Holidays Opening on 4th July 2020

Posted on June 28th, 2020 - Fiona

It may be well into summer but at last we can say we are open! What a delight to be welcoming back holiday guests to Coombe Mill from 4th July. It is a brave new world we are entering into, but we have your health and safety in mind for your 2020 visit.

our holidays opening 4th July

In preparation for holidays opening – The New Guidelines

Holiday opening new check in and out times.

In order to meet new cleaning standards, check in is now 4 – 6pm and check out by 9am.

How to show yourself into your accommodation

Follow the signs from the car park to reception.  Inside reception take the key from the board with your property name on it and your booking surname above. Only one family in reception at any one time please.

Write any children’s names on the paper provided for tractor rides. Please take care to make this legible as it is used to write their certificates for helping out. (These will be written mid week so they are left for 72 hours).

If you know where your accommodation is you may go straight there.  If you are not sure, follow the You Tube video sent to you by email prior to arriving. If you can’t access this ring the bell on the front of the reception door and we will instruct you there.

Inside your accommodation

When you enter the property you can sign into the WiFi (code in the information booklet and on the access point on the wall). Here again you will be able to watch the You Tube video for where things are inside your property. There will also be everything you need inside the information booklet.  Any problems with this and we can do a socially distant showing in with one family member.   

Morning Animal Feed Run

All families are welcome to meet in the car park at 9am for the tractor ride to feed the animals. We request you stand in family groups with social distancing to wait for the tractor. The trailer can take two families at a time on each trip to the farm and 2 other families on the return journey. This will change each day. All other parties will easily keep up by walking at a safe distance behind the trailer. The tractor returns at approximately 10.30am each morning. The tractor runs every day except Saturday.

Facilities on site during your Stay

  • The outdoor play areas
  • BBQs, indoor and outside
  • crazy golf
  • Games room – Ping pong, Pool and Table Football
  • Gym

 The above are all open for you to use. Please respect social distancing between families and use the anti bacterial spray and disposable wipes provided between usages.

Restricted Use

  • Games Room Books, dressing up clothes, board games and puzzles
  • Borrow room for wellies, overalls, outdoor games and sea side essentials

Please help yourself to any of the above for the week but leave in your accommodation for us to clean before returning.

Unavailable during your holiday

  • The indoor play barn
  • Friday craft hour
  • The Train

The above are deemed too difficult to manage effective cleaning and social distancing.

Toys in your property

Due to difficulty in keeping toys fully cleaned between visits only some toys will be provided in toy baskets and playrooms. These will be swapped weekly to allow a week of no use.

Out and About

Remember that most visitor attractions will be observing new rules. Please ring and check if you need to book before turning up to places. Beaches and Bodmin Moor are always available to explore and enjoy.

Departure Day

Please ensure you are out of your accommodation by 9am on departure day. Place keys in the box in reception marked for disinfection. Do Not Lock your property to allow access for cleaning.

If you feel unwell before or during your stay

If you feel unwell in the days leading up  to your stay. Please do not come on holiday. You should insure yourselves against this possibility, some of the most respected insurers are now offering COVID-19 insurance, reflecting the much improved insurance risk.

In the unlikely event you feel unwell during your stay, you should follow government guidance and leave Coombe Mill for home immediately. Book a test near to your home by phone and inform us you have left by phone. We will then handle any NHS track and trace enquiries.


News from the Farm

Hello baby fawn

We have a beautiful little fawn being looked after by our deer herd. Just the one this year, that we have discovered, but adorable and healthy.

Deer Fawn 2020

Baby Guinea Pigs

We have another two baby guinea pigs this month with some stunning markings taking us up to 11 in the guinea pig house now. Without visitors these past few months they are very timid and shy. I think they will be quite a challenge for the children to pin them down for a cuddle, but for the patient ones they will come out.

baby guinea pigs june 2020

Sally is Pregnant

Sally the Pig is definitely starting to look pregnant. She is due later in July so if you are staying you might be treated to the arrival of piglets during your stay.  

If you have been holding off booking with the uncertainly of Covid-19 and now feel ready for a holiday with us, we still have a smattering of properties over the summer period and good availability into the autumn, do take a look at our availability chart and give the family something to look forward to.

Fiona x

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June Farm News 2020 under Lockdown

Posted on May 29th, 2020 - Fiona

Well May followed in the footsteps of April here with stunning long sunny days and no one but us to enjoy them. It looks very much like June is going the same way, but we are still hopeful of being open from July onwards. Read on and discover more of our plans as we all try to adapt to a new normal going forward.


June Farm News 2020 under Lockdown

Your Holiday with us in 2020

March to June bookings have been moved forward to later in 2020 or 2021. There is some talk from Government of hospitality beginning to open from 4th July. I sincerely hope we will be in that first wave. We are busy refining the concept of a “No contact holiday” that we came up with prior to lockdown, in order to provide peace of mind and safety for all our visitors going forward.

In essence this will include:

  • A You Tube video link to watch for showing yourself into your property on arrival and leaving at the end of your stay.
  • Details of how the animal feed run will work in the mornings
  • A slip of paper in your property, separate to our welcome booklet, detailing any significant additional events going on at Coombe Mill or in the area during your stay.

May Bluebells

The Bluebells have been stunning this past month, from the farm to the woods beyond. They have now given way to Rhododendrons and Foxgloves indicating that summer feel truly here.

May flowers

Support for our Key Workers

We have felt a little out of the loop with the clapping for the NHS and key workers which I know has been taking place in the village. Clap as hard as we like and no one will hear us in our own secluded valley. However I have created a little area of thanks in the Fairy Garden. This is something to make those passing by stop and give thanks as they wander through. The backdrop of the river, wildlife and countryside tranquillity adds to the message.  


Support our NHS

On the Farm in May

Our baby gosling is thriving

The little over protected gosling is looking like a real teenager now as she turns from baby to adult. Her fluffy feathers are beginning to be replaced by adult ones but she is still watched carefully by the adult geese.


gosling growing

We have a turkey chick

Our female turkey (hen) has been sitting on a clutch of eggs for weeks and we were beginning to fear she had just gone broody, but no, she hatched 3 adorable little chicks. We had quite a kafuffle removing Dad to giving Mum a chance to raise her young. However in the end we had to rescue the last little chick to hand raise ourselves. She is thriving and now off the heat lamp. Catch the whole saga on my weekly You Tube update.


turkey chick at Coombe Mill June Farm News

Sheep Shearing

Our local sheep shearer came on one of the hottest days of the month. I can only imagine how relieved the sheep must have been to see those thick coats go.  The Ram is now separated from the ewes, with just our pet Lambo for company for the summer months and the lambs continue to thrive.  See the morning highlights below. 


The sheep look so content reunited with their lambs and without their thick coats.  


Lockdown Easing

With Lockdown gradually lifting we have enjoyed some wonderful beach days. There is definitely more traffic around, and the beach numbers are rising too. There is still plenty of room for social distancing and some beautiful hidden beaches to get away from it all. We hope you will soon be joining us discovering the best ones along the North Cornwall coast.  

Stay safe, Stay alert and fingers crossed I’ll be saying we are open again next month.

Fiona x


May 2020 Farm News 2020 under Lockdown

Posted on May 1st, 2020 - Fiona

And just like that, May has rolled around. If you are anything like us, the hours, days and weeks have begun to merge somewhat under lockdown. Routine is out of the window, except that the animals soon make it known if we are late feeding them! I hope you are managing to stay safe, sane and enjoy the amazing spring weather in your garden or as part of your daily exercise. I have to say the farm has never looked more vibrant in spring. I’ve even taken to brining a little of the outdoors inside each day.


May 2020 Farm News Under Lockdown

To those holidaying with us this year

We have now moved March, April and May bookings forward up to 12 months. Much as I’d hoped we wouldn’t need to, it does look like we will be offering this to our June bookings too. Watch out for an email from me if this applies to you.  

The Easter Bunny still came to visit

Easter is one of the calendar highlights here. Our Easter egg hunt has become quite a tradition with much rushing around and clue solving. With just me here this year I had a bit of fun dressing up and creating a virtual Easter Egg Hunt. I know quite a few of you watched it; I hope you were able to follow the clues and stay one step ahead of me. If you’ve not yet tried, you can still give it a go:


On the Farm 

Sally is back

Piglet has gone on holiday and Sally has returned to a lovely clean house and the freedom of her garden which she was straight out to enjoy. She has been away seeing her boyfriend for 2 cycles so we are hopeful of piglets towards the end of July. The return features in one of my weekly video lockdown updates.




Sally the Pig Returns to Coombe Mill

Chicks on the Move

The little baby chicks have grown and moved from the small steel shed under a heat lamp into a larger half covered fox proof house where they have access to daylight, a half covered roof  and a cosy bed to retreat into at night. The move was successful until we had our first night of rain. Some of them didn’t work out that half the enclosure was undercover and stood out in the rain all night. There are only 3 sensible and hardy ones remaining. I thought even chickens could work out moving into the dry, apparently not so!




Chickens all outdoors

I mentioned last month that the chickens were beginning to move from their winter home into Jurassic Park outside for summer. They are now loving the freedom to scrap at the earth and explore a much wider area. Secure perimeter fencing protects them and the ducks and geese  from  foxes. 


ducks and chickens

Norman is in the fold

Do you remember me mentioning the young wild stag pacing the perimeter of our deer field and desperate to get inside? We named him ‘Norman no mate’ and made it our mission to attract him in with a little food each morning. Alistair (our eldest son) and I set off to try and open a gate and lure him in one evening while the rest of the deer were in another field. We were successful, but not as we thought. Norman managed to squeeze through a section of fence he had clearly been working on and missed the easy option of walking in the gate. Anyway he is now safely inside and happily running with our deer. We have patched up the fence gap, so it is it a one way journey.


A Goose Egg has hatched

Success comes to those who are patient. Goosy Gander has been diligently sitting on her clutch of eggs for weeks. It would appear not in vein, she now has a fluffy yellow gosling under her wing and all the geese are being particularly protective over her as you can see in the latest video update. She is still hopeful the rest will hatch, but I fear their time has passed.


goose and gosling


Pony grooming

The dry spell was a great opportunity to help the ponies with their malting coats. The loose hairs came out easily in an hour of grooming. Thanks to the bribe of carrots I even managed to trim mains and fringes. I think the ponies enjoyed it too as they have been actiting like youngsters again gallopping around the field chasing one another ever since. You can see this and more in the latest weeks video update.

pony grooming at Coombe Mill


With chippings to be delivered, the turkey still sitting on eggs and our lambing mid way through, there is plenty to look forward to here in May. I will continue to try and keep the videos going so you can stay up to speed with events as they happen.

Wishing you and your families a safe month ahead and hoping there will be holidays to look forward to soon.

Fiona x

March Events in Cornwall & Holiday Farm News

Posted on February 28th, 2020 - Fiona

It is officially spring this month and we couldn’t be happier. Hopefully we can say good riddance to storms and cold and hello to a little spring warmth. I hope you can take a minute to catch up on the upcoming March Events in Cornwall together with the latest holiday farm news from us.


March Events in Cornwall and Holiday Farm News

Spring holiday availability

If you are thinking of coming away for the Easter break we are now full on week commencing 4th April but have a few spaces still in the weeks either side of this if you are quick. The same is true of the May half term week from 23rd May. We have just 2 properties still available then. If you miss out on these, remember we still offer weekend’s right through to the last week of June for a little farm escape.

April May and June at Coombe Mill

 February Half Term

Half term saw our first busy week of the year. It was lovely to see the farm buzzing with laughter and children running freely here.  We had some lovely feed runs with Farmer Nick and myself as Farmer Fi. Later in the week Farmer Theo who took over from us while we took our triplets away to catch up with family in Sussex. It’s fair to say the weather was not always in our favour. Frequent showers meant wet weather gear was needed by everyone. That said, I congratulate all the children and adults who regularly joined the morning feed run regardless of the rain. 


The train is up and running

The train has taken its first passengers on the new line this half term. The line isn’t quite complete, but we managed to get enough track laid down to give it a good test. It is now a door to door service from your lodge to the tractor and trailer in the morning, with a return trip for those completing the feed run.


Test Train ride at Coombe Mill

 More creativity for the Fairy Garden

Last month I shared the newly painted stones. This month has been all about fairy log houses. I’m so pleased with how these have turned out I think I will undercoat  some smaller logs and let the children loose to create their own with poster paint here in activity hour this season.

Spring grass

The animals are enjoying the new season grass already and the lawnmowers have been out a couple of times already in the past month keeping the garden lawns in shape. All we need now are the first spring lambs and I’ll really feel the new season is with us.


Fiona lawn mowing

Was that a tornado?

In contrast to the generally benign winter weather this year, Storm Ciara left her mark. We had an easy time of her apart from a freak tornado that ripped through the valley on the afternoon of the 10th February. Our chicken house was uprooted from its concrete base along with a wheelbarrow and hurled over the 8ft Jurassic park fencing. A whole line of trees came down up the ravine knocking out 2 lines of electric cable and leaving us without power until late in to the night. Thankfully we were between guest visits and only had to worry about lighting our own log burner for warmth, light and cooking. Western Electric had us back on line late evening and we spent the next day clearing debris. Thankfully the chickens were all in their indoor quarters, where they will be staying until Farmer Nick rebuilds their summer shelter. Fingers crossed for no more drama and a smooth ride into spring. 



March Events Cornwall 2020 

 March Events Cornwall 2020




Find out more

Distance from Coombe Mill

St Piran’s Day Parade

Bodmin town center

5th March 11am


15 minutes

Indoor inflatable Theme Park


28 and 29th March

£6 kids adults free 50 minutes


Newquay Zoo Cornish Day for St Piran’s week with family fun activities

Newquay Zoo


8th March 10 – 4.30

Free with zoo entry 40minutes

Mum goes free at Lappa Valley  (with another full price ticket)


St Newlyn East Truro 21 and 22nd March

£7.50 per persone special March weekend rate to 22nd March 40 minutes
Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt: All National Trust properties Llanhydrock, Trerice, Cotehele, Glendrugan From 28th March £2 including Easter Egg plus admission by property
25 minutes plus


 Eden Project the very hungry Caterpillar weekend with trail, story telling and crafts

Eden Project

14 and 15th MArch

£7 Adults £6 children (admission to Eden Project)

Free with Eden Admission

40 mins

Posy Making and more at Glendrugan Gardens National Trust for Mother’s Day

Glendrugan Gardens, Mawnan Smith, Falmouth  21st March Admission charges for non NT members: £10.50 children £5.25 Event free. 25 mins

Nb: I have not been paid or sponsored to mention these places, they are just the March Events Cornwall 2020 that I feel would be of interest to Coombe Mill Guests.


With all good wishes for a happy March

Fiona x

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February Events in Cornwall and Holiday Farm News

Posted on January 31st, 2020 - Fiona

I hope you have made it through the January Blues and beginning to see the first signs of spring. Here on the farm the snowdrops are blooming and the daffodils coming through. Our little micro valley climate always seems to be one step ahead when it comes to spring. Sunset is now after 5pm and lengthening literally by the day. If you need a little break to see you through to summer we may just have the answer. Read on for more on the past month on the farm and February events in Cornwall if you are heading our way for a winter break. 


February Events in Cornwall and Holiday Farm News

Lowest Prices and Short breaks you can’t refuse

Our price list prices are now into their 3rd year with no rise and short breaks are available throughout the February half term week. Give the family an instant winter pick me up with a bargain short break on the dates you choose. Whether you have warm and wet weather or cold and dry there is plenty to do and the farm animals will be thrilled to see you.

feb half term on the fqrm

Valentine’s Day gift card

Don’t be stuck for a good idea on the 14th. Treat the family to a Coombe Mill gift card. Available for £50 and up, you can use it straight away for half term or look further ahead in the year.

Coombe Mill Gift Certificate

Get summer ready

If it is a summer holiday you really want but just don’t have the spare days to take off or the funds for a summer week, we have kept our short breaks running to the last week of June. Don’t just dream of summer, book it.


Coombe Mill lodges in summer

All change on the train

The train track came up after October half term and Farmer Nick has been busy relaying it alongside the lodge pathway. Weather permitting; we are hoping to have it running in time for this coming half term. The old lodges Tiddy and Tamar down by the river are going to be the new engine shed. It gives a lot more space and height than the old tunnel and I’m already super excited to decorate it for Halloween and Christmas this year.  


 A magic touch for the fairy garden

The winter is never kind to the fairy garden, but because we know it is so popular with the children we have invested in some trinkets for the new season. I’ve also been getting creative repainting the stones to keep the magic alive for all who visit.


All from our animal fleeces

Each year we donate our sheep and Alpaca fleece to a local crafter who turns them into the most creative and usual items to sell at country fairs. I was late having them collected this year but rewarded instantly with these gorgeous Christmas decorations.  I will leave them on display in the shop in case anyone wants to order some. Last year’s fleece handbags were extremely popular with our holiday guests.


Coombe Animal fleece crafts


On the farm

We have been working hard to move the animals round the grazing fields and eek out the hay to see us through to spring. The long dry spell in January was perfect for the animals, they had a real chance to dry out and enjoy time outdoors instead of in their shelters. It is the goats and alpaca especially who dislike the rain in their coats.


goats in winter



February Events in Cornwall 2020 

 February Events in Cornwall 2020




Find out more

Distance from Coombe Mill

Snowdrops Sunday

Pencarrow House

9th February 10am – 4pm

Free, voluentry donation welcome 10 minutes

Pirates of the New Word Walk Through – special Previews

Pirate Quest Newquay

February half term 15 – 23rd February

Adults £10.75 Kids £7.95, under 3 Free 40 minutes
Point to Point Wadebridge Showground 9th February 11.30 – 2.30  Adults £10 Children Free, Free Parking
15 minutes


 Eden Project Ice skating


Colour art installation – work with an artist

Eden Project

Until 23rd February


During half term 15 – 23rd February

£7 Adults £6 children (admission to Eden Project)

Free with Eden Admission

40 mins

Bird Identification Walk at Lanhydrock National Trust

Lanhydrock House and Gardens 15 – 23rd February 10am to 4pm Free with membership or normal admission charges 25 mins

Nb: I have not been paid or sponsored to mention these places, they are just the February Events in Cornwall 2020 that I feel would be of interest to Coombe Mill Guests.

After a quiet January we are looking forward to welcoming you to the farm for the coming season.  

With all good wishes for a happy month ahead

Fiona x

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