Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Posted on May 8th, 2015 - Anya

Triplet’s birthday Party

The Triplets turned 11 on their school camp. It was the first birthday when I didn’t see them at all on their birthday, instead waving them off the day before and handing their birthday cake to their teacher. Needless to say they had a wonderful time and the whole school sang them happy birthday and shared their cake.


Guy Jed and Clio's Birthday Cake


For their party I wanted to do a farm fun day as in previous years with tractor pulling, treasure hunts and more for all their friends. However at eleven the triplets had other ideas. This was the year they wanted to abandon Coombe Mill and venture further afield. Finding something they all agreed on took some planning and I left them to agree a sensible itinerary between them. They came back with a visit to their favourite all you can eat Asian restaurant in Plymouth followed by ice-skating. Apart from the cost this all seemed plausible, though I warned them they were limited by transport to 9 friends plus the 5 of us. Suddenly our nine seat family van was very handy.


Triplets 11th Birthday


The kids made the most of their meal at The View with plenty of trips to the buffet table and had the poor magician monopolised forever blowing them character balloons and running card tricks.


Party Meal at The View, Plymouth


Having eaten all they could manage we took them all over to Plymouth Hoe with a football for an hour or so. Thank fully it stayed dry and the boys wasted no time in setting up jumpers as goal posts and embarking on a game of football with Jed’s new birthday present ball.



The Boys Playing Football


The girls were less enamoured with football and after climbing the statues chose to hang out in groups listening to music and taking selfies, a sign they are all growing up beyond my liking!


Selfies and Climbing


Nick had never been to the Hoe before so I took him for a little walk down to the seafront past the lighthouse. If I wasn’t keeping half an eye on the twelve children playing I’d liked to have gone up the lighthouse. At only £2.80 it looks worth it, one for another time.  


Plymouth Lighthouse

Plymouth is never seen as a city of beauty but there really are some lovely parts and this is one of them. Nick and I had a lovely quiet half an hour away from the tweenage banter. 

Views from the Plymouth Hoe

Just time for a Group photo before running off towards the ice rink


Running off after Group Photo


I had booked and paid in advance to make sure we all had a place but we were delighted to find how quiet it was, I think we must have made up half the numbers which couldn’t have been better for the kids or for me keeping an eye on everyone as Nick had taken ice skating as his cue to disappear into town.


Ice Skating in the Pavillions


I soon forgave Nick as he returned with wind chimes for the Fairy Garden and googly eyes & tape for my farm Activity Hour Crafts and a Manchester City Bag to go with Jed’s birthday Football kit.


Nick's Purchases


I thought it might have been a little quieter on the journey home with tired children but not a bit of it, I don’t think they stopped for breath the whole way but they did all have a wonderful day.



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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Posted on May 2nd, 2015 - Anya

Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Leaving children home alone

Posted on April 12th, 2015 - Anya


Parenting  is all about making judgements, about nurturing and knowing when to let go. But do you know when your children are ready to spread their wings, to stay home while you nip to the shop, go out for a meal or go away overnight?


Leaving the kids home alone

We have brought our children up to be self sufficient, to do for themselves and to help us out with the business. My eldest has been babysitting for us for a couple of hours since he was 11, shocking to some, but he is capable, respected by his siblings and we were never more than a few minutes away. As the years have passed and the children grown up we have encouraged them to do more for themselves. My eldest two at nearly 17 and 15 do all their own washing and can make a light meal not just for themselves but for the rest of the family too and answer most of the queries coming through the business.  My only complaint is their reluctance to answer the telephone.  I have to shout at the answering machine for one of them to answer when I am trying to ring home and I know they are there. My last resort is facebook messenger on the wi fi as there is always someone chatting there!

Despite all this I have never thought to leave them overnight apart from last year when we were lucky enough to go to the MAD Blog awards.  The school holidays are my chance to catch up with them, not to be driven by routine, school and clubs and to indulge in some family time. However Nick and I were also craving some couple time. When he suggested we leave them running the farm and have a 2 day break I laughed. I could see how put out he was by my response, developing a male slump and so began to give it serious consideration. The children could do everything on the farm, except have the confidence to lead the feed run, if Farmer Ted and our apprentice Amber could cover this then what was really stopping us? Guy could run the train as usual, they could cook and wash for themselves, answer most problems arising and rather than wanting Nick and I accompanying them all the time would probably relish a little more independence and trust. Going away in term time is out of the question as they have no way of travelling to school without us. We broached the idea with them and they were all very relaxed about it. I think one of my secret fears was wanting to be a good Mummy, to be there to cook an evening meal as I always did, to go on family outings, to be there to answer the business calls and sort out their sibling squabbles. Actually what the children wanted was more independence, less family outings and more trust.

