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Posted on February 27th, 2015 - Anya

The Magic of the Secret Beach

I have been keeping my promise to the family to ensure we manage some winter beach trips. There is nothing better on a crisp winter’s day than to feel the chill of the sea breeze and enjoy some quality family time. Usually we head out to Polzeath which has all the facilities you might need as a family and where we know all the sneaky places to park for free! However I really fancied a bit of a cliff walk too and so Clio and Guy came with me for a quick expedition to the “secret beach”. This is just a 10 minute drive from Coombe Mill, parking is simply in the lane by a farm and there is a beautiful 15 minute farm and coast path walk to Tregardock beach.


The Secret Beach at Tregardock Cliffs, North Cornwall near Coombe Mill Holidays


This beach is simply stunning, with caves, waterfall and plunge pool, not to mention beautiful soft sand, the bluest sea and always quiet even in August. There is a catch though and that’s that with a 15 minute farm and coastal walk and a very steep decent over rough steps caved into the rock it is very unsuitable for young children and the elderly. I have to confess to shuffling down the last sections on my bottom while Guy and Clio laughed at me from below! It is also tidal so that the beautiful beach disappears completely at high tide and I am always nervous to make sure our escape route is in sight. This said when you walk the path down a couple of hours before low tide on a sunny day it is one of the most magical places around.



Tregardock cliffs, the way to the secret beach   


Guy took a short cut down one of the mountain passes and left Clio and I watching in dismay, thankfully he finished feet first!

We were the only ones there and I followed the kids as they explored the caves and rocks.


Waterfall and caves to explore at Tregardock beach North Cornwall


This soon turned into a game where one would make a spade trail across the sand and round the rocks to a hiding place while the other had to follow the trail.


The Sand Trail Game on Tregardock beach, North Cornwall


Those giant rocks became a climbing and jumping challenge. I managed the climb but not the jump! To be honest I was more interested in the giant mussels on the rocks and had a go at building a fire as we have done in the past with the idea of cooking a few but with only the remains of a box of matches in my pocket my attempts were in vain. Next time I will come prepared!


Rock Climbing at Tregardock Beach North Cornwall

The shining nuggets of crystal embedded in the rock were glistening in the sunlight and Guy took to chiselling a few chunks with his spade. I said that would never do it and he should bring a hammer next time, of course he proved me wrong!


 Digging for crystals at Tregardock beach North Cornwall


For us this was a wonderful couple of hours of sea air and discovery. Tregardock beach you have our hearts.

All the photos were taken on my iPhone 6  courtesy of Simply Business. This is my very first i movie, I love the slow mo app on Guy’s heroics. I hope you enjoy it too.



Joining in with Country Kids

The temperature is beginning to warm and the days are drawing out. I hope this means you are finding it easier to grab a little fun in the great outdoors. Adventures needn’t be expensive; our day didn’t cost a penny and was just what we needed. Why not have a look around your local area and see what treasures it hides. Whatever you do, if it is family time away from screens and enjoying some fresh air please come and share with me here on the linky. Grab the badge and remember to check out some of the other posts too.

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A few of my favourites from last week:

I wasn't the only one on the beach recently, My Family Fever and Let's Talk Mommy have been out enjoying the sea air.

Bubba Blue and Me stayed closer to home exploring their farm with a metal detector, something Guy's desperate to try. 

There was lots of outdoor activities for Randomnest to try out at Hill End.

The park was full of friendly animals for Mummy M's Memories to meet.

Whilst Mummy Shire went to the local farm park to meet some greedy goats. 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall



Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Posted on February 20th, 2015 - Anya

The Eden Project with my Teens

The Triplets were all away on a sleepover for a friend’s birthday enjoying plenty of fun on a bike trail and racing around at Laser Tag. Meanwhile I’ve enjoyed a rare day out with my three oldest down at The Eden Project. It was an opportunity to brush up on our ice-skating skills after our enjoyable session in Plymouth a few weeks earlier.


A day at the Eden Project in Winter with teenagers


We set off at 10.15, trust me with teens this is early on a Sunday morning proving they were all keen! Eden is only half an hour from Coombe Mill so much closer for us than Plymouth.  We booked our skating for mid day giving us time to go exploring as we’ve not visited in over a year.

