Wild Adventures 

Fairy Garden

Enter our Fairy garden and immerse yourself in a world of make believe.  Perfect to stimulate young minds, this ever evolving area builds each season as crafts from Activity hour here on the farm adorn the branches. Add your own mark and enjoy what we and others have added.

Toddler exploring fairy stones in the Fairy Garden   Entering in the Fairy Garden at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays  Adding to the Fairy Garden at Coombe Mill  Fairy Garden Features at Coombe Mill

Bug Hotel

On the lower levels of the Fairy Garden keep your eyes pealed for our bug hotel. Plenty of interesting creepy crawlies living here in luxury. See how many you can spot between the bamboo canes.

Bug Hotel in the Fairy Garden at coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays 


Den building Zone

A purpose built Den building zone with a solid base structure and plenty of loose fallen branches are a great way for families to embark on a world of camp making together. Make them as large or small as you like, why not enjoy a picnic in your newly built den and see how cosy it is?

  Den building zone sign   Den building at Coombe Mill  A perfect den hideout made at Coombe Mill  Den building at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays

Mud Kitchen

Indulge in a little fantasy play in our Mud kitchen. Pots and pans and kitchen utensils all provides and even a list of recipe suggestions to follow. It is located next to one of the big open air BBQ’s for little ones to busy themselves while the grownups cook. 

Mud kitchen play at Combe Mill Family Farm Holidays, CornwallMud kitchen potion making at Combe Mill Family Farm Holidays, CornwallMud kitchen imaginary play at Combe Mill Family Farm Holidays, CornwallMud kitchen imaginary play recipe cards at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall

Wildlife Trail

Come and enjoy our wildlife trail around the farm. This will take you to all corners of the estate to find our models of animals you might well spot for real here. Keep an eye out for the real equivalent as you go. A great way to enjoy a farm walk together. If you want to have a go at our wildlife trail there will be laminated trail sheets in reception, alternatively you can print your own out to bring with you so that you can tick the animals off as you see them. Click here for the printable. 

Fox to find on the Coombe Mill Nature Trail  Owl to find on the Nature Trail at Coombe Mill  Frog on the Nature Trail at Coombe Mill Farm Rabbit on the Coombe Mill Wildlife Trail

Why not download this audio guide to take with you on the trail?


The trail covers about 1 to 1.5 miles as shown below

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Welly Walk Challenge

Check out our new Welly Walk Challenge that takes you through a lesser-explored area of the farm completing fun challenges along the way and see if you can make it to the end. As the name suggests we advise Wellies to be worn as it can get muddy and messy as you walk through the ravine, it is just under 1 kilometer round trip from reception so manageable for little legs with plenty to see and do. You can print off your own welly walk activity tick sheet here or borrow and return one of our laminated copies from reception. 

 Scavenger Hunt Sheets planted welly Jumping in the mud