Vouliagmeni Beach Athens Our Verdict

Posted on July 20th, 2018 - Fiona

We were lucky enough to be offered Nick’s cousin’s summer flat for our summer holiday with the triplets in Greece. Vouliagmeni is one of the desirable suburbs of Athens down by the coast and popular with Athenians for beach days and holidays. The flat was just one block inland from the beautifully maintained private Vouliagmeni beach and needless to say we spent quite a bit of time here during our week away.

Vouliagmeni Beach in Athens

A Gramable Underpass

The beach may have been just a few minutes walk, but it involved crossing the main coastal dual carrigway road and I didn’t trust the kids to look the right way for oncoming traffic. Thankfully there was also a subway which to the kids delight was covered in Graffiti and in their words was “gramable” for their Instagram profiles so they were happy to cross this way and we were happy for them to come and go from the flat on this basis.

Grammable Graffiti underpass

Vouliagmeni Beach

There is everything you need at the beach for a day there without leaving if you are visiting from further away. You have to pay to enter but it is only a few Euros and so worth it. Once inside the sun loungers and umbrellas are free, the whole place is clean and litter free and  there are many more facilities including cafes, loos and showers. With large open grass areas, flower boarders and even courts for ball games it is a very comfortable day in beautiful surroundings.

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Safe swimming

Vouliagmeni beach is very gently shelving with little wave typical of the Mediterranean. In early June the water temperature was perfectly warm and my kids spent hours in the sea just throwing a tennis ball to one another and keeping cool. There are lifeguards at either end of the beach for added safety. 

Vouliagmeni Beach

Anyone for Bat Ball?

Their other great love became the Greek Bat Ball. After watching the locals all play we bought  a set and had a go. It is so much harder than it looks and we were so obviously the clueless foreigners. The locals managed to keep rallies going for minutes while we only managed seconds. Jed is my naturally sporty one and he spent most of his time perfecting his technique on each one of us.

Greek Bat Ball in play

Not completely unplugged

The flat had no WiFi and very little mobile signal so the kids were truly unplugged most of the holiday. That said there was beach WiFi, all be it with a very limited signal strength, this kept the kids up to date with their friends at home via Snapchat from their sun loungers. After catching up on the chat there was always time for more swimming and a little siesta.

Kids on Beach wifi and soaking up the sun at Vouliagmeni 'beach

The Free Beaches

There are many free beaches in Vouliagmeni and all along the coast to Glenfada. Here you pay for the loungers and umbrellas or sat on the sand for free. However by the time you paid for our loungers and umbrella the price is much the same as the one we used. Most beaches were supported by tavernas, which we made a point of trying each night.   

Beaches around Vouliagmeni by day and evening

The Verdict

We all had a lovely relaxing week in Greece and were very grateful to Nick’s cousin for the use of their flat. We wouldn’t hesitate to go back, there are plenty of hotels in the area and it all felt so clean and safe. The beaches themselves are still not a patch on our Cornish beaches, but we can’t compete on water temperature and guaranteed sun and it was blissful to swim without a wetsuit; something I rarely do in Cornwall. 

 Tips for visiting Vouliagmeni Beach

Entrance price is 4 euro kids, students and OAPs.  6 euro adults. Payment is for a full day and their is no late admission discount. OAPs and students need to supply valid ID, even my 82 year old Mother in Law was not trusted at face value as being old! 
Prices go up at the weekend (8 Euros for adults) and the beaches are overcrowded with Athenians as are the carparks and local streets. There are not enough sun loungers to go around on Saturday and Sunday, these days are best avoided. 
Toilets and open showers are free
2 cafes stock drinks, ice creams and hot snacks. There is seating there or you can take away.
Across the road from the beach is a supermarket if you’d rather take in your own picnic
Bat ball courts are provided though they are very busy at weekends and any spare space is used.
The Beach has 2 Lifeguards all day.
Free beach wifi but very patchy to actually use as demand way outstrips supply.
The beach is litter Free with plenty of bins and staff to tidy each day. In fact this was true of all the beaches. 


Country Kids

Beach Stunts and Half Term Fun

Posted on June 4th, 2016 - Fiona

I do love the May half term, with longer evenings and warmer weather this is a perfect time for a week off school.  While my eldest two boys have their heads in books for GCSEs and A levels I have been doing my best to create a quiet house for them by encouraging the younger children to be outdoors as much as possible.

Guy took my outdoor request very literally by creating an outdoor camp and spending days, nights and meal times there with his holiday friend!

Cooking breakfast after a night of wild camping at Coombe Mill. #beargrylls #wildchild #camp #camping #holiday #kids #woods #woodland #bushcraft #campfire #cooking #bbq #breakfast

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We have been enjoying the best of the weather for half term too with day after day of blue skies and sunshine. For me this means a trip to the beach after the farm chores are complete.  I was tempted to visit one of the quieter lesser known coves during half term, but the kids were keen to stick to their favourite, Polzeath.

Beach Stunts

No sooner had we set up base, than Jed was off into the water. He had packed a wet suit but couldn’t be bothered with the faff of struggling into it and disappeared in swim shorts to enjoy the moment.

I looked up from my sheltered sunbathing spot to see him jumping off the rocks.  Somehow he looks so much more grown up than his 12 years.

Jed jumping in at the beach. #halftermfun #beach #polzeathbeach #holiday #sea #summer #jump #seaside #fun #sun #adventure #kid #countrykids #cornwall

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From jumping he moved into somersaults to see if he could recreate his favourite trampoline acrobatics as beach stunts.


Stunt boy Jed! #halftermfun #beach #polzeathbeach #holiday #sea #summer #jump #seaside #fun #sun #adventure #kid #countrykids #cornwall #stunt #stuntman

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I had to put a stop to his fun as the tide was retreating fast and I was worried the water would soon become too shallow for his beach stunts.  

Sand & Sea

The sand is so smooth and the sea so blue down at Polzeath.

Beach magic. #halftermfun #beach #polzeathbeach #holiday #sea #summer #seaside #fun #sun #sand #cornwall #bluesky

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Beach Babes

The girls ‘minced’ around the water’s edge and played ball games on the beach with Guy. I love this photo of them all together.

Beach Babes & Guy watching beach stunts at Polzeath Beach near Coombe Mill Holidays. Cornwall

But all good things come to an end. Jed took one last longing look at the sea, his jumping rock now just an outcrop surrounded by sand.  

The lure of the waves. #beach #sand #sea #polzeath #waves #sky #bluesky #kid #kidsofinstagram #countrykids #Cornwall

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Not to worry though, we could do it all again tomorrow.

I hope you have enjoyed your week and your children are refreshed for school. Best of luck to anyone with older children sitting exams like mine; they will soon have a wonderful long summer to compensate.

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