They reminisced over outdoor play areas they used to clamber over as younger children and Theo couldn’t resist seeing if he could now race down the steps that always tripped him up when he was little. Of course it was easy, they are now all three taller and longer legged than me and I struggled to keep up with them stopping to take photos too.


Kids checking out old challenges at the Eden Project, Cornwall 

Most of my pictures are from behind as they are not at a photogenic age and I was always trailing them, my interest caught on something that had passed them by.

Exploring The Eden Project with teens. A family day out from Coombe Mill Farm Holidays

In the Mediterranean biome the boys remembered the huts being much bigger, marvelled at the size of the lemons and testicles on the strange animal statues then tested their geography on the world map.


The Mediterranean Biome at the Eden Project, Cornwall


Theo couldn’t resist taking the chilli challenge, apparently started on the many school trips to Eden.  He selected his chilli and bravely bit into it. We all laughed ourselves silly as the inevitable happened and he danced around like a mad man looking for a fresh water fountain his mouth on fire. Recovering the other two pointed out there was another plate twice the strength if he fancied another go!   


Chilli Challenge by Theo at the Eden Project, Cornwall

Down at the ice rink the boys were like lightning with their boots having mastered the knack of the awkward straps and soon in the queue to jump on the ice.

I hung back to capture them before joining in. the ice was definitely more challenging than Plymouth being like a sheet and it look us all a couple of laps to find our feet.


Ice skating at The Eden Project Cornwall

We felt triumphant at not falling over, though Theo did try to frame the rest of us throwing snowballs from the edges of the rink to our backs. The others soon had their own back tying him into his hoodie like a mummy whilst changing. No wonder he needed to show off with some acrobatics after! 

Wrapped up like a mummy at the Eden Project, Cornwall


 I couldn’t resist this last photo just for fun, ice creams and a little play on the way out! 


Leaving the Eden Project for Coombe Mill with ice creams

Our fun day captured on video

Joining in with Country Kids

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A few of my favourites from last week:

Over 40 and Mum to One and Redpeffer spent the day together enjoying muddy fun at Packwood House. 

The beach proved too much of a pull after a trip to the cinema for Smiles and Trials.

Mommy loves Trees showed us some great activities for outdoor play in the winter.

Making the most of a sunny afternoon in February, Little Hearts Big Love went exploring Fassnidge Park.

Keitha's Chaos went on a snowy hike to hand feed the birds


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall



Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Posted on February 13th, 2015 - Anya

For the love of Golf:

Farmer Nick is an avid golf enthusiast. Ever since I first met him in our early 20s he was a member of his local Sussex golf club. It is a game he has played at any opportunity over the years and even persuaded me to give it a go. If I am completely honest it is not my favourite sport requiring far too much concentration and patience, however as the children are beginning to take an interest I am more inclined to tag along and enjoy the odd knock about. While we have been closed these past few weeks we have been able to free up our weekends from the needs of the business and enjoyed the odd family game.


Family fun with Golf on holiday in winter


It may look wintery and bleak in the cold of winter but golf is still a great opportunity to blow a few cobwebs away and enjoy a little friendly family competition at our local pitch and putt. Nick always wins over all, but if the rest of us can beat him on the odd hole we are happy and to his credit he is a very patient teacher and keen to encourage us all. On this occasion it was my eldest Ally and my youngest Clio who joined us for a windy round. I took my camera to see if some video’s of our less than perfect swing might help us improve and then decided we had such a lovely time together it was worthy of a Country Kids post!


Help at Golf From Farmer Nick


There were a few professional looking moments.


Professional moments from the best Coombe Mill Golfers

But considerable time spent searching in the rough for missing balls!


Coombe Golfers go hunting for their best golf balls


Much frustration especially from Clio who hasn’t got the power of her Dad and big brother, but then a triumphant dance following a stroke of genius and a winning hole!


Clio tastes success with her best golfing hole

I was very proud of my fellow golfing buddies by the end of the round.


Family Golfing Fun woith Country Kids

We had a lovely couple of hours though the video does show plenty of room for improvement!



