Wi fi on site

At Coombe Mill we have free wi fi for our guests. The signal is strong and with many repeaters it reaches across the property side of the farm and inside most of the properties too, however you may find the strongest signal is in your garden, veranda or close to a window or door. Tree Roots Cottage and Polzeath lodge both have the wi fi hard wired inside and you can find a good signal there in every room. There is no key or code to worry about just basic terms and conditions to accept. It is worth noting that it will log you out after 2 hours of continuous use so if you need to work here on holiday remember to save as you go.

When logging onto the wi fi you will land on our intranet page. Here you can find useful messages for the day from us together with helpful links and local discounts available especially for Coombe Mill guests, so well worth checking ahead of a day out.


Using the free wifi on a mobile phone at Coombe MillLaptop on Wifi


The Phone Box

Mobile signal is still poor down here in the valley unless you can connect on the mobile via our internet. Otherwise we have an old fashioned pay phone in the car park which looks the part and will do the job.


Phone box for Coombe Mill Holiday Guests  Phone box lit up at night for Coombe Mill guests