School Holidays Fun On The Farm

July is the start of School Holidays Fun on the Farm

July was the month we were preparing for in anticipation of the lifted Covid19 restrictions and for School Holidays Fun on the Farm.

We felt the old feed run trailer was looking a little tired and after our son Sam managed to drive it into the barn whilst putting it away a few times, it needed a new roof too! So, it was out with the old and in with the new. Our guests have now been enjoying our newly constructed tractor-trailer rides in its freshly painted summer colours of white and red. What was also nice, is that we were able to take down the plastic Covid screen that divided our families in the trailer and so now it’s a much more open space and far more sociable for everyone.

Enjoying the trailer ride
Repainted tractor trailer

Pizza oven

Alfresco dining is one of the greatest joys of the summer months. Our barbecue areas are always popular with many of our guests. At this time of year, it’s a great way to socialise and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air by the river, whilst the children play.

We know from our own children, that when offered pizza as an option, they always jump at the chance. However, instead of a delivery or popping it in the oven, we have now gone one step further and installed our very own outdoor pizza oven. At 750 kilos, it was certainly a weight to move, but we love a challenge. Tractors, trailers and pulley systems were all involved and finally the pizza oven came to rest next to the barbecue area. Our first guests enjoyed a Friday night pizza using this versatile wood-fired way of cooking and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience-so why not supplement those summer barbecues and impress family and friends with some homemade pizzas. All you need to do is to ask for the ‘pizza paddle’ and we will bring it to your lodge for you to use.

New pizza oven

Alpaca shearer

Last month our sheep enjoyed it when Owen our sheep shearer came to give them their summer shear. This time it was the turn of our alpacas. After herding them down from the top fields with sticks, Scott our shearer made it look effortless as he removed two lovely looking fleeces from our two boys ‘Toffee’ and ‘Caramel’. Although we have some very skinny looking sheep and alpacas now, they are all blissfully happy now in the sun.

We are always looking for ways to re-cycle and re-use as much as we can on the farm. Fortunately, we have found a very talented lady who can make use of all of our sheep and alpaca wool. She has very kindly made us some rugs, bags and creative farm animals which can all be seen and purchased inside our shop in reception.

Alpacas before shearing
Alpacas after shearing

Guinea pig triplets

As always, our guinea-pig population continues to thrive and this time triplets were born. Two of the babies are pure white with pink eyes, a colour we have never witnessed before in our herd.

Guinea pig triplets

Another fawn and Bracken clearing

We are delighted to now have three new fawns join our herd of 11 adults. They are all doing well, growing up fast and now running alongside the rest of the herd.

Hidden beach – Tregardoch rocks

We believe that a holiday is always made better with a little adventure. During the Summer months, the beaches become a popular destination for many families and sometimes it can be frustrating when you feel you are trying to beat the crowds. Situated about halfway between Tintagel and Port Isaac, Tregardoch is often empty. We parked at Tregill farm and had a lovely walk for half an hour through fields and farmland with the most magnificent views over the sea. Finally, we reached Tregardoch beach. The beach itself is non-existent at high tide, but as the tide drops away it reveals a fine stretch of sand with a near shore littered with rocks. What starts off as a series of small coves
becomes one long sandy stretch at low tide. At the northern end of the beach, there is a shallow cave with a waterfall cascading down the cliffs in front. What more could you want than a natural freshwater shower after a salty swim!!

Tregardoch rocks

We are filling up fast for the school holidays in 2022 and are already nearly full for Easter. Don’t miss out on your Staycation 2022 – Book as soon as possible.

Have a great August
Anya and Emma xx

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