Joining in with Country Kids

February may not be the perfect month for getting outdoors, but believe me when you do it is the best medicine for fighting the winter blues. Whatever you do outdoors from a family walk to a play in the park, coming back indoors after some fresh air in your lungs is the best feeling ever. So grab your camera, enjoy some outdoor fun and pop back here to share with me on the linky. Please grab the badge or link to this page and remember to visit others, it is where many of my ideas come from and I hope it will inspire you too.   

Country Kids is around in these communities, I’d love you to join me:

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A few of my favourites from last week:

All you need is love and cake enjoyed a blustery walk in beautiful countryside while Mummy Matters found the beached seal on their expedition

Having friends to stay encourages time out appreciating your local area as Sophie is discovered. 

Bikes and scooters out on the common turn a walk into a great natural playground for Let kids be kids

A road trip with so many beautiful stopping places in New Zealand from Catching the magic will make you want to visit. 


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall



Farmer Nick Celebrates 50 in Uniform

Posted on February 8th, 2015 - Anya

At Coombe Mill we are known for throwing a good party, whether it is one of our special events with our holiday guests or a personal party for family and friends, the invites go out and everyone knows they are in for a good night. Last year for Nick we did a Greek theme here at Coombe Mill, converting our kitchen into a perfect Greek Taverna for the night. I knew that was going to be hard to top but with Nick turning 50 it had to be the best yet.

The timing was perfect being the week before half term while we were still closed. All our friends and family from far and wide were able to come and stay the weekend which was perfect for them and a great test run at heating and turning on all the cottages and scandinavian lodges for us. The fun began as we welcomed people into our house throughout Friday evening with a case of champagne and a pot of curry, the worries of M5 traffic, work and school soon melting away.  

By Saturday evening everyone was ready to party all dressed up in their own interpretations of the theme “uniforms”.


Farmer Nick's 50th birthday party Invites

We were taking over the local pub and hired a bus to take us there. No one had even had a drink at this stage yet you can already from the photo that it was going to be a good night ahead.


On the bus to St Mabyn Inn leaving Coombe Mill Car Park

Much credit for the evening goes to the owners of the St Mabyn Inn who helped us plan the night and were ready and waiting with Prosecco on arrival. I must say a candy tray was much more useful than my pom poms for holding a glass of fizz!


Candy Tray & Uniforms at Farmer Nick's 50th birthday party

During the course of the evening the photos progress from reserved to wild as we made our way through a delicious 3 course buffet and ample wine.


Drinks and food at St Mabyn Inn for Nick's 50th Birthday party


I excelled myself with my best cake ever, a carrot cake as requested by Nick but decorated with inspiration from our children who insisted on it being a Top Gear cake. I turned it into a 50 year special edition, with a times laps chocolate board and Photos from key life stages along the road. I was only too happy to show it off with speeches and cake cutting and leading a chorus of Happy Birthday.


 Farmer Nick's 50th Birthday Cake

Nick couldn’t have been happier with all the people who mattered most around him and a tremendous atmosphere in the room. He even managed the odd dance under duress!


Farmer Nick Dancing at his 50th birthday Party at St Mabyn


Boogying on down till the clock struck midnight and our bus returned was no hardship for the rest of us.


 Dancing the night away at Farmer Nick's 50th birthday Party


However perhaps the highlight of the evening for me was watching how all my usually socially shy teens linked up with friends they don’t see from one year to the next as if it were yesterday and were happy in the limelight, giving it large on the dance floor with us oldies and really enjoying themselves. The generational gap melted for a few hours, we were not parents and children but all friends enjoying a great night out. There was always someone picking up my camera and clicking away and the children for once were having too much fun to complain, instead enjoying the chance to join in with a silly pose.


Having a laugh through the generations at Nick's 50th party

Organising these events I so often say never again, yet when it all comes together on the night I remember why I love these big gatherings. The teen crowd carried on their party back at Coombe Mill in the Hot Tub at Tree Roots Cottage until 3am. It was only once I knew mine were all safely back indoors at our house that I finally locked the front door and drifted off to sleep.   


I only hope we are all able to make the next big milestone together, though I may have to grow up and ditch the cheer leader get up by then!