Realising it was time to let go, to give that trust, especially after Theo had disgraced himself earlier in the year was not easy. However I knew Nick and I needed a break too. We took the plunge, gave the obligatory parental warning about not leaving a hob on and burning the house down or a tap running and flooding the place and left.

Grown up treat night away

It felt strange to be away knowing they were in charge, I knew they wouldn’t contact me unless there was an emergency and I craved a little reassurance that everything was alright. Thankfully I had my spies with 5 bloggers staying on holiday at the farm; huge thanks to One Dad 3 Girls, Minnowmep, Redpeffer, Southwarkbelle and Ruggles Leisure for those little tweets and Instagram pictures with #coombemilleaster that reassured me that all was well.

We returned 2 days later to find everything much as we had left it, no wild parties, punch ups, missing drinks or anything else you might imagine with teenagers home alone. They had enjoyed their freedom and managed the business perfectly and we had benefited from some couple time.    

If it were not for Nick pushing me I’m not sure I would have felt ready to take this step, in hindsight I can see it has benefited us all and we will definitely do it again. Our children are growing up, they are young adults now and they have shown they are ready to be treated as such.

I sometimes hear parents here on the farm telling their young children not to run and I wonder why not? If they fall it is only grass beneath them, they won’t break anything but they will begin to learn their limits and come to understand what their body is capable of.


Allow children the space to flourish


As parents we are programmed to protect our children, however if you can give them space within that protective sphere to flourish and grow and resist the urge to over nurture, even if it means experiencing a few knocks along the way, it will build their independence and self assurance to their benefit and yours one day.



 photo 4d06e438-4e6a-4f3b-88b2-0c1093350397_zps361ad0e9.jpg      

Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Posted on March 27th, 2015 - Anya

Cotehele National Trust

For Nick’s 50th his Mum had given us family National Trust Membership for the year. Football was cancelled for the boys so it felt like a golden opportunity for a family day out to one of Cornwall’s National Trust estates.  

Cotehele is under an hour from Coombe Mill towards the Devon border. We arrived as the morning rain dried up which was just as well since we were a day too early for the house opening. The children had visited with school and were rather disappointed not to be able to show us the gun room in the old Tudor house! However the grounds more than occupied our time.


Cotehele National Trust grounds: a family day out in Cornwall


Apparently this is still a working watermill, there was no evidence of it working when we visited although the children were quick to spot the old mill stone just like our one at Coombe Mill.


 Watermill at Cotehele just like at Coombe Mill


The courtyards and gardens had the most impressive archways each of which drew you in to see what lay beyond.


 Archways in Cotehele grounds


Guy impressed me with his knowledge from his previous visit.  He showed me a crack in the wall and told me these were found all around and deliberate for defending by bow and arrow, I could only think of how drafty it must have made the house!  


Looking through the arrow hole at Cotehele


The temperature crept up in the sunshine and I felt like the plants were opening up even while we were there, I love the way spring unfolds around you at this time of year. Another month and I think it will be really stunning here.

Woodland paths are well marked out through the valley gardens and planted to offer beautiful views, the children had all ran on ahead while I stopped to admire and photograph all that I saw.


Cotehele in spring with flowers budding & wooded pathways


I did feel slightly sad that my children no longer wanted to visit the play area. This natural wooden equipment was crying out for some children but mine rarely indulge these days.


Play area at Cotehele



However they weren’t beyond  a bit of larking around leaping over the flower beds, running and even stopping to pet a brass hare.


Kids playing at Cotehele National Trust Gardens, Cornwall


The house is set up the hill and it is a short walk from here down to the quayside where the creek boasts some wonderful views.


Quay and views down the creek at Cotehele Cornwall


Water brings out the child in my kids still and the boys dared each other down the steps hovering over the sinking mud while I shouted at them to come back fearing the worst!


Playing down by the creak at Cotehele


The shamrock boat takes harbour tours in the summer, it was very much grounded now but it didn’t prevent the kids ignoring the signs and hopping aboard for a good explore.

Shamrock at Cotehele


I can thoroughly recommend Cotehele if you are staying at Coombe Mill, with a lovely looking pub and cafe on the water’s edge or picnic tables by the play area it would make a lovely family day out. I rather fancy returning when the house it open and they have a Victorian dressing up day going on.

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall




Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Posted on March 6th, 2015 - Anya

Portsmouth Harbour and the Mary Rose

I do enjoy an educational day out with the children and our half term visit to Portsmouth fitted the bill perfectly. It was a freezing cold and slightly drizzly day but it didn’t matter as there were plenty of opportunities to nip inside between the outdoor explorations.


The Mary Rose & HMS Victory at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard


We headed straight for the Mary Rose Museum at opening time before it became too crowded. The history is incredible. To think this boat sank in 1545 and didn’t come out of the water until 1982!


The Mary Rose from Sinking in 1545 to lifting out of the water in 1982

You can walk the length of the boat and see the old drying timbers through the glass.


The Mary Rose Ship Timbers


There are plenty of staff in costume to answer your questions as you go, of which we had many!

Old weapons, implements and such like had been preserved or recreated to fill in the learning gaps. Written, audio or interactive computer pads supplemented staff in costume so everyone could learn in their favourite way.


Learning in different ways at the Mary Rose Museum Portsmouth


Watching the old medical procedures made my skin crawl, never again will I complain about an injection at the dentist! However the highlight for my kids was learning how to fire a cannon. They sat transfixed until they had the chance to lead the cannon loading process themselves.


Learning to fire a cannon


Filled with awe and wonder at the lives they must have led we leaded for the outdoor picnic benches all thoughtfully set up in a spacious square with sails overhead to protect you from the elements.

A few well positioned statues provided interest and climbing potential for my younger children while we refueled.


Picnic lunch at the Royal historic dockyard in Portsmouth

The rain was holding off so we queued for the harbour tour, treating the hovering swan and seagulls to the remains of our sandwiches whilst we waited.


Feeding Swans and Seagulls at Portsmouth Royal Dockyard

A helpful commentary complimented the tour with information on the ships we were passing, the work being done to them and battles they had fought. I must say this was the perfect way to take in the modern working harbour and the kids spent every minute hanging over the railings to see everything. I was quite glad of the captain coming round to ask them not to climb up the edges after they had ignored me saying the same!  


Harbour Tour on the Portsmouth Ferry

In the Mary Rose Museum you can’t actually step aboard the ship as the timbers are so frail, however the same is not the case for The Victory. There was no queue so we walked straight on board.

On deck there were staff to answer our questions once again and the children love to touch and feel everything as they go, somehow I think this completes the learning for them.

HMS Victory on deck

Heading below deck my teens really had to duck, sailors were shorter in the 1800s! Nelson and his officers ate and slept in relative Luxury, however the conditions for the crew had deteriorated compared to when the Mary Rose was at sea and men as young as 12 were press ganged into working on the ship and enduring the harsh conditions. The daily nine pints of beer allocated per man was clearly needed to dull the senses to the life they were leading all cramped together to work eat and sleep with eight men to a station no bigger than a dining room table. Down in the base of the ship the barrels of beer and supplies were kept along with the rats running between!


Below Deck on the Victory at Portsmouth Naval dockyard.

Back up on deck Nick couldn’t resist enacting Nelson’s dying moment for the kids!


Farmer Nick where Nelson Fell


We checked out the modern day Navy Rooms on our way out, having fun with the costumes, machinery and comparing the living quarters which Theo decided were still not big enough for him!


 Dressing up in Navy Uniform


Even the walk back to the car took us passed more statues and cannons. Our tickets are valid for a year and I hope we manage to return as we still didn’t see everything and missed out The Warrior which I’m sure holds more secrets of our war time history. I really recommend a visit, and do book online from their website where you can save 25% on the booking costs.





I received a free journalist pass but paid in full for my family.


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Chelsea Mamma and Renovation Bay-Bee have been out on family walks too although theirs took them on some seaside fun. 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall