Deer antlers up the nose

Rudolph has 5 months for his antlers to reform into a new, more magnificent set ahead of the all important rut in October. Until then he will enjoy a summer of plenty in our lush field with the ladies and hopefully I’ll be sharing some baby fawn news next month from last autumn’s rut.

Just waiting for us to leave their field

Deer in field at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays

The second antler still eludes us, so if you are visiting this coming week the hunt is on!  

Country Kids

Country Kids 13th May 2017

Posted on May 12th, 2017 - Fiona

Welcome to Country Kids from Coombe Mill

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“Encourage family fun outdoors, in an age where technology and screens are such a draw to a sedentary indoor life”

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Country Kids 13.5.17 A Train Ride

 May sunshine, could it be summer? 

We have had such a busy week here on the farm and I’m grateful for the lovely sunshine and warmth for the best part. We have just finished our new lodge Polzeath with super duper play room including soft play and a reading snug for our guests to enjoy between outdoor adventures. On the farm Rambo literally pushed us into sheep shearing this week, more about that on my post this week, and I’m delighted to say I have seen all 9 of our little ducklings thriving on the lake. Whatever your adventures, I hope you’ll pop by and share them on the link up below. 

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You Could Win with Rockfish Wellies and Country Kids from Coombe Mill 

I am delighted to have Rockfish as the sponsor for Country Kids. Rockfish are a local Cornish company specializing in stylish quality wellingtons for all the family. We have been offering their country wellies in our borrow room here on the farm for over a year and they are always popular for their style, comfort and durability.

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Top Commenter : Sonia from Mamma’s School

Many of you will know Lucy from Kids of the Wild has been having a hard few months after finding her beautiful wild child daughter has cancer. Caroline has been fighting hard and the family are staying positive through the grueling effects of chemotherapy. Lucy has been reflecting back on happier times and we share her hope and determination that these happy times will be enjoyed again in time. If you are not familiar with Lucy’s blog, do have a read of her recent posts, she is an inspiration to parents everywhere.

Meme and Harri have been off visiting their favourite National Trust property. Bodnant Gardens does look beautiful in spring bloom.


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Sheep Shearing during the Morning Feed Run

Posted on May 12th, 2017 - Fiona

It isn’t every day our little farm helpers manage to see our sheep being sheared but last week’s holiday makers turned out to be here at just the right time. In the past we have left sheep shearing until later in the month, but I had spotted Rambo the Ram using his horns to ram the fence posts in his field which meant he needed to go across the lane to his big summer pasture before he broke free.

Rambo the Ram getting restless in his field ahead of moving to his summer pasture

Since we would never have caught him again from there till autumn he would need shearing first; cue an early sheep shearing appointment for all our sheep. Thankfully we have just finished lambing so there weren’t any pregnant ewes. As I walked the field early in the morning the mothers and lambs were playing happily and had no idea what lay ahead for them. 


There is always quite a commotion as we round them up and separate them from their lambs for shearing.

Friday our pet lamb had his morning bottle in the car park and was staying in my garden for the morning to avoid all the sheep shearing action.

Feeding Friday before sheep shearing on the farm

Farmer Amber then took the children off round the farm while Nick and I helped set up the shearing station.

Feed Run with Farmer Amber

The timing couldn’t have been better, just as the tractor was on its way home with the children they were able to hop off at Farmer Nick’s shed and come and watch the sheep shearer in action. This was fascinating for them and they stood in Farmer Nick’s trailer to look in and watch.

Sheep shearing during the morning feed run

If you have ever watched sheep shearing at a country show you will know it is quite an art and mesmerising to watch. A good handler will have the sheep still and cooperating in seconds.

This was a lovely safe way for the children to touch the wool and feel how thick it is without being pushed by a big sheep in the field. The shearer moved deftly from one animal to the next, while the children after watching a couple be sheared, took the tractor ride home complete with a souvenir handful of wool.

Kids watching sheep shearing and feeling the wooly fleeces

Ewes and lambs were happily reunited back in their field with Friday going to join them.  Rambo was taken by tractor and trailer over the road to his lush summer pasture just as he wanted.

Ewes and Ram back int heir fields with Friday the pet lamb post 2017 sheep shearing

This was a feed run that will stay with these little ones and their parents for some time to come.  In case you are wondering what happens to the fleeces, a local crafter collects from us to spin and make rugs and kindly donates one of the rugs back to us. We held back a little ourselves for crafts in activity hour, more on that one to follow. 


Rug from Coombe Mill Jacobs Sheep

Have you ever watched sheep shearing before?


Country Kids

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