SBS Event 2015

Posted on February 1st, 2015 - Anya

I’m on my way home from the most amazing trip to Birmingham for the annual Small business Sunday meet up.


#SBS Winners Event 2015


As a little background I won my tweet out from dragons den Theo Paphitis back in 2011. This is THE community to which all small businesses aspire to belong. It is friendly and supporting on social media and backed by the most inspirational business man.


A Photo of Fiona Cambouropoulos with Theo Paphitis at #sbs Event 2012


This is the third event and I’ve been lucky to attend them all as I won early in the process and the events fall in our January close down time. Each year builds on the last but a common thread runs through them all and that is sharing what it takes to be successful in Business:

Essentially this boils down to a real belief and passion in what you do. Yet this alone isn’t enough, it must be combined with a gritty determination, a self confidence to persist and a thorough understanding of your business money. The assumption here is of course that your business is a viable one in the first instance.

Perhaps not a revolutionary message but delivered as Theo does it reminds me what I love about having our own farm holiday business.

This year three successful business people joined Theo to tell their story of how they made their millions and take questions from a huge expectant audience. Each made me realise how much is possible for those prepared to run with an opportunity.


sbs question time panel

Reflecting back on this in the car as I travel home these are the gems that will stick with me back into my working day next week. 

  1. If you’re not boring all your friends and family about your business you should be! I always worry about this one, perhaps I shouldn’t. This was Theo’s tip that resonated with me.

  2.  We are all masters of our own destiny, Theo is an incredibly motivational and supportive of our individual businesses, but it is us who must use that and create the success for ourselves.

  3.  Success rarely comes from your 1st business venture and it’s ok to learn and change. Judith Naake didn’t make St Tropez her first business; in fact she didn’t acquire the brand until she was 47, my age, and made millions in the 13 years she owned it. How amazing is that? It does inspire me to keep progressing and developing what we do here at Coombe Mill and adapting in line with modern trends.

  4.  Out of disaster can come real compassion and business acumen – Rob Forkhan and his brother lost their parents in the horrific Indonesian tsunami, his story and business success in Gandys flip flops was born from this, moreover his business helps others who were orphaned just as he and his siblings were. I’d rather not experience the disaster but it is a real example of how positive thinking can generate success and that successful business people like Theo and Rob can be compassionate in helping others. Food for thought for me at Coombe Mill and the experience we have to offer children.

  5.  You don’t have to be first to market to make a success, it’s OK to copy someone else and do it better. The “lovely” Julien Callede from did just this and took online affordable furniture into a multimillion pound business. Tenacity and perseverance and marketing are all important here. Julien marketted online as his point of difference to start his road to success in furniture.


In answer to Theo’s Tweet:


A tweet from Theo Paphitis about #sbs event 2015


The question time was the highlight of the event for me. However there was plenty more too.

Networking is a huge part of the day, on a social and business level. It was great to catch up with fellow business friends and meet new contacts too. The formal time set aside for this was much appreciated and of course it spilled over in to some evening fun.


Networking at the #sbs event 2015

The Cornish Contingency

#SBS the Cornish Winners

Day time to Night time fun with #SBS 2015

The website for SBS winners has had a makeover from Metal Frog Studios and I’m excited to update my profile in here and use it more proactively as a member. Joy from AP Bassets Solicitors who is still waiting to win herself says it makes her even more determined to win and enter this website community, I must make my membership count.


New #sbs website


I have a headache from typing in the car on my phone, but I really wanted to capture my renewed motivation for Coombe Mill while it all so fresh. I vow to keep making Coombe Mill Farm the best holiday experience for families of young children.

Finally thank you to Theo, for his support and desire to see others succeed and for to the speakers and the whole SBS organisational team for putting on such an inspirational meet up all fully funded. It is a pleasure to attend. Now to explore my lovely goodie take home bag!


Goodie bag from #SBS 2015


If you have a small business and would like to get involved, look out for this tweet on a Sunday and make your pitch, it could be the best tweet you ever send!

A tweet to Win on #SBS with Theo Paphitis


I am making this post a blog link up for others who attended to link up their posts from the day as I know many have business blogs too and I’d love to read your take out. Grab the code here to share the badge on your site and the link below.


sbs blog hop from